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'Golden Radio Voice' Guy -- Grounded in Ohio By No ID

1/5/2011 6:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 'Golden Radio Voice' guy -- who went from homeless to overnight Internet sensation -- is struggling to board a flight to NYC because he doesn't have ID ... according to his rep (yep, he's got one now).

Homeless Man Radio Voice
Ted Williams' peeps tell us Ted is currently at the courthouse in Columbus, OH trying to get a copy of his birth certificate. 

Ted is supposed to be in New York tomorrow for an interview on "Today" -- but according to the rep he's been homeless for more than four years so he doesn't have ID ... and can't board a flight.

It's the first bad news Williams has had in 24 hours. He's gotten a job offer, a home offer, and a free trip home to visit his mom -- all because of the YouTube clip that went viral.

Ted's rep says having to reestablish identity is a common problem for the homeless. Let's hope someone has a plan B to get Ted to NYC.


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When I first heard about this video I said to myself "Oh come on. How good could his voice be? Everyone thinks they have a great 'radio voice' who's in entertainment."


He blew me away with his first 'radio voice' bit. That was awesome!

1394 days ago


He went from crack monster to looking like the cookie monster.

1394 days ago


"A 100% Born In The USA Citizen" has to ReEstablish identity. Bull F-ng Sh*t! And that's what I have to say about that!

1394 days ago


great story harvey! great 2 hear people r helping this guy who has a Real talent. God bless him!

1394 days ago


Why doesn't Obama, the lying hypocrite that he is, step up and help this man if needed? Obama doesn't think twice about butting into affairs that are none of his concern nor where he is wanted but as in the oil spill, when there is a need for a leader, he does nothing. Barack Obama only helps black radical elites like the Professor and the Policeman.....oh and of course his aunt, the ILLEGAL ALIEN, is still residing in our country in public housing instead of a homeless citizen in need, as was this gentleman.

This is truly one of the most inspirational stories I've heard about "You Tube" in ages and his voice is beautiful. He reminds me of someone who was in Lawrence Welk's orchestra and he seems like he would be a much better tv or radio commentator than most of them who are out there.

He would be a fabulous refreshing change from Regis Philbin or Steve Edwards who has the beadiest eyes and raspiest voice of anyone on tv. He appears with a cast of complete idiots like Dorothy, Jillian, et al on Fox channel ll which is a local L.A. tv station. Older viewers will remember when he used to be a commentator with the tiresome Stephanie Edwards at the Rose Parade years ago (think).

1394 days ago


An amazing story and so inspiring. God bless you Ted - I wish you a beautiful happy ever after.

1394 days ago


OK...He clearly deserves a break like all folks do. Promise not to exploit him, use and abuse him when his past comes up? If he missteps will you support and comfort him or relish his downfall like you do all others ???

1394 days ago


Police State USA gropes and x-rays people but that's not enough. You must show your papers to travel. This is certainly not a free country.

1394 days ago


I sure hope that when Ted starts making some money, he gets his teeth fixed. They are ugly, and so is he. At least on the radio you can't see him.

1394 days ago


Awesome, good work keeping your faith strong and never giving up. may you blessed in all future endeavors. Peace bro

1394 days ago


Will be praying for Ted Williams!

1394 days ago


The next offer should be to fix those teeth. Stat.

1394 days ago


This will become a viral video, I just know it.

1394 days ago

Crossed Fingers    

As long as he keeps know when you fall into drugs, it's really nobody's fault but your own. If he crashes again for the same reason, it's over for good. He's getting a second chance, so he better make it count.

1394 days ago


Thank you for sharing this inspirational story TMZ. I am proud of you sharing happiness! This man is amazing. Good job working on your talent and stopping bad habits/addictions. God Bless you Ted.

1394 days ago
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