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Big Ben's Fiancée -- A Real Baller

1/5/2011 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger has got himself quite a catch -- 'cause the woman who has reportedly agreed to marry the Steelers QB enjoys ball handling and roasting marshmallows.

Ben Roethlisberger Engaged

The lucky lady, Ashley Harlan, is a 2009 graduate from St. Francis University in Pennsylvania -- TMZ obtained these pics of Ashley hangin' with college friends. She earned a bachelor's degree and a master's in physician assistant science.

Ashley was also a high school studette in volleyball, softball, and basketball.

Her hometown paper -- the New Castle News -- is confirming the engagement ... but Big Ben has been mum on the subject. Not like he's got anything else going on ... (cough cough) playoffs.

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She is posing like she is having a burning sensation between her legs

1357 days ago


Obviously, she's doing it for the money! We already knew he had a thing for young blondes from the list of victims. Prediction: Divorce within 3 years.

1357 days ago


Hope she likes being raped.

1357 days ago


Paddy, I thought the same thing... it's creepy.
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1357 days ago

george fudge!    

OK, have never heard of a 'masters of physician assistant science'. If she had a nursing degree, surely tmz would have said she was a nurse. I suspect the highly paid illiterate lackeys at tmz were trying to spell 'physical' instead of 'physician', as she played several sports.

Anyway, sounds like a good choice for big dumb Ben, a girl with training to take care of and rehab him the next time he puts his big head through a windshield, bathroom door, or other solid object.

1357 days ago


So Rapelsberger finally had sex with someone WITHOUT forcing himself on her?

It's a miracle.

1356 days ago


Read the TSG actual police report, idiots. The "poor victim" was wearing a "DTF" (Down To F---) sticker on her shirt all night, and her sorority friends were the ones who kept insisting she was raped. She did not say she was. And most importantly? NO DNA.

1356 days ago


All I can say is good luck to Ben and his fiance. He made some mistakes but he was never convicted, I am sure he has grown from it. Don't throw stones in glass houses. Good luck to them.

1356 days ago


All I have to say is if my friend was drunk I am not going to let her go into a bathroom alone with anyone! What kind of friends did this girl have? I, for one, don't believe that he did anything but only someone STUPID would put themselves in that situation! So he's STUPID but not a RAPIST.

And Ashley looks like a nice girl. She didn't "rape" anyone so leave her and her parents.

1356 days ago


Everyone said Ben has to grow up, learn to be responsible and stop acting like a kid. Now its announced that he is engaged to a woman who has a masters degree, if there was anything in her past I do believe we would be hearing it already, and still everyone is bad mouthing him. He has shown his heart is in the game and with his team since his return, even teammates have given statements to that effect. Leave him alone now so that he can get on with his private life without all the media ****. He was never convicted, he made some stupid judgment calls. Anyone notice these things started after his accident where his head was hit quite hard...and maybe had problems afterwards that affected the way he acted, and now realized it and got help, something it is hard for some people to admit to and do until they have no choice. Before that he was loved and admired by the team, coaches and city. I hope this woman's family starts getting back at all the people on these sites and everywhere who are already putting her name in a bad light, and it hasn't even been confirmed that she is engaged to him yet. Does that make her a bad person who should be being called terrible names and having terrible things said about her upcoming marriage? NO, it does not! Ben is trying, so go ahead and make it so hard for him that he can't make a good life outside of football. Leave the couple alone, and stop convicting him when the law didn't. If it were you, I am sure you would have a completely different outlook than the ones you are writing on sites.

1355 days ago

enough already    

Being from Pittsburgh, it is clear that Ben is not much of a catch. He may not have been charged with a crime, but something unseemly definitely occurred.

1355 days ago


I guess this marriage is his way of staying out of trouble this summer, being that off season is coming up. He really needs to focus on himself for awhile, its only 10 months later, not good for him to cover up the issues with a marriage...and of course she said yes, he is worth MILLIONS!!!! who wouldn't say yes......

1354 days ago


No Means NO. What a joke. Its an arranged Rooney marriage. What a jacka--.

1352 days ago


Get a life. Ben wasn't charged with a crime and he has the right to have a relationship. You people are so sickening. GO STEELERS!

1334 days ago


Yea he was never charged just like the murderer Ray Lewis. They both should NOT be playing football! I'm sure in my measly 60,000 a year job that if I did anything remotely close to what those two did I wouldn't have a job! Oh and don't forget to include Michael Vick! GO PACKERS!!!

1331 days ago
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