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Camille Grammer Quitting 'Housewives of Bev Hills'

1/5/2011 6:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" tell TMZ Camille Grammer is quitting the show ... and she's even lawyered up to negotiate an out.

Camille Grammer Quits Real Housewives

Sources tell us Camille is upset with the way she's been portrayed on the show.  And, we're told, Camille did the show because Kelsey Grammer wanted her to, and now that she's a single mom, "circumstances have changed."

We're told Camille's lawyer and Bravo are already discussing a "settlement" and an offer is on the table for the terms of her departure.

A rep for Bravo tells TMZ, "No decision has been made for season 2."  Bravo says they just filmed the "dramatic" reunion show and questions will be answered.


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I can see why Kelsey left. She has held him hostage for far too long! Some of the things she said on the show along with her behaviour revealed what an unhappy person Camille really is.

Her nastiness, and cattiness towards others stems from being INSECURE.

I sincerley hope Camille's friends are truthful with her. If they are not, how sad for Camille. Are those people only around her and telling her what she wants to hear because they get something out of it? Like staying in her home and going on vacation with her?

If they are not honest with Camille; how sad, she truley is alone.

1389 days ago


Good Riddance! Maybe Camille can hook up with Kelsey's friend, oh wait! I am sure that's already happened. SHE doesn't like how she is portrayed, lmao, who is portraying her other than herself. What she doesn't like is that people are now seeing her for the whining, self-centered, egotistical bitch that she is. Hey, maybe she and Allison can live and work together, bitch minds think alike, right?

1389 days ago


Good Riddens you dumb woman. You are the most arrogant stupid woman of all the housewives. You thought that you could manipulate that dinner and have that Allison creep deliver all your vapid hate towards Kyle. Ha! Ha! It backfired because everyone saw thru your ploy. You are an ugly plactic, horseface dim witt. Glad I don't have to watch your arrogance and stupidity again!!!! GOOD BYE!!!

1389 days ago


Oh well,she want be missed !! Maybe she seen herself on the show and seen it wasn't all about her,so now she can write and produce her own show because she is all about ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BITCH,BITCH,BITCH,BITCH,BITCH

1389 days ago


Since she's a self-important, know it all "PRODUCER" why wasn't she smarter about knowing she was being "portrayed" as a stupid, self-centered, vain, mean, immature, uneducated, plastic dunce? She is so funny, I'll miss her and Allison. She should take her 50 million and move to Kelsey's Hawaiian home and let the nannies continue to raise the kids, they might have a better chance of being normal adults.

1389 days ago


oh nooo my favorite crazy lady (and I say lady in jest) is no longer going to be on the show. I loved being entertained by the bug eyes and the most bizarre things that would come out of her mouth. Pure entertainment at its best!

1389 days ago


Single mom with 3 nannies. And $50 million dollars to boot.

1389 days ago


Hilarious. Now that everyone knows her to be a total beyotch, she thinks she was depicted unfairly? No doubt comments can be edited a certain way, but there's nothing likable about her. Kelsey seems loony, but no wonder he left her ass. Bitching how tired she was to her mother going thru chemotherapy? And flirting with every guy in a 5 mile radius, and she's no beauty. She probably is the most hated housewife now that Danielle is gone.

1389 days ago


People say you can tell when someone is nuts by looking in their eyes.
I tried that. One looks at the camera, the other is looking at something out the back window. strange looking chic-man.

1389 days ago


Camille is NOT a nice person no matter how much she would like to blame other people. This is a perfect example of "be careful what you wish for"...Money REALLY is not everything....(and though we all need it to survive,we all like nice things too but that extreme excess is actually embarassing)and for those who think it is everything, I wonder when the time comes on their death bed (and we will all have one) if they would do it all over again the same way for money???? Just asking??? Life is short..Live wisely...

1389 days ago


The only one more fake than Camille is her psycho psychic Allison. KNOW THAT!

1389 days ago

tip top    

Won't be missed wish she wasn't on the 1st season!

1389 days ago


I like Camille, and she really hasn't been hiding her past career moves, good for her for quitting her husband is a jerk, TV show portrayed her as a nut, she is smart, and kind and she is freaking RICH!! she can do and say anything she wants, you go girl!

1389 days ago


Camille is NOTHING without Kelsey.....Good bye Camille!

1389 days ago


***Kelsey, thank God for your new relationship. You got out just in time!

***Hey Camille, your a crazy, self-centered, BEOTCH! What a POS!

1389 days ago
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