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'This Is It' Producer -- Star Witness in MJ Prelim

1/4/2011 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's producer/director for the "This Is It" tour will be a star witness for the prosecution in Dr. Conrad Murray's preliminary hearing which begins today  ... sources tell TMZ.

Our sources tell us ... Kenny Ortega will testify that on June 19, 2009 -- a week before MJ died -- Michael complained he was cold, had the shakes and was unable to perform ... so the rehearsal was canceled.

The next day -- June 20 -- an emergency meeting was held at Michael's home.  Kenny Ortega, several big wigs from AEG, Michael, and Dr. Conrad Murray were present.  We're told the meeting was "intense, loud and argumentative."  Kenny read Michael the riot act, imploring him to take better care of himself because the tour was imminent.  

Ortega will testify, during the meeting, Dr. Murray said some "terrible things," showing a lack of concern and respect for Michael.  Our sources would not reveal specifics, but we're told it's "damaging" to Murray.

Sources say rehearsals were canceled on June 21 and 22 so Michael could regain his strength. Ortega will testify ... when rehearsals resumed on June 23 and 24 -- the day before Jackson died -- Michael did a complete turnaround, wowing the backup dancers and others present with his moves and singing.

Ortega's testimony is important, because prosecutors will argue MJ was fine before Murray began pumping him with drugs the day he died.



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What happened to Michael was purely criminal!#1-The drug was administered outside of a hospital setting,#2-It was administered late in the morning,#3-Michael was left alone for 10 minutes-maybe more,#4-47 minutes had passed before 911 was called & then only after calling Michaels security personal,#5-There was plenty of time to hide the evedence,#6-CPR was given on a soft bed with one hand,not on a hard surface like the floor.Anybody thats in the medical field knows this!!!This doctor and anyone involved need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.It is my strong belief that Michael was murdered.I know in my heart that Michael did not want to die.Michael-your fans around the world will always and forever LOVE YOU! As Michael would tell us back...I love you more!

1350 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

How about the person that requested the Dr.'s services and agreed to have them performed in his home? The Dr. was negligent simply because he agreed to give MJ the drugs he requested. When an addict asks a Dr. for stronger drugs because nothing else works anymore, he is at fault but does that make the druggie completely innocent? MJ probably couldn't sleep because he had to curtail his normal prescription usage to pass the physical.

1350 days ago


I don't believe Dr. Murray treated MJ with dignity. Actions speak louder than words and Murray's actions before and after Michael Jackson's death were deplorable. He didn't have the best interest of his patient at heart. Unfortunately for MJ, he was only there for financial compensation.
Posted at 10:31 AM on Jan 4, 2011 by wow

1)Dr. Murray injects propofol to MJ then he leaves the room to talk on the phone for 40 minutes.
2)Dr. Murray sees MJ stops breathing so he performs CPR on MJ on a bed.
3)Dr. Murray stops performing CPR on MJ to collect vials of propofol on the floor.
4)Dr. Murray refuses to tell the paramedics that Michael was injected with propofol.
5)Dr. Murray lies and says MJ accidently 'killed' himself while he went to the bathroom for 2 minutes.
6)Dr. Murray also has the nerves to demand that AEG pays him some money for taking care of Michael Jackson.

1350 days ago


Now that was a very good article TMZ. Wow!!!

1350 days ago


The majority of these posts confirm it...


I especially love the ones that sound as if they actually KNEW him...sheesh! The guy was your average every day DRUG ADDICT, just embrace the truth and it will set you free :)

1350 days ago


Unless you buy the murder conspiracy theory (for the Sony catalog), what reason would Murray have had to "pump [Jackson] full of drugs"?

Maybe Murray was a careless, incompetent boob, but he did exactly what Jackson's addiction wanted him to do!

1350 days ago


I am so saddened that people still find the need to blame the victim who cannot answer for himself. Dr Murray obviously had something to hide. Why would he not tell the paramedics and the Drs at the Er what he gave MJ. I am just praying that Michael gets justice because we, his fans, knew that he would never hurt himself. And by the way Lori, we are not fanatics, we are fans who loved Michael and whom he loved back. No we did not know him personally but Michael was a very transparent person through his music and we could see his true self shining through. L.O.V.E.

1350 days ago

Lee lee    

How many of you will say Murphy couldn't have killed Jackson because he was found not guilty? Remember that is the argument you use against anyone who says anything about the molestation charges. Think with your heads and not your hearts or you'll come across as hypocritical and that weakens your voice.

Ummmm......Its Murray NOT Murphy. But I get what your trying to say......Not that I agree with it .

1349 days ago

Christine J. Schroeder    

I have watched many, many times the movie "This is it." At no time did I see MJ looking or acting anything but on the ball. I don't think this movie was made from just 2 days of rehersals. I think Kenny Ortega is in la, la land. MJ was on point throughout the movie. MJ was a perfectionist. I think Ortega is just trying to make himself look like a big man, I say again MJ was on point and never looked tired. I love you Michael and think of you everyday.

1346 days ago


Murray seemed cold from the minute I laid eyes on him back in June 2009. Then finding out about his past I just knew he was a jerk. Sooooo sorry for what Michael probably went through. So sorry for his children, now fatherless. Murray ruined many peoples lives. I think it only right that he is charged with this and covicted of mal-practice. He should lose his medical license and I hope he will go to jail for what he's done.

1346 days ago


If the Dr wanted the Best for M.J he should have had a F/T Nurse,drugs made for Hosp use for a reason & made sure No-One had access to X-tra Drugs & I think they could have waited until M.J was better Before Any Tour,to Watch This Is It M.J looks like he's in His Element,Having Fun but look at the final cost of it was it worth it,Sad Indeed.

1313 days ago
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