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Kate Gosselin

Smoking Hot in Oz

1/5/2011 9:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin looked so ridiculously hot laying out in Australia -- we almost forgot she slept with Jon Gosselin ... ALMOST!

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gosselinssuck is either Jon or someone who wants to buff his pickle.

Posted at 8:36 AM on Jan 6, 2011 by Shannon Steward

Nope. Sorry. Wrong some more as****.

1349 days ago


I'd like to know if there are any females on your staff that have actually watched the show and could give their opinion of Kate Gosselin. All we seem to hear is crap about her physical appearance....what about her personality? Parenting? Character? I'm sure you have an intelligent female on your staff who sees through Kate's fake charade of the perfect mom. I'd like to hear her opinion, not the testosterone fueled opinion of a few horny men. Thanks!

1349 days ago


In ten years this f***** family will be in the news again.

The kids will be:
1. porn stars
2. coke whores
3. alcoholics
4. criminals

Yea, Kate you are soooo hot. Disgusting piece of s***.
You'll be sorry someday that you didn't care about your kids.

Most irresponsible woman in the world. She couldn't care less about her kids.

1349 days ago


Looking good is the best revenge. And it makes all the other fat mommy's angry, LOL.

1349 days ago


So you think that we are all fat mommy's that are criticizing her parenting skills and basic morals?

You're a fool.

1349 days ago


Mikidais, here's a hint - why don't you worry about your own parenting skills? And yep, I do think the majority of you on here criticizing her are overweight and disappointed that life hasn't turned out the way you wanted it. Life is what YOU make it.

1349 days ago


Hey Loser Seant-

You don't know anything about me so you don't have a valid reason to criticize.

Women are not criticizing her because they are jealous, they are criticizing her because she is so obviously morally corrupt.

And for you to defend such a vapid, selfish and horrid person, it just shows how much of a piece of S*** you are.

1349 days ago


I suspect today if the producer's from TLC {the learning channel, NOW THAT'S funny, having the nerve to call their station that still} were to show up at her door I think she might slam it shut! I wouldn't want to be this woman and have to deal with what she has to deal with IN PUBLIC.

Seriously, WHAT were these two knuckleheads thinking? I'm sure it was cash. To allow cameras to be shoved up their children's a-s-s for money?

TV is trendy like fashion, I can hardly wait for all the stupid reality shows to die off. Too bad they will have so many victims out there that were used by these networks to make them money.

Now........most of these reality 'stars' have reputations in the toilet. And are laughed at, not with. Kim K. and clan, Paris, ANY of the Bad Girls Club gals, Jon and Kate, ANY of the Jersey Slobs, and Real Housewives..... all of them are tools.

And now the American public knows too. Nice work.

1349 days ago


She's as goofy as they come who cares what she looks like.

1349 days ago


Maybe with your 'junk'. Mine would never go there.

1349 days ago


wtf is she doing in australia? i thought the whole reason she was whoring herself out on tv was to support her kids.

1349 days ago


I can't believe she had her abs airbrushed in.

1348 days ago


cant stand this lady ..
and why o why is she always on vacation , esp. in places where you only need a bikini??
and yah....what the hell is up with the belly button sittin directly under her boobs??? FREAKKKKKYYYYY

1348 days ago

Chun LI    

I hate this woman.You too could look like this if you pimp your kids out.

1348 days ago


Umm...I know she's had the tummy tuck, the boob job and the lipo....the least they could've done was put her belly button in the correct place when they were done!!!

1346 days ago
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