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Lindsay Lohan -- Mystery Probation Violations

1/5/2011 12:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Palm Desert PD has just said they believe Lindsay Lohan committed multiple probation violations  in her scuffle last month with a former Betty Ford staffer -- and the PD is referring the case to prosecutors.


A rep for the Palm Desert PD says, "The investigation and facts in evidence has revealed other possible violations by Ms. Lohan relating to certain conditions of her probation terms."

As TMZ first reported ... after the alleged battery, a lieutenant from the Palm Desert PD notified Lindsay's probation officer in Los Angeles of the incident and tried to strong-arm her into coming to the Palm Springs area and arresting Lindsay -- but the probation officer refused.

Lohan's lawyer believes the Palm Desert PD is out to get her client.

It's unclear if the police believe LL had engaged in substance abuse that night, however, a law enforcement source says she did refuse a breathalyzer.


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Jail them all!

1385 days ago

george fudge!    

Listen up, LL only submits to breathalyzer tests when she is sober! That's what her parents told her to do! (They also told her to buy top quality vodka and hide it in her water bottle :)

1385 days ago


Good Morning Tmz, Bloggers, and Prosecutors and Addiction Counselors.....and Red-head Lilo...

Today's drama news

Lindsay you're a gay stalker
Lindsay.. you're going to jail

Dina lohan.. i call you out.. c'mon try to spin this one here..

as nancy grace said..." U R Nawt Above the law and OOH Noo she will nawt get away with this"

Bank on it Buddy.. the B! is going down!!


p.s i think lindsey.. atleast looks really nice in the recent pics.. although its only for the paps and the attention... wow what a waste... such a shame..

1385 days ago


Those who defend Lyndsay are as bad as she is! She is a skank and a trouble maker and continues to fall in shi*t and comes out smelling like a rose! I am sick of even hearing her name For those of you that remain so loyal to her andr think she is being picked on think about why that is? why do people despise her? because she rubs it in our faces how she continues to get away with breaking the LAW! she refuses to pay the price for her BS!!!!! while others in the same boat pay dearly for their behavior.She She makes me SICK!

1385 days ago


the PD already has the workers statement so they really dont need her to prosecute regardless if that crack whore cooperates or not doesnt matter because,even then the DA could have her subpoena`d as a hostile witness.THEN IF the worker lies in court or says anything other than her statement she can be prosecuted for perjury!what a dilema this lady got herself into if the speculation we all have is true that "someone" paid the lady off to make it go hush hush ASAP.fortunately the PD is not letting her off so easy with all her posh rehab leave when you want BS.

1385 days ago


You have to assume that this Police Department has evidence that could incriminate Lindsay. The report by the lab tech stated multiple witnesses to what had occurred, and there was talk of video tapes, and if there was really a 911 call, that would have been recorded. Even though the tech refuses to press charges (and many believe she was paid off by the Lohan's to not press charges, as evidenced by Dina's interview on Radar online today), that doesn't mean that nothing happened that evening.

Hopefully with all the witnesses, there are enough people that are speaking up to the truth, and the truth will come out. I'm guessing it's somewhere in between Lindsay's take on it, and the lab tech's.

1385 days ago


Point is - live your destructive, pathetic life however you want to live, but fair is fair - if other people (think especially the Black rappers/athletes) got punished for their mistakes, you can't really expect to be treated above others.

1385 days ago


In Lyndsay's and her attorney's eyes everyone is out to get her. She is so innocent and she is above the law.
Don't think so, she should be in jail for refusing that breathalyzer test.
Since she is on probation any office at any time anywhere can request for her to take this test, and if she refuses it is automatically a probation violation.

Also that is one of the terms in a standard probation agreement.
Oh wait because she thinks she is so special, she must think that these laws and rules don't apply to her. And her attorney must think the same thing.

She needs to grow up and start acting like an adult. Her mother needs to get a life and stop defending this worthless piece of crap, and start paying more attention to her other 2 kids.

1385 days ago


@joe mac...are you serious. She is in a rehab facillity court orderd by the judge to administer a drug/alcohol test at any time. Any refusal of anykind is automatic violation of her probation condidions and will be sent to jail for her 6 months.

When did you ever see a judge give a breath test? When did you ever see someone in a rehab center being taken to their probation officer or the police station to have a drug/alcohol test? Never.

1385 days ago

pink glitter    

I hope this judge realizes he is the only person on the face of this earth who can save her life RIGHT now. Please Judge Fox, please send her away for 6 months...I know initially it night be hard for her, but it's all she has left. I would be so happy for, and excited to see her walk out CLEAN in 6 months time. She wouldn't bat an eye on her past..It would save her life.

1385 days ago


How did the Palm Desert Police Dept become involved when the alleged battery took place in a Desert Hot Springs half way house, and the Betty Ford Center is in Rancho Mirage? Both of these cities and most of Coachella Valley is patroled by Riverside Co. Sherrifs Dept.

1385 days ago


sure right...they are all out to get her,Addicts always think that.

1385 days ago


According to the Lohan's everybody is out to get LOL. I agree with #27 - she needs to be jailed for 6 months to recover. So much for cures at these drug rehabs, they obviously don't work.

1385 days ago


OH please as much as I don't care for Lindsay but this is a classic shakedown to get money. That worker set her up and is moving forward with this to get a payday and try to get Lindsay in trouble all due she got fired.

1385 days ago


How stupid can people be? Seriously I'm sure Lindsay snuck out, got drunk, drove around Palm Desert, came back to the clinic and beat up a poor staffer, who I'm sure wasn't trying to gain some suit $$ and 15 minutes of fame??

1385 days ago
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