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'Lost' Creator

Lotto Winners Are Cursed!!

1/5/2011 9:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Those lucky bastards who played those damned "Lost" numbers in the Mega Millions lottery and walked away with $150 better enjoy it while they can ... because the show's co-creator still claims the numbers are "cursed!"


TMZ spoke with Damon Lindelof -- who tells us, "“I was tempted to buy a lotto ticket when I heard about the huge jackpot, but I never would've played the LOST numbers as the show clearly stated they were cursed and I'm a nervous enough flier as it is.”

As we previously reported -- several of the numbers from the show synced up with the winning numbers from last night's Mega Millions lottery ... and the Lost-aholics who played 4,8,15,16,23 and 42 may have walked away with $150.

Don't buy a chicken franchise.


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I have no interest in anything this DB has to say about anything unless he can give me back the hundreds of hours of my life I wasted watching and discussing his stupid show only to be completely let down at the end. I used to think it was awesome writing until I found out that they didn't plan on explaining ANYTHING! It's easy to come up with crazy wild supernatural scenes for a show when you know you will never need to explain them in any sort of coherent manner. You and your partner needd to take the millions you made peddling you snake oil of a show and go F%&$ youselves!

1384 days ago


Yeah if they matched perfectly, but they don't, Next story!

1384 days ago


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1384 days ago


$150.00 - but for an extra buck the winnings would have been close to $700.00. Not a bad return for a $2.00 ticket.

1384 days ago


Mike, I sure have to agree. I was a LOST fan through and through...My eyes grew wide, i salivated when talking about the next season. I even told people in the midst of my depression that I could not die, 'cause I would miss the next season of LOST. I would not have missed a thing...but glad that I am still here.

1384 days ago


Why would anyone pick lottery numbers popularized by a television series? In the unlikely event that all numbers would turn up for the jackpot prize, you would be splitting the money tens of thousands of ways with other people, each only getting a few thousand dollars at most. That kind defeats the purpose of playing in a 'Mega Millions' type lottery. You'd probably have better odds of winning more by playing instant scratch-off tickets. :P

1384 days ago


Mike - I couldnt have said it better. Zero interest in anything this moron has to say. Him and his partner doing all those interviews like they were rock stars with this super intelligent show when in reality they just made up stories that didn't make any sense! He makes me sick!

1384 days ago


I am one of the dorks that played the LOST numbers and won $150 :) Here's my ticket. I rarely play the lottery but I hope they give me a big check like Hurley got! I'm going to cash it in tomorrow. I'll let you know if a meteor hits my fast food chicken restaurant.

1384 days ago


4 8 15 16 23 42 were the numbers on Lost, the winning numbers in the mega millions were 4, 8, 15, 25, 47 Mega Ball = 42. Close but no cigar. Don't worry TMZ, you were not the only on to run with the story without using a fact checker

1384 days ago


Show me the money!

1384 days ago


Congratulations, Lisa!

1384 days ago


Thanks MCL!

1384 days ago


CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR ... still pretty funny :) i play powerball on wednesdays/saturdays here in NY with the LOST numbers, so i was cursing myself last night while laying in bed, and hearing Liz Cho say "4 8 15 ..." i almost wet myself!

1384 days ago


He is LOST. Nuff said

1383 days ago


What an idiot!

1383 days ago
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