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Kate Gosselin

Smoking Hot in Oz

1/5/2011 9:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin looked so ridiculously hot laying out in Australia -- we almost forgot she slept with Jon Gosselin ... ALMOST!

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Um....why aren't her kids in school??

1385 days ago


Enough with her crack ho bi-level haircut and plastic surgery already. Show us something else.

1385 days ago


Looks like someone is enjoying the money her kids are providing for her. She should be ashamed of herself. She is probably one of the most hated mothers in America. She is a disgusting excuse for a mother!

1385 days ago


What? You should have put up the photo with the nasty fat sagging over the bikini instead of her stretched out sucking in the stomach. Nothing hot about that witch.

1385 days ago


To bad Kate doesn't spend as much hard work beautifying her inner self.

1385 days ago

cant stand u haters    

Some of you people are just natural born haters! This is what i want all the haters to go do right NOW!!!Get up of your hating ASSES n look at yourselves in the mirror and SLAPPPP the **** out of your self's for me....Stop worrying about this woman n her kids,just cause you bitcheos got some lame 9-5 jobs and aren't on national TV or on the covers of magazines gives u the right to hate!!! so get of Kate's ***** and go back into the kitchen and get another glass of some freshly squeezed HATERAID!!!

1385 days ago


I'm sorry, she has not put a roof over her kids heads. Her kids have put a roof over her head. She looks absolutely ridiculous with her kids right there.

1385 days ago


Kate Gosselin; hot? Um, NO! 'Scuse me while I barf: blaaaaargh! Hope she got a "tightening" with all that plastic surgery & perhaps when she goes under the knife again, they can insert a personality. How much does her publicist pay you dorks to keep her name in the media? Just in case you folks haven't caught on; the majority of society is sick of her. For the morons who still rally behind her & dump all over Jon, may I be the 1st to tell you to get a life! She's a nasty, foul mouthed, self centered, fake/au plastique snob who wouldn't spit in your mouth if you were dying of thirst unless the stalkerazzi were there to catch it on film so she could capitalize on it.

1385 days ago


She has a flat ass and looks like a yeti.

1385 days ago

Jeff Portlance    

Her "fame" will come back to haunt her as she has made a deal with the devil and he always gets paid back. I will promise one of the kids will probably get killed in an accident, another will grow up being a drug abuser or there will be some sort of family issue that rips them apart. While a few may "succeed" in life, it will come at a cost.

1384 days ago


#37-The Gosselin children (the 6 that haven't been expelled yet) are not in school this week because a Berks County, PA judge said deemed it necessary for their mother to take them on a WORKING trip to Australia for 3 weeks.
Nice huh? Wonder how much $ TLC is padding his pockets with?

1384 days ago

your not all that    

All that sucking in Kate and your gut is STILL spilling out over the sides !!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL DESPERATE BIOTCH........NO ONE WANTS YOU...............NOT EVEN JON.........BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

1384 days ago

your not all that    

Too bad for these poor kids that EDUCATION means **** to Mommy Dearest!!!!!! Which one will be thrown out of fricken ELEMENTRY school next Kate??????? But as long as they are paying her tanning bills and paying for her FAKE BOOBS .....WHO NEEDS SCHOOL RIGHT KATE??????????????????????????????? WHAT KIND OF MONSTER DOES THIS TO THEIR KIDS????? WHAT KIND OF LOSERS ACTUALLY WATCH HER SHOW????????????????????????????

1384 days ago

Jeff Portlance    

Also, this is what happens when people have kids for alterior motives. Such as creating a T.V. show. She had these kids in order to pimp them out and now the kids think they are better then other kids because they are on T.V. and thats why there are issues at school. It will only get worse.

1384 days ago


I'm tired of this woman. She is such a parasite.

1384 days ago
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