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MJ's Family -- Michael Predicted He'd Be Murdered

1/4/2011 3:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's family claims the singer predicted his own death shortly before he died -- telling TMZ, the King of Pop was paranoid he'd be murdered ... for his incredibly valuable Sony catalog.

The statement is in response to the story TMZ first broke in April -- that Dr. Murray's defense will argue MJ accidentally killed himself by self-injecting a lethal dose of Propofol.

But a rep for Michael's family tells us the Jacksons are "absolutely mortified" by the implication that MJ took his own life -- insisting, "Michael did NOT kill himself.

The rep adds, "What is incredibly ironic is that Michael told his mother shortly before he died that he thought someone was going to kill him ... and they were going to kill him for his catalog."

The family is also concerned that video surveillance of Michael's last living moments -- crucial evidence in Murray's trial -- is still missing.


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Michael Jackson was absolutely right. Check the dates of his first trial. It was after he purchased the Beatles' catalog. This was no coincidence.

1396 days ago


Well put Zoe.
Why is it Murray is being held responsible for this addicts death when Anna Nicole's weren't?
Micheal Jackson is reason Michael Jackson is dead.
In U.S. he's not been relevent since the 1980's except for the crazy few.

1396 days ago


I don't know where you people read this BS you post,but MJ was not addicted to drugs! MJ was taking Rx drugs for real health problems,it was murray who failed to treat his patient. Murray did not even give CPR the correct way.Propofol is NEVER to be given outside a hopital setting,Murray knew that(or should have known that)

1396 days ago


Michael is to blame for what happened to him, if he wasn't so manipulative, and conniving, and doctor hunting all the time, oh, and wasn't a drug addict, he would still be alive.
Dr Murray is only guilty for falling for the $$$.
Posted at 10:39 AM on Jan 4, 2011 by Zoe#1

Both Michael Jackson and Dr. Murray are to blame for Michael Jackson's death. But Dr. Murray is still alive and he should be charged with manslaughter because he is a doctor and he should have known better than to enable an addict with the dangerous drug propofol.

1396 days ago


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1396 days ago


The family is also concerned that video surveillance of Michael's last living moments -- crucial evidence in Murray's trial -- is still missing.
Okay TMz. that's two good articles in a row.
let me guess, the killer has the surveillance tape. MJ had the sorriest security team on earth. good grief! I hope none of those guys are on staff providing protection for Prince, Paris and Blanket......

1396 days ago


MJ wasn't "murdered" any more than Elvis was "murdered". He told Lisa Marie he was afraid of dying like her father died-drug overdose. He thought he could protect himself from the same fate (but like Elvis, had many secret sources that no one could know for sure exactly what he was drugging with) by having a doctor, and a heart doctor, no less, with him all the time in case he got into trouble. After years of ongoing drug abuse, his body had to be a mess already. Unfortunately in this litigious society, someone has to be blamed, and the dead can't be sued. Yet, anyway. Perhaps Murray could sue MJ's estate for MJ providing fraudulent and incomplete medical history, thereby jeopardizing treatment protocol and patient safety, and physician's license.

1396 days ago


the motive for murder was the acquisition of the Sony Catalog? So The murderer now has to kill MJ Mother, the Executors of the estate, and His children AFTER he gets the children to write HIM/HER into Their wills. Proof of MJ's paranoid personality brought on through excessive DRUG ABUSE.

1396 days ago


Why would anyone think that it is incredible that MJ told his family that someone was going to kill him. He was paranoid to begin with. Unfortunately, the doctor didn't "murder" him because Michael requested the drugs, the doctor didn't give them to him unknowingly. However, for the doctor to say that MJ killed himself is a laughable defense. While MJ asked for the drugs, the doctor was under a professional obligation to do no harm. While a jury might find that MJ had some culpablility, there is no way that the doctor cannot be found to be negligent. Well, ok, the trial is in California, so maybe there is a way.

1396 days ago

jealous of kate    

what a bunch of BS, the other posters are right. only family members would benefit from HIS DEATH... MJ was supposedly predicting his death for years. He never though he was going to make it to 40 either. Used to sign things with '99 on it and he was not a wayne gretzky fan. Supposedly then, it was the year he was going to die. When 1999 passed and he did not die, he came up with some moronic explaination for the 99. So, if this is true, someone was going to kill him for his Sony catalog... let's think about it.... Now, most people know he was delusional, but his family denies this all the time, and since they are the only ones that benefit... his kids and his mother and his mother supports EVERYONE IN THAT FAMILY EXCEPT JANET AND REBBE(Whatever her name is).. so, ONE OF THEM MURDERED MICHAEL.. not paris, not prince, so, WHERE WERE KATERINE AND BLANKET?????

1396 days ago


This is the first I recall reading about a tape when he died. Was there a camera taping in his room? If it is missing whoever was in the house at the time of death or right before (if it was planned) had access to it! So either it is missing because someone did kill him or it is missing because he wasn't killed but someone is trying to say he was! Either way, terrible!

1396 days ago


seems to me like assisted suicide. Surely you would notice the doctor coming at you with a syringe? Drug use is a dangerous game. move on, its over, he is dead.

1396 days ago


Murdered for the catalog? Talk about paranoid. Anyone with half a brain would know that the catalog would go to whoever was named in the will as receiving it. Was he saying his kids were trying to kill him?

1396 days ago


I wish those that call MJ an addict would read the autopsy report that indicates that he wasn't. His overall health was good with no evidence of prolonged drug abuse. Ignorance is just ignorant.

1396 days ago


The survelliance tape of his room is still missing. That says it all. Murray was paid to stay with him and monitor him. He didn't. He called his girlfriend, etc. Murray was PAID to stay in the room and monitor Michael. That's a lot of money for a simple task. Who's making the money now? Sony is, the same corporation he left and wouldn't do business with in life is now a benefactor in his death. I love those who criticize his family, probably the same ones that hated on Michael. They aren't making nearly as much as the Sony and A.E.G. leeches.

1396 days ago
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