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Gary Collins

Arrested for Felony

Dine and Dash

1/5/2011 11:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's been rough going for Gary Collins ... TMZ has learned the former Miss America/"Hour Magazine" host has been arrested for allegedly defrauding an innkeeper.

Gary Collins Arrested
Collins -- who has been arrested 3 times and convicted twice of DUI -- was busted in Biloxi, Mississippi Tuesday at 10:39 PM.  According to employees at the restaurant, they told him as he left he had to pay his bill, but Collins ignored them.  The employees even followed him out to the parking lot ... in vain.

Collins allegedly ordered food at Jazzeppi's Restaurant and left without paying his $59.35 bill.  Get this ... refusing to pay a restaurant bill for anything over $25 in Ole Miss is a FELONY!

He was released early this morning on $5,000 bail.

UPDATE: We finally found out what Collins allegedly ate -- sources connected to the meal tell us Gary had the "Chef's steak specialty ... a $40 value!" He also had "some alcohol."

UPDATE: We spoke to Sharon Mattina -- co-owner of Jazeppi's -- and she says they're going to try to get the charges dropped. She thinks the whole thing was a misunderstanding.

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No Avatar


Gary WHO.

1394 days ago


This jackazz He killed someone driving drunk . He most recently had a warrant out for his arrest in November too for a alcohol related hit and run. They need to throw this creep in jail and throw away the key.

1394 days ago


Hahahaha The entire Louisiana purchase is going to sink under water. Even nature has had enough with those backward hicks, White and Black. Next time whip that drunk California librul, Show that boy what they do to his kind down there in shyteland hahahahaha.

1394 days ago

Dandy Dan    

TMZ, here we go again, only telling half the story... why did you leave the little DETAIL of Collins never ate what he ordered because it took to long to prepare...
So the trailer trash hick employees in Mississipp-uh call TMZ to get some BS tabloid publicity...

"Hey HARVEY GUESS WHA HAPPEN HERE-UH, THAT GUY FROM 60 MINUTES is AN HOUR MAGAZINE TV SHOW???, yeah welp that man did not pay for his steak and we nailed his Hollywood ass..duh uh, yee haw.. stupid is, stupid does"

A small town police report and half truth...Good enough for Harvey and TMZ...
"hey kids lets post it!"
Once police were told Collins did not the eat what he ordered, it is then a CIVIL matter and they should have butted out.
Grow up people and leave Collins alone.

1394 days ago

what He said    

there's no decent people doing talkshows anymore once you had Phil Donahue, Gary Collins, Sally Jesse, now it's springer, maury povich who is the father bull**** and oprah still searching for her spirit.

At least we have Regis still but I like what Craig said about Matt Lauror "are those iron filings on his head". Like larry king who is asleep all the time on autopilot and Matt lauer as well, asleep at the wheel.

Be well Gary and just be glad you are out of the mess.

1394 days ago


TMZ do your homework!! If Gary Collins was in Biloxi he was at the opposite end of the state from Ole Miss (Ole Miss is in Oxford MS). Did police track him across the state to collect the $59.35?

1394 days ago


What happened to this guy? He has completely lost it...

1394 days ago


Someone give this man a gun and a sealed room.

1394 days ago


Maybe he is has some form of dementia or alzheimer's???

1394 days ago


Hilarious! And, FYI TMZ, you can't just call the entire state Ole Miss. That's reserved for Oxford and alumni. jk ;)

1394 days ago


His wife, Mary Ann Mobley, is from Biloxi and they were probably visiting family there. She has had enough to deal with healthwise to keep having to deal with him.

1394 days ago



1394 days ago


This geriatric drunk needs a keeper and a driver!

1394 days ago


It is a state with 'REAL' laws. Not like CA's pathetic celeb catering rubbish.

Posted at 6:23 AM on Jan 5, 2011 by Bubbles The Chimp

Bubbles there's nothing real in MS except racism and narrow-mindedness.

1394 days ago

Pete O'Malley    

Ohh Nooo! Lock your doors and board up the windows! He's out on bail! Yikes!

1394 days ago
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