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Camille Grammer Quitting 'Housewives of Bev Hills'

1/5/2011 6:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" tell TMZ Camille Grammer is quitting the show ... and she's even lawyered up to negotiate an out.

Camille Grammer Quits Real Housewives

Sources tell us Camille is upset with the way she's been portrayed on the show.  And, we're told, Camille did the show because Kelsey Grammer wanted her to, and now that she's a single mom, "circumstances have changed."

We're told Camille's lawyer and Bravo are already discussing a "settlement" and an offer is on the table for the terms of her departure.

A rep for Bravo tells TMZ, "No decision has been made for season 2."  Bravo says they just filmed the "dramatic" reunion show and questions will be answered.


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Yeah all the reality shows are edited, but why did the other housewives just come off being an absolute bore? Was that editing too? She wants to leave the show so the divorce judge doesn't see she's just a psychotic biatch with crazy blank eyes as if she were on drugs and doesn't want the court to see Kelsey actually has a defense for leaving her and the judge saying "Why didn't you do it sooner?"

1389 days ago



1389 days ago


Maybe she thought the rest of us were as stupid as she was and wouldn't dig for dirt. Rumor has it when she was a club mtv dance she used the money she made to get fake boobs and those boobies got the attn of all the mtv execs who got her into all the good hollywood parties if she had sex with them and it was at one of those partied where a coked out of his brain kelsey met and stupidly married her without a prenup...maybe she isn't so stupid after all. she stands to get half his money in the divorce and all she had to do was have sex with him and put up with his addictions for a few years.

1389 days ago


Does that mean Kyle wins?

1389 days ago


She was under the impression that she would be a star on her own...and it back fired as her true self came out and it was a person, daughter, friend and Mother she looked real bad.and there is no way she can redeem herself.

1389 days ago


Kelsey was brilliant in having her do the show, hilarious! he knew what he was doing, that was no accident! Had to show the world what he had been putting up with.

Kelsey, may your future be bright, cuz you've been had by a skank.

Nick and Camille were all over each other on the motorcycle, who are they fooling? Kelsey should pay her less for adultery, unless they had an open marriage, cuz those 2 are definitely hooking up.

1389 days ago


They should cast Cedric as the new house wife ;-)

1389 days ago


Part of Camille's world:

MOM = 1 SURROGATE (to house unborn babies) and 4 NANNIES (to feed and care for the product's/babies/kids)

"RUN-AWAY (AWOL)HUSBAND = lonely, neglected middle-aged rich man that seems to be looking for "real" woman for possible serious relationship, to physically give birth to his future children, and love and respect him and NOT FOR HIS $$$

1389 days ago


One of my favorite shows is Medium. Too bad that when I watch from now on,I will see the REAL psycho (not psychic) Allison Dubois's face. Hopefully, the cast of Medium won't lose their jobs from this exposure.

Camille, you are a sad excuse for a person. Too bad the money will keep you from having to crawl back into the hole that you came from.

1389 days ago


No one is jealous of you. Your just irritating. Many friends I have have a better body and are prettier than you are. Seriously, no one is jealous of you at all. In fact I even have a better body and personality than you. Bottom line, you are using your money to get guys. Thats all.

1389 days ago

Tamara Nieto    

What a self centered riotous bitch. I am very happy for Kelsey

1389 days ago


Good riddance you fake-teated, irritable bowel of a human being. You money grubbing pole dancer, with your four houses and four nannies and paid "friends." No wonder Kelsey ran as far away as he could...I bet if there was a state further east he would have found it.
Now you can start sleeping with pretty boy Nick, who must be eyeing your $50 mil and drooling. You can bet he's not eyeing your lazy eye and drooling...

1389 days ago


None of Camilles friends are true friends - there nothing more than name dropping hanger on type of people looking for a few bread crumbs. Since Kelsey is gone though - Let's see how soon it is before her lap dog/boy toy Nick gets a divorce (actually thought he was GAY when I first saw him).

Camille is insecure and delusional. Although Kyle never said it. Camille knows it to be true. No one really cares about you without Kelsey. Buh Bye.

That was the best move ever by Kelsey was to get that psycho to show her true colors on the show ! ! ! !

1389 days ago


Good, now I will enjoy watching the show.

1389 days ago


Please Camille do everyone a favor - Leave the show. You are an evil-spirited pseudo-intellectual narcissist and A LEGEND IN YOUR OWN MIND. And take that DuBois thang with you.

1389 days ago
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