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Gary Collins

Arrested for Felony

Dine and Dash

1/5/2011 11:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's been rough going for Gary Collins ... TMZ has learned the former Miss America/"Hour Magazine" host has been arrested for allegedly defrauding an innkeeper.

Gary Collins Arrested
Collins -- who has been arrested 3 times and convicted twice of DUI -- was busted in Biloxi, Mississippi Tuesday at 10:39 PM.  According to employees at the restaurant, they told him as he left he had to pay his bill, but Collins ignored them.  The employees even followed him out to the parking lot ... in vain.

Collins allegedly ordered food at Jazzeppi's Restaurant and left without paying his $59.35 bill.  Get this ... refusing to pay a restaurant bill for anything over $25 in Ole Miss is a FELONY!

He was released early this morning on $5,000 bail.

UPDATE: We finally found out what Collins allegedly ate -- sources connected to the meal tell us Gary had the "Chef's steak specialty ... a $40 value!" He also had "some alcohol."

UPDATE: We spoke to Sharon Mattina -- co-owner of Jazeppi's -- and she says they're going to try to get the charges dropped. She thinks the whole thing was a misunderstanding.

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No Avatar


Booze is a long stalking and patient beast. Meetings, meetings, meetings.

1332 days ago


Please don't down the whole state, if you don't live here you have no idea what goes on here. Yes, I was born and raised here in Ms., still live here also. Taking things without paying is stealing no matter who you are.

1332 days ago

Stacy Harris    

If Gary Collins brought any baggage to HOUR MAGAZINE, THE HOME SHOW, the MISS AMERICA PAGEANT or his under-publicized career as an actor, he hid it well. Collins was an amiable host who seemed content, even eager to let his guests be the real "stars."

Gary seemed like the kind of man every woman would want her father, husband, brother or boyfriend to be.

Whatever Collins was, or whatever caused him to become less than worthy of the admiration his audiences had for him, the relevant truth here is that an intervention is in order.

Stacy Harris
Publisher/Executive Editor/Media Critic
Stacy's Music Row Report

1331 days ago


Gary Collins is obviously a deeply troubled and unhappy man.
I agree that he should not be driving under the influence or doing things as he just did at the restaurant.
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1331 days ago


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1331 days ago


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1331 days ago


Get this...Ole Miss is in Oxford on the opposite side of the state near Memphis, so I'm sure he wasnt on campus dining...even though the total would be about the same, but I digress. Also, for anyone stuck on how racist MS is, maybe you should visit all of us 'hicks.' Im a half black half white born and raised Mississippian and cant recall anytime where Ive experienced this blatant racism all you people seem to decry. I would be afraid to step foot in CA from all the racist stories that come from there though.

1331 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

Another candidate for Eugenics.

1331 days ago


Get the facts before judging....he didn't even get his meal (steak) that he ordered. Was taking too long.

1331 days ago


The owners of Jazeppi's are hard working people, they expect(rightfully so) people to pay their tabs ARTIE.Having washed up celebs like him does not draw business nor does it pay the electric bill. FYI, Biloxi is a gaming community with its fair share of celebs doing shows in the casinos, etc. Washed up celebs like Collins just don't impress us that much...

1331 days ago


Where's Mary Ann when you need her???

1330 days ago


Lyn is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! This is a deeply troubled man who will end up either harming himself, or killing someone else, and if it works out as usual, it will be the latter. Mary Ann needs to stand up and take responsibility and get her husband HELP NOW . . before it is too late and irrevocable harm has been done. If she can't, or won't, then the local authorities need to take charge and have him committed / that is just the harsh reality of what his life has come to.

1329 days ago


the owner shouldn't drop charges this could be his wake up
call to get help. i feel for his wife she isn't responsible for his actions!

1328 days ago


Maybe the service sucked and he waited an hour for his bill and finally out of principle.....walked out, it's crossed my mind plenty of times.

1328 days ago


What is he doing living in Biloxi? Is his wife with him or not? Last I heard (this was recently) they lived in L.A. & she was having very severe health problems. Perhaps this led to his drinking, which is kind of understandable, though not excusable. Why has no one here mentioned that his wife has been fighting cancer on and off for several years? Have some sympathy.

1328 days ago
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