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'Bachelor' Slap: Womack Says NOT Criminal Battery

1/4/2011 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

ABC is promoting "The Bachelor" with a slap to the face by a contestant, but the victim tells TMZ he  doesn't want her prosecuted.

You probably saw Brad Womack take a slap to the face, when he was greeted by Chantal O'Brien, who glibly told him she was delivering a violent message on behalf of all the scorned women in America.

So if Amber Portwood gets prosecuted for beating on her boyfriend, what's the difference? 

1014_womack_videoBrad tells TMZ, "I think Chantal was just trying to make a statement about my past behavior and make a strong first impression, which she did. " 

Brad adds, "I think what Chantal did was a light-hearted gesture which I took as such.  I do not condone violence in any relationship, nor would I keep someone around who I felt truly wished to do me harm."

As Brad left the premiere party last night -- he told us the slap was, "very real and very hard." Brad also told us he didn't want Chantal prosecuted because he "deserved" it.

So what do you think? 



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Sarah in Texas    

I slapped my boyfriend like this once - a long time ago - and wound up in jail with a misdemeanor assault charge. It wound up costing me about $4k all told. If what I did was illegal, then her slap certainly was also. Beyond that, it's just rude. She didn't even know the guy. You don't walk up to a stranger and slap them in the face. I wish he had booted her.

1324 days ago


She is wwkkhhorrre. Plain and shimple, she is wwkkhhorrre. I geeve her in backside.

1324 days ago


Every one of these reality shows is 'scripted'.

1324 days ago


I think he's a closet gay...he'd do better to come out than lie about it!

1324 days ago


if that was a guy who said and did that to a female, i bet he would of been locked up quickly, but since its a female who slapped a man.. no problem

1324 days ago

Jack Kass    

Sooooo the lil survey asks if this is innocent or domestic violence... shouldn't there be a third option... "Staged"... it's a "reality" tv show that is completely unrealistic.

1324 days ago


considering he ended up choosing her in the end (according to Reality Steve), it would make for an awkward relationship to have her prosecuted.

1324 days ago


This is another instance where the double standard is viewed. Women can't have their cake & eat it too, She should be prosecuted just like the other women was prosecuted . Women have to understand the law is the law & does not discriminate on gender , this women is going to set cases back & the network should send a clear message that violence of any kind is not acceptable .

1324 days ago


i ask if that was a man smacking a woman would the woman be able to tell police not to prosecute? i dont think so. these woman need to learn how to keep there habnds to there selves. they do want equal rights correct?

1324 days ago

george clooney    

Obligation is on the DA to prosecute this case to the full extent of the law. Sorry, but thats where we sit now in this OBAMA society of litigation on anything and all things....and criminals like this woman should be behind bars! that correct Ms Alred?

1324 days ago


Brad did the right thing by not choosing someone if he didn't love her and wasn't yet ready for marriage. I give him a lot of credit for getting his head on straight, and trying for love again. I do have one problem with the show already......and, that is the 'fang girl'. I sure hope this wasn't scripted for the sake of ratings, because I cannot stand to watch her for weeks.....and I won't be watching if she stays. She is kooky....what more can I say!. Can't believe Brad kept her by his own choosing.

1324 days ago

george clooney    

#1... [a mile from where I used to live] I'm guessing he won't be pressing charges anytime soon...
--------------------------------- too. I wonder if your mother is the one I tapped when I was home on leave from the military???? Oh no....child support? Hey....wasn't was my friend....uh...I am gay...uh....I was not even in the state...uh....

1324 days ago


White trash Chantal. Womack had the right not to choose this crazy woman what an embarassment. Future BF, you beware.

1324 days ago


Why people waste their time watching all these fake reality show's anyway. It is all fake and planned, especially this pathetic attempt at a show. Housewives, bachelor's, bachelorette's, etc. are for the brain dead fool's. Hey, I have some prime property in New Orleans if you are interested. LOL

1324 days ago


The way they were talking about this slap they made it seem like it was out of pure anger but it wasn't it was kinda...a baby slap. No harm done and not as sinister as reports made it sound.

1324 days ago
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