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Favre Accusers: Jets Shut Us Out Before Lawsuit

1/5/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Before two masseuses sued Brett Favre for sexual harassment they made a last ditch appeal to the NY Jets to get their jobs back, but were denied ... according to an attorney for the women.

Christina Scavo and Shannon O'Toole's lawyer David Jaroslawicz tells TMZ he sent a letter in November ... asking the Jets to rehire them.

In the lawsuit -- filed yesterday -- the women claim the Jets stopped hiring them after Scavo's husband confronted Favre about text messages he allegedly sent proposing a rendezvous with her.

Jaroslawicz says he and the Jets went back and forth ... but ultimately they refused to put Scavo and O'Toole back on the payroll -- and it was only then that they decided to sue Favre and the team to recoup lost wages.

Scavo and O'Toole were never officially "terminated" by the Jets -- because sources associated with the team say the women were not Jets employees ... but independent contracted workers.

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"NFL IS SEXIST".... WTF.... Oh Really? and Why Not ! Geeze... what is this crap.. the Wussification of America again? Come on... MEN (boys) will be MEN (boys).. Soo What?... You Ladies (girls) ... are you lookin' for wussy type guys... those that wussify everything.... Well.. If not.. then SHOUT OUT ! DOWN WITH WUSSIFICATION ! PERIOD !

1384 days ago


I guess these two "part time" independent contracters must have caught that same two year bug that made them forget these incidents happened. What's up with these skanks coming out of the woodwork years later? These two don't stand a chance as they were never employees. I think it's clear that in the future NFL teams should hire males to fill most of their positions versus opening themselves up to the liability that hiring money grubbing skanks brings. I'm tired of all the lawsuits by women looking to make a quick buck off something they probably invited. Furthermore I'm tired of female sideline and lockeroom reporters. Imagine the outrage if a male headed into a WNBA locker room right after a game when the players were changing.

1384 days ago


One thing I still don't understand, even going back to the Sterger wench - Since when is texting someone ILLEGAL?!?!

If you don't want the text, then hit the delete button...geez

No sexual harassment as they weren't even co-workers; just because they were all on the Jets payroll doesn't make them "co-workers", so sexual harassment point is moot.

non-story...just more skanks trying to get paid

1384 days ago


These women are "at risk" independent contractors and the Jets should by all means, not rehire them. I hope any lawsuit on their part is thrown out because it is frivolous and the courts have more important things to solve. In the meantime, if they are actually good and ethical, should have no problem getting a contract with other organizations or rent a store!! They are just looking for an easy buck.

1384 days ago


This is all a sham against Favre and the Jets to get some cash, plain and simple, nothing done here is sexual harassment! give me break, nice try lawyers to justify this crap, no way you will get 12 jurors to believe in your lame story!

1384 days ago


favre is guilty of being an idiot.......and?

1384 days ago


hire them back and shoot a porn movie

1384 days ago


No one shuts you up for 2 years esp. when you haven't been around them. You are making it so hard on women who have been hurt by men in the work place. If he did it or not. you have not said one word until now because you see the chance to make money for intreviews and suing. Harassment is went they will not live you alone. Not one or 2 text. And not when you see a way for ou an your man to make money. By the way my man would have knock the crap out of a man if he kept on not ask for money. But most women would have changed their text # and put a restraining oder out for harassment if it kept going on. It wasn't bad enough to do that but so bad to get money? Please stop using our system for mindless things when there are other women who really need help!I think they thought Bret would pay them off so if wouldn't have to go to court an it would be easy money. I pray he doesn't give them a cent an if he does to get rid of them I hope most goes to their lawyers.

1384 days ago


I don't condoned anything Favre did, but the big question that should be ask is, (how did he get their phone#s?) Hmmm!!!!!

1384 days ago


These women's lawyer actually went on the Joy Behar show last night! Joy Behar? Really? Geez is there no shame! Why would anyone go on that comedy show if they want to come across as serious???

1384 days ago


brett favre can send me pics of any part of his body anytime he wants. he can send me explicit texts, and he can do me. why can't this women just be flattered that a hot jock wants them? must they be so sex-phobic?

1384 days ago


This whole thing is ridiculous. Women who give their cell phone numbers to married men KNOW the men aren't going to text them asking for recipes.

Ladies, you want your cake and to eat it too except men are tired of getting burned by your teasings.

Clearly, women do not belong on professional athletic fields and in locker rooms. Nothing against women, but there's a reason that standard was set so long ago. Chemistry overpowers sensibilities sometimes and the team suffers for it.

Sorry girls, you literally screwed up in trying to screw Favre. Yeah he had a dumb*** moment but tattling on him makes you look like real bimbos.

As it was said, click DELETE if you don't like an incoming text. How lame to tattle to your hubby that another man sent a naughty message to you. You played along or he wouldn't have had your number in the first place.

Suck it up and learn. Nobody wins in trying to take down the boys in the big leagues.

1384 days ago


I don't get it...why WOULD they want their job back if they are being sexually harrassed???

1384 days ago


Exactly #10. How did he get their personal cell phone numbers?? I am so sick of money grubbing, gold digging skanks trying to make a quick buck. #9 is right, too. It makes it hard for women who REALLY get harassed and mistreated in the workplace to be believed. As for you #12...My heroes are not football players, or celebrities of any kind...they are my parents, my husband and my kids. I don't think most people are questioning that Brett Favre is a flirt or a little horn dog.. They are questioning the harassment. Do you know what that word means?? Here is a hint...when you are married and give your PERSONAL (not work) cell number to a married man to contact you....you are a skank and that is a come on. not harrasment. Now she just wants a pay day for being a whore. and he will probably give it to her to smooth it over because he was a whore too. Takes two, honey. Takes two

1384 days ago


I think Brett Favre is disgusting, but what did he do wrong (legally)? I have not seen all the posts but from what I have seen on t.v. it sounds like flirting. When did flirting and/or propositioning someone become harassment? There are women being sexually harassed in the world and these two women have just taken away the importance of ending harassment by making false claims. It is hard to come forward with allegations when they are true because you feel like nobody will believe you. This situation is why a lot of people don't believe such allegations. I think there should be consequences to making false lawsuits. The lawyer and the clients should be punished if they are found to be lying.

Why were two women "not hire back" (they were NOT fired) if one husband confronted Favre? It makes no sense!

1384 days ago
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