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Lindsay Lohan -- Mystery Probation Violations

1/5/2011 12:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Palm Desert PD has just said they believe Lindsay Lohan committed multiple probation violations  in her scuffle last month with a former Betty Ford staffer -- and the PD is referring the case to prosecutors.


A rep for the Palm Desert PD says, "The investigation and facts in evidence has revealed other possible violations by Ms. Lohan relating to certain conditions of her probation terms."

As TMZ first reported ... after the alleged battery, a lieutenant from the Palm Desert PD notified Lindsay's probation officer in Los Angeles of the incident and tried to strong-arm her into coming to the Palm Springs area and arresting Lindsay -- but the probation officer refused.

Lohan's lawyer believes the Palm Desert PD is out to get her client.

It's unclear if the police believe LL had engaged in substance abuse that night, however, a law enforcement source says she did refuse a breathalyzer.


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joe mac at #13 said: "She refused a breath test from the woman at Betty Ford not a Judge or a cop or the probation department. She nor do you have to submit to a breath test if it is not given by an officer of the court. "

I think the rules might be different when it's court-ordered rehab as an alternative to jail. I'm pretty sure part of the rules of probation for her are to submit to any testing asked for by staff at BF. Otherwise, it would be pretty pointless. So I imagine that normal rules apply: If you refuse a test, that's counted as a dirty test. Which I'm sure it would have been - there is no reason to refuse a breathalyzer (a non-invasive test) unless you've been drinking alcohol and don't want the tester (or somebody else) to know about it.

Lindsay probably figured she could slip in without being tested and misjudged the timing again (had too much too close to the testing time). Hence all the nonsense about the 911 call (which did get the police involved) - she was buying time before she had to test so the alcohol would be cleared enough. But police in most communities do take probation rules seriously, and even a minor infraction gets you some unwanted attention and quite possibly jail simply because you're on probation.

Lindsay once again brought all this on herself. Besides the stupidity of drinking under these cir***stances, we have the stupidity of calling the police and then yapping about it in public. I doubt very much that the staffer would have called 911- if Lindsay hadn't called the police and then flapped her mouth (directly and by proxy) about it all in public, trashing the staffer, it all would have been handled internally at BF. The staffer wouldn't have filed a police report, and then she wouldn't have been approached by TMZ and had all that money waved in front of her for more info about the incident (note that the staffer didn't reveal anything medical about Lindsay, so she kept focused on the matter of public record).

Lindsay is hardly the most famous or richest person this staffer has had to deal with, although she might be in the running for most annoying.... So the ideas floated by the fans that the staffer was "jealous" or "gold digging" or "looking for fame" don't wash. Lindsay may make a lot of noise, but she's rather a small fish in the pond at BF.

1325 days ago


Agreed...they're out to get Lindsay

1325 days ago


LOL at all you people hypothesizing and trying to analyze this little situation like it's some like of capital offense. Reading these comments is more far out and entertaining than Lindsey's sorry little situation.

1325 days ago


Anything and everything will come out in court. No need to fret.

You can not hide from the long arm of the law nor the consquences of sin. We all reap what we sow.

The wheels of justice maybe slow but you can rest assurred they do finally have their day.

1325 days ago


Give this kid a damn break! continuosly piling on will never help her to get her life back in order.

1325 days ago


@34...This was my response to @joe mac...are you serious. She is in a rehab facillity court orderd by the judge to administer a drug/alcohol test at any time. Any refusal of anykind is automatic violation of her probation condidions and will be sent to jail for her 6 months.

When did you ever see a judge give a breath test? When did you ever see someone in a rehab center being taken to their probation officer or the police station to have a drug/alcohol test? Never.

1325 days ago


"Lohan's lawyer believes the Palm Desert PD is out to get her client."

Of course whenever Lindsay screws up someone is always out to get her. Judge Revel was out to get her to when she sent the spoiled snot to jail and rehab. The Lohans claimed LL did not have a drug problem yet as soon as she got out of UCLA she failed not one but two drug test.

Lindsay violated her probation when she refused to take a breathalyzer test plain and simple. Why is it so hard for people to understand, its really not that complicated. Violate her and send her narcissistic a** back to jail.

Atleast Ronson wont have to worry about Lindsay comming over to borrow "sugar".

1325 days ago


When did you ever see a judge give a breath test? When did you ever see someone in a rehab center being taken to their probation officer or the police station to have a drug/alcohol test? Never.

Posted at 8:44 AM on Jan 5, 2011 by janet

Ummm Janet are you smoking out of Miley's bong? The BF test had every right to ask LL to submit to a breathlyzer test as Lindsay broke curfew. That is common practice in sober living homes across America. As far as the cops being there they were only there because a crazed Lindsay Lohan called them. Lindsay HAD to submit to the test and since she didnt she violated the terms of her probation.

NO ONE IS OUT TO GET LINDSAY LOHAN! Drama follows her where ever she goes look she can not even move without causing trouble. Some people need to get a freakin clue already.

1325 days ago


I'm curious how many times she pulled this stunt before finally getting caught.

BF was a joke from the beginning. Lindsay is a horder, yet she was out shopping every day. Who conducts business while in rehab? They signed off for her to travel to NY for the holidays (squashed by the court). I wonder how many dirty tests they wiped off her charts.

1325 days ago


Only an idiot would pursue a case against Lindsay. She was getting treatment and patients may act out so what. Betty Ford hires loser douche bad employees. Celebrities would be stupid to go there after this... no privacy

1325 days ago


Well then THAT is her violation. You don't get to break curfew of your Court Ordered treatment and then refuse a breathalyzer .. you are there on court orders. Period. She was drinking like we all thought, she got aggressive like we all thought, and then the victim was paid off to shut up. Lock her up.

1325 days ago

Gordon Wagner    

Lindsay Lohan refused a breathalyzer test from a janitor? Non-story!!! My God, you people love to hate Lindsay Lohan, don't you? And as for the Palm Springs PD -- no comment!!! Any judge will throw out Aunt Jemima's complaint of "assault" -- somebody smells money.

Take a look in the mirror the next time you want somebody to hate.

1325 days ago


gee, didnt you know EVERYONE is out to get the crack whore? Shes not responsible for anything she does so of course its everyone else.

1325 days ago


Ugh, Lindsay again?!?! Bored now.

1325 days ago


L.A. will NOT violate her. Good God, people! Haven't you learned by now that the Los Angeles legal system (from the police to the courts) treat celebrities different than "normal" people, and that celebrities are in effect protected from many of the legal situations anyone else would find themselves in for EXACTLY the same behavior? Los Angeles county needs independent investigation for corruption.

1325 days ago
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