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Kate Gosselin

Smoking Hot in Oz

1/5/2011 9:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin looked so ridiculously hot laying out in Australia -- we almost forgot she slept with Jon Gosselin ... ALMOST!

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Still, you have to admit that for having all those kids her midriff looks pretty darn good; surgery or not. So many of the women who have had lipo look terrible in their ab region. Whoever worked on her was pretty darn good.

1350 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

Not hot! She always has a bitch face and can't even get a guy to do her...what does that tell you?

1350 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Maybe I'm being picky but I can't get past her awful midsection. Straight up and down midsection...obvious tuck...horrible hebellybutton placement. Other than that she looks good but fake. It's obvious she tries REALLY HARD and her pose is pathetic "look-at-me". What I don't understand this her talent? Getting a mom-makeover? I mean who cares? There are TONS of people hotter than her...with and without surgery. Meh.

1350 days ago


You do see that her navel is in a weird location, right? It's too high up.

1350 days ago


her flabby lypo gut is smoking hot

you people have no taste

1350 days ago


I was hoping we would never have to hear about her again.

1350 days ago


My husband told me tonight of his theory about how you have to average two different scales together when rating a person's hotness. First you go with the obvious looks, which you can see right away and then you get to know them and rate their personality. Under that theory, her personality quotient totally ruins any looks score.

I made the mistake of asking what my scores were. He said my looks were a 7 but my personality was 10+. I was He dug himself a deep, deep hole.

1350 days ago


OMG, TMZ...what the hell is up with your damn Kate Gosselin obsession??? This woman is a ****ING BITCH. She lies her ass of NONSTOP and makes you and other news outlets look like dumbasses when you report her bull**** lies...two of her SIX YEAR OLDS were EXPELLED from school...EXPELLED. (they WERE expelled contrary to the bull**** she tried to claim) She is NEVER home with these kids unless the cameras are rolling. Come to Reading, PA for yourself TMZ. Come here and watch this bitch in action even just for a day when she's not filming...she is NOT with the kids. You'll find her the the Berkshire Mall...driving 1 hour to buy organic foods when we have PLENTY of stores in the Reading area that sell organic products. Too bad you weren't here the other week when she rudely slammed into me while exiting Old would have heard me call her a '****' to her plastic face. How about those of us who have had to put with with this freak LONG before she became a 'household ' name. The stories we could tell you would make your head spin...

1350 days ago


I think her boobs look way too perky to not be implants. I have only had 2 pregnancies totalling 3 kids and mine are not even close to that, especially since her top has no support. She claims the only surgery she ever had was the tummy tuck that was on the show. Why not just be honest? Glad to see the kids are missing school for the show again! No wonder the 2 little ones think they can behave however they want at school, their mom bends the rules all the time!

1350 days ago


Smokin'? In which hand does she have the joint?

1350 days ago


shes turned into a hot bilf

1350 days ago


This is such an obviously posed photo - many local folks are twittering and facebooking that Purseboy is the one taking the photos and I figure the two of them have to be conspiring to 'set a mood' with these pictures. Epic fail on setting any mood except 'I am a nasty b*tch and a lousy mother' --- that, they are getting down pat.

I'm waiting for Purseboy and Kart to tie the knot. I have to wonder if Purseboy is even still married to Gina... think of the manure fodder it would be for "their careers" for the two of them to get hitched and take their act on the road. How much fame could they rustle up that way? Could be that Purseboy is just as dispicable as she is, making them a good pair...

1350 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...that show with her at Palins campsite says it all..she is soooooooooooo friggen selfish, omg..." ur a pallin, not a gosellin"..and she has 8 kids and is suckin in her fixed gut and adjustin her boob when she has 8 unhappy kids around her..she is pathetic!!!!

1350 days ago

Sheeple Herder    

Good luck, lady. You just got a superficial make-over, but no matter how hard you work, you've also been shown to be a desperate attention whore with a bitter, nasty attitude and now an octet of attention starved kids running around out of control because you crave a spot light over being an involved parent. Enjoy your nice looooooong wait for your new 'prince' to make you forget you're a parent. You're not a precious gem, but a well polished turd with a super thin veneer. Priorities, you can't buy them, but you don't have a clue what they are.

1349 days ago


She is so grosse 98% of the time so I guess enjoy it while you can....

1349 days ago
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