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'Bachelor' Slap: Womack Says NOT Criminal Battery

1/4/2011 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

ABC is promoting "The Bachelor" with a slap to the face by a contestant, but the victim tells TMZ he  doesn't want her prosecuted.

You probably saw Brad Womack take a slap to the face, when he was greeted by Chantal O'Brien, who glibly told him she was delivering a violent message on behalf of all the scorned women in America.

So if Amber Portwood gets prosecuted for beating on her boyfriend, what's the difference? 

1014_womack_videoBrad tells TMZ, "I think Chantal was just trying to make a statement about my past behavior and make a strong first impression, which she did. " 

Brad adds, "I think what Chantal did was a light-hearted gesture which I took as such.  I do not condone violence in any relationship, nor would I keep someone around who I felt truly wished to do me harm."

As Brad left the premiere party last night -- he told us the slap was, "very real and very hard." Brad also told us he didn't want Chantal prosecuted because he "deserved" it.

So what do you think? 



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en Todo Momento!!    

oh please. everyone knows that males constantly abuse women and females with incessant subtle (though non-physical, good for them, right??!) violence daily, to 'test their female sociability' favor of males as a whole (male super structure society,that is). a man should be psychologically capable to endure a puny slap from a by far physically weaker woman (female) without ripping her to bloody shreds in return. get over it already and look at what type of world men have created for women in reality. aka: DENIAL.

1354 days ago


If it's scripted then it is getting exactly what the network wanted, attention ( even though that promo has been running for a while and not a peep was made about it until right before the show comes on?)

If it by chance was unscripted, she did absolutely commit battery and just because is was isolated and/or because she's a woman and the "victim" doesn't want to bring charges doesn't mean she CAN'T be prosecuted. Most men will NEVER bring charges against a woman unless something really bad happens. That Gary hasn't pressed charges against Amber, the state did and only because MTV broadcast the abuse. Still won't be watching the Bachelor!

1354 days ago


Scripted or not it is just wrong for anyone to put their hands on antoher person.

1354 days ago


that wasn't a slap, it was fake come on people watch the video!!!!

1354 days ago


For crying out loud, this dude did NOTHING wrong!! He didn't "scorn" anyone; he chose nobody, and that was his right. It's his life, and his choice. He doesn't owe any women any second chances. It's their problem if they take this stupid game show so seriously that they honestly think the relationships are real and exclusive. I hope he chooses nobody this time around as well, just to teach a lesson to those idiots who are condemning him for making a very wise decision.

Posted at 7:04 AM on Jan 4, 2011 by Lisa

Choosing nobody was the right answer. Who would even want to date a woman that gets this emotionally involved in a stranger? These women have no morals, just out for the prize and willing to do whatever it takes to get it. Why do women even watch these shows? Is that how they all want to be judged and treated by men? Is this how they all really feel? Cuz a lot of men are willing to accommodate them.

1354 days ago


if this was a guy slaping the girl would we even be having this conversation? equal rights works both ways!

1354 days ago


A slap is physical violence and if the guy who smacked the kid on the airplane is getting charged with criminal battery, the this chick needs to face the same charge. If the people see fit to dismiss the charge the so be it but enforcement of the law should not be so blatantly sexist. Charge the guy but let the girl walk??? Come on... Amber is on a whole other level of serial abuser then this chick....

1354 days ago


Allowing that b**** to slap Brad gives off the impression that it is acceptable for a woman to hit a man. If this was the other way around, Brad would of been tackled to the ground and thrown in jail.

1354 days ago


I mama all was told me if a girl hit you you hit that bitc back

1354 days ago


stupid bitch she need to learn to keep her hands to herself. het some manners. SHES GOING HOME

1354 days ago

Celebrity Star    

Women demand equality, but get away with **** like this, it is looked at as innocent???, NOT in my book. Nobody puts a hand on anyone, now matter what your sex is! PERIOD!

1354 days ago


Scripted or not hitting someone should not be entertainment & is totally unacceptable. At the least she should have been sent home.

1354 days ago

T Dogg    

It is simple....if he slapped her it is a crime, if she slaps him it is ok. And to all you ignorant people who thinks he insulted her so it is ok, I hope you all die. Women make crazy claims and men get screwed. A woman attacks a guy on film and it is ok. Women should have the same standard. If you want a different standard then get back in the kitchen and cook me dinner and my house better be spotless when I get home and you better blow me on command. Otherwise, if you want to be treated equal then prepare to be treated equal everywhere and not just where you want.

1354 days ago


This guy is an idiot. He is doing a disservice to men and cosigning a woman's physical assult on men. It does not matter whether it hurt or not it's about physically assulting someone and until men get it in their heads that their manhood is not compromised because they stood up for themselves against a woman and have her prosecuted they will continue to be victims of women and there own machismo.

1354 days ago

wax time

1354 days ago
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