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'Golden Radio Voice' Guy -- Grounded in Ohio By No ID

1/5/2011 6:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 'Golden Radio Voice' guy -- who went from homeless to overnight Internet sensation -- is struggling to board a flight to NYC because he doesn't have ID ... according to his rep (yep, he's got one now).

Homeless Man Radio Voice
Ted Williams' peeps tell us Ted is currently at the courthouse in Columbus, OH trying to get a copy of his birth certificate. 

Ted is supposed to be in New York tomorrow for an interview on "Today" -- but according to the rep he's been homeless for more than four years so he doesn't have ID ... and can't board a flight.

It's the first bad news Williams has had in 24 hours. He's gotten a job offer, a home offer, and a free trip home to visit his mom -- all because of the YouTube clip that went viral.

Ted's rep says having to reestablish identity is a common problem for the homeless. Let's hope someone has a plan B to get Ted to NYC.


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Thank You    

You the people that heard his voice and know his potential may you be under the same God that he spoke of. The devil works thru people so clever that we close our eyes and get drawn into the lime light. With all that he has done to his body drugs and such, God kept his voice for him. When he started thanking God everyday , how many of us that aren't homeless thank God? Open your eye's and understand that this is a miracle from God. Watching the broadcast this morning brought tears to my eyes that you could see that Ted does have a long life friend and it took all he went thru to one day on national tv to let others know of that friend. Our heavenly Father Jesus Christ.
Thank you, The Today show to air this. We need more positive viewing. To be able to say the word God and not be bleeped out. We as a nation are letting people take him out. What happen to one nation under God.

1363 days ago


WOW! He is AMAZING. Love his honesty about his life, it's only going to get better from here. He's articulate, and now he is lucky. Hope he follows the right path once success comes his way....because it's coming. So glad he has the training too, he's a legitimate talent.

1363 days ago


if the poor guy needs a ride, hell ill pick him up and take him, whats the big deal. One should not be afraid to help out a fellow human being that deserves that second chance at life. not often do we see the good in this world. Bravo to the cavs for giving this man an oppertunity to turn his life around. I think more stories like this will help to shape and turn this country around. We are constantly bombarded with so much terrible news that you wonder if good things happen anymore. Im really surprised 300 million smart americans let 500k stupid politicians treat us like livestock. Congrats MR. Williams

1363 days ago


God Bless him

1363 days ago


Congratz Ted Williams!!!!

1363 days ago


so this guy has a "great" voice -!!!! how much did his family have to put up with while he was high on alcohol and drugs!! Big deal - he has all of these kids that he never supported and i'm sure he embarrassed them to say the least - !! If he has been "sober" 2 years, what has he done to make up to his family....I hope he finally helps his family.....

1363 days ago


Aren't we missing the point?

He needs to be helped because he's homeless, not because he has a golden voice. There are thousands more like him that also need help. Kinda sad that we all want to focus on him because he does something that we like, and ignore the others.

1363 days ago


Hey - they cut off his wonderful crazy hair!!! Go Ted GO!! I like the drive him there comment - DUH!?!

1363 days ago


Congrads Ted! More power to ya! Great to hear a story like yours for a change!

1363 days ago


There is no room in a free nation for an organization such as the TSA! The fact that americans have not physically removed this organization says a lot about todays americans. Folks, it is time to stand against this runaway government, or be enslaved by it.

1363 days ago


This is a heart-warming story. It's amazing the talent that is discovered and within our streets. I read an interesting article where his mother speaks about his life and what she really thinks about him. Check this out:

1363 days ago


Yay! A Happy Story---he has turned his life around, two years sober! I hope he gets the break he deserves and gets some work...

1363 days ago


Time Travel Is Possible!!!

1362 days ago


What an moronic statement. Yes it is a horrible thing to have to have an ID to get on a plane (sarcasm). You make it sound like people can't go from point A to point B without 3 pieces of ID and a blood sample. Gotta love the conspiracy theorist whack jobs who will look for any outlet to spread their paranoia.

On to the actual subject. I hope he can get his life in order. Battling/facing alcohol/drug addiction is a huge challenge; especially when you are homeless. His voice makes me think of the voice you hear in movie trailers etc :)

"Back before America became a police state you didn't need papers to travel between the states. I feel sorry for the young people of this nation who will never know an America where it wasn't demanded that you show your papers without probable cause and a warrant."

1361 days ago


I would really like to see him do well, and I hope he doesn't blow this opportunity.

I can't help thinking about his nine children, and what they must think of all this. I'm sure we'll be hearing from them soon.

I also tried to put myself in the shoes of all of the past and present students of broadcasting and voice-over training that played by "the rules." They must be struggling with this situation.

1358 days ago
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