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Jillian Michaels

Her 'Biggest' Challenge Yet

1/5/2011 5:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Biggest Loser" trainer Jillian Michaels believes slim is in -- but not everyone (in the TMZ newsroom) agrees and now she's sparked a major beef. Mmm ... did someone say beef?

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Fun and silly comments! :)

1395 days ago


I don't watch whatever show she is on but every now and then see a commercial with her in it. She just looks plain mean.

1395 days ago

Sad sad    

Ahhhhhhhh. But some people are happy being large.

1395 days ago


This society promotes the Boys Scouts of America, the Girls Scouts of America. What a novel idea for this woman. Now she can start the Boys Anorexia of America and the Girls Anorexia of America...why not.

1395 days ago


You guys are right. How dare she want people to live long and be healthy. She's a terrible person.

1395 days ago


hey!!!! overweight people(while discusting and gross) are human too,they have feelings and do not like to be called lardass,chunky,fatso,bigguns.

1395 days ago


What is this little lezzie up to now? Finding a white woman who isn't a lez or bi is like finding the Yeti.

1395 days ago


I heard that she has several law suits against her, is there any truth to that? I've seen her name on several diet pills that have been recalled.

1395 days ago


None of her diet pills were recalled, I just saw them at Rite Aid the other day. I think the suits were dismissed as I have never heard anything of them since the initial claim and they were ludicrous to begin with. Money hungry americans going after those on top.

1395 days ago

Sophia Trueman    

I fully agrre with Gary. How presumptuous of her to assume she can define what a quality life consists of. Way to go TMZ. Keep these faux-celebrities accountable for their ramblings!

1395 days ago


I would do Jullian...after her workout and before her shower.
I love extra gravy

1395 days ago


TMZ better hope none of their overweight staff ever sues for harassment or discrimination with all the comments that get made, with video evidence.
That said, if someone gave me a choice between being fat and being Jillian Michaels, I'd choose being fat. Jillian has too many head issues that she's constantly trying to cover up and she is not attractive, inside or out.
Go Gary!

1395 days ago

Roger Russell    

If you have any of Jillian's interviews you would
Know she has always been respectful to overweight people.
She had admitted that she doesn't treat all her clients the
Way she does on the biggest loser. However she was revealed
when she was caught on mic off camera basically saying, these folk
have gone to the extreme and that codling them isn't the answer. They
need a dose of reality. Keep going the way you are, your gonna die.
While I like Garry from TMZ he is wrong. If he was
completely happy he wouldn't be in the TMZ fit club.
That's not to say people who are heavy don't live complete and happy lives.
But anyone who says they are honestly happy, tottaly happy be overweigh is full of it.
It's always easier to say "love the way you are" than to get your ass off the couch and stop eating
the wrong things. Fit and healthy is work. If it were easy everybody would
do it. You dint want to? Fine stay heavy. Dont judge in reverse. Jillian
Works hard to look the way she does. She gets the admiration deserving of such

1328 days ago


AMEN Roger! Easier to talk with your mouth, than to work with your body!

1296 days ago

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