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Lindsay Lohan -- Mystery Probation Violations

1/5/2011 12:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Palm Desert PD has just said they believe Lindsay Lohan committed multiple probation violations  in her scuffle last month with a former Betty Ford staffer -- and the PD is referring the case to prosecutors.


A rep for the Palm Desert PD says, "The investigation and facts in evidence has revealed other possible violations by Ms. Lohan relating to certain conditions of her probation terms."

As TMZ first reported ... after the alleged battery, a lieutenant from the Palm Desert PD notified Lindsay's probation officer in Los Angeles of the incident and tried to strong-arm her into coming to the Palm Springs area and arresting Lindsay -- but the probation officer refused.

Lohan's lawyer believes the Palm Desert PD is out to get her client.

It's unclear if the police believe LL had engaged in substance abuse that night, however, a law enforcement source says she did refuse a breathalyzer.


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Maybe if the law was as concerned with stoping illegal drugs from being walked ino our country, we would not be having these problems. Arrest the dealers and suppliers.

1302 days ago

pink glitter    

If it's true that she would only HAVE TO submit to testing from her P.O or ordered by the judge, how many times did they test her? Did she have to go pee at her P.O.'s office, or was she allowed to have it delivered. Ha! What a friggin joke. I see blood on hands...very soon.

1302 days ago


While I seriously doubt Lindsay's credibility, the police don't seem to have that much credibility either.

1302 days ago


They need to leave my girl alone. Hang tough Lindsay

1302 days ago


Why is this SEE ME SEE ME huzzy even out on the sreets she is a brainless bimbo.

1302 days ago


Stop letting her get away with the bad things she does. Treat her like you would any other person. If if were anyone else, they would still be in jail. Why do you think she keeps doing it? Because the court says its okay. Duh!

1302 days ago


dear little lindsay needs to have her bare ass paddled by the judge in front of the media, till she wallering and begging for it to stop.

1302 days ago


Who cares, and stop wasting taxpayer money you worthless California Douchebags. I can't wait to hear of your final, inevitable, financial collapse.

1302 days ago


This chick so doesn't GET it... She's not at all taking her sobriety seriously. Her parents suck... her hangers on suck... sadly, it is only Lindsay and maybe AA people or NA people AND surrender to a higher power that is gonna truly change her life. She is no where near ready to do what it takes to truly change her life. I predict much more trouble for her, and possibly death this year if she doesn't take this on for herself... The rest of the world who is dealing with alcohol and/or drug issues has to take a good, long hard look in the mirror, follow the 12 step program and be willing to accept responsibility and change their lives to overcome addiction. Lindsey is no different: she is a human being like the rest of us, and I don't have high hope for her based on what I read. She's no better off than she was before her COURT ORDERED hospitalization. Most people need to come to terms with the necessity of hospitalization/rehab on their own for it to be successful. COURT ORDERED means nothing to a true addict, for they are not taking in all the valuable info. they are given. They are just 'doing their required time' as ordered. For an addict to stop their destructive behavior, they have to WANT to and be willing to do whatever it takes. They have to look within... They have to have their own voice. Period. Doesn't seem like Lindsey has ANY of these tools. Good luck to her - she's gonna need it.

1302 days ago


Any one is the real world would be in jail and I feel that is where she belongs in a real jail!!!!!! No special treatment

1302 days ago


Do I think she broke her probation? Yes! But of course she is going to get away with this because they have already painted the Palm Desert police department to be out to get her etc...her lawyer has already released a disparaging statement about them so once again she will walk free and someone else will take the blame, causing her entitlement meter to go off the charts.

1302 days ago


Doesn't TMZ monitor these comments? I'm referring to No. 15 which for the most part is an ad for a smutty singer's CD.

1302 days ago


joe mac at #56: The tech was called in by someone else at the house to do the test - she's not the one who decided a breathalyzer test was required, she was just the one trained to give it and handle the results. So her own personal history is irrelevant. She also couldn't possibly have "had it in for Lindsay" as her motivation, she was just doing her job as ordered. She tested the two others who broke curfew with Lindsay also (one of whom was very obviously drunk). Someone at the house with the authority to order such a test is the one who sent for the tech, and it was a reasonable order and certainly well within BF guidelines.

In Lindsay's case, the judge specifically said that she could not refuse any tests at BF. If she were in rehab voluntarily, then of course she could refuse the test (although the facility might have rules about the consequences) even while on probation. But she was there on court order, as an alternative to jail, and BF had the clear authority to demand testing at any time.

For a breathalyzer test, I doubt very much that "taking it a few hours later" would be seriously considered compliance after an initial refusal. There's a reason police officers administer the test right on the spot when they suspect a driver is drunk...

1302 days ago

Jade evergreen    

@T the the posters who say give Lindsay a break that why she in the this mess because people were to damn soft on her and didn't say no to a spoil rotten brat who doesn't follow the rules and does what the hell she wants to do and Lindsay more than enough breaks(than a avaerge person would get) and time for someone to stand up to Lindsay say no to her send her to jail violating her probation

1302 days ago

Gayle Miller    

Palm Desert P.D. is famewhoring! Really easy to pile on to someone who is already down. Sticking their nose into another jurisdiction's business

1302 days ago
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