1/5/2011 8:00 PM PST
Today's TMZ Live is brought to you from beyond the grave ... by Alfred Hitchcock -- because Harvey and Charles nearly got divebombed by a flock of bloodthirsty birds. Pretty scary ... but not as scary as our cameraman's Hebrew skills with Lindsay Lohan ... Or Harvey's pig scene in "Volcano."

(0:15) Camille Grammer wants out of "Real Housewives."
(1:00) Homeless man with the “golden voice” denied flight because he's ID-less
(4:38) TMZ photog drops some horrible Hebrew on Lindsay Lohan
(7:20) Dr. Murray trial could easily last 3 months
(8:10) Drumroll please ... Harvey's infamous pig scene from "Volcano"
(9:30) Palm Desert PD had it out for Lindsay
(11:00) Christina Aguilera living with current BF and estranged hubby ... Awkward
(12:00) Should MJ's family feel responsible for MJ’s death? It was a bad situation all around.
(14:00) Kate Gosselin ... still newsworthy ... still no reason why
(14:55) "Teen Mom" dad Gary Shirley ... the man who seems to record all of his phone convos
(16:08) Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber ... do they have what it takes???
(17:00) Celebrity dogs ... starting with good ole Yogi!
(17:23) Lindsay had no idea Sam Ronson lived next door to her new place ... BS alert?
(25:00) 15-year-old Harvey discovers the next Beatles ... but the whole thing goes to crap