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Brett Favre Massage Accuser -- The $18,000 Debt

1/7/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of the masseuses suing Brett Favre for sexual harassment is no stranger to a good stiffing -- TMZ has learned she's on the hook for allegedly flaking on an $18,000 credit card bill ... TMZ has learned.


According to documents filed in Nassau County Supreme Court in NY -- Christina Scavo was sued by American Express for not paying her $18,701.93 credit card bill back in 2009. Court records show AMEX got a lien against Scavo to collect the money ... and as of this morning, the lien is still active.

We spoke to Christina's attorney -- who tells us he wasn't aware of the debt but explained, "That's typically what happens when people lose their jobs and can't pay their bills."

As we previously reported -- Scavo and another woman both claimed the NY Jets blacklisted them after Christina's husband confronted Favre over texts in which the QB allegedly tried to initiate a post massage sexual encounter.


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What is TMZ inferring, one needs to have good credit rating in order to file a compliant. If I read the post correctly, the individual received a friggen TEXT MESSAGE... Is TMZ inferring that the text message is inadmissible as evidence or bogus because she owes money on her credit card...


1393 days ago

Jack Farve    

Women are turning men gay in droves. If the time comes where men can't even express interest if they are single or flirt if they are married then we are doomed as a society. Do you think if someone without money would have sent the alleged text to phone numbers he was given that we would even be talking about this. It's Brett Favre - You get headlines with the name, even if you wait two years after the alleged event. Let's substitute Brett Favre name with John Sexting or Tim Meatman. Then let's wait two years. Would you bring the suit because these guys sent you harmless text messages and in Jen's case, never met you. Come on ladies, do you really want to make this case about sexual harrassment, or do you want to pay attention to the real thing. A man who pursues you, who is your employment superior, even though you have told him no over and over again and yet he persists, then threatens you with your job unless you comply. If you don't want text messages, either don't give your number out or change the number. Brett, if he did actual send these text messages, got the numbers of these women somehow and they had to be willing to get the number to him, in Jen's case, through a stranger. Again, this is just DUMB.

1393 days ago


I have mixed feelings about this. But one thing for sure: proposing to a married woman is not a nice thing to do. Never.
But I wouldn't feel comfortable knowing that my (young) wife goes to give massages to a football team. I'm not saying that she shouldn't do that (at all) I'm just saying that I'd feel not (really) comfortable with the idea.
in the end this story looks about money but still if the Lady didn't go with the entire team in regular basis then texting sex comments was not appropriate.
plain and simple.

1393 days ago


Obama did it

1393 days ago


And this doesn't scream that she is just trying to get some quick cash????

Posted at 7:42 AM on Jan 7, 2011 by Michael

That was my thought as soon as I read the article. She's got some serious debt hanging over her head and she needs cash.

1393 days ago


As I understand it: Brett texted Woman#1 about getting togther with her and Woman#2, then the Women#1 told Woman#2 about the text, then the Woman#2's husband went to Brett and said to leave his wife alone, then Brett left Woman#1 and Woman#2 alone. Is my undertanding correct? If so, Brett didn't do anything *legally* wrong and they have cause of action against him. They might have a cause of action against The Jets organization, but I doubt it as they were independent contractors and the Jets were free to stop using them anytime.

1393 days ago


Really annie? Ihartwell RAT - Bunch of feminist morons. Sterger had pics of other players and her friend was talking to the NFL - done. These two were not even contacted directly! This is BS and people like you believe it and fuel it. I hope you get yours someday!

1393 days ago


its all about money lets move on in of story ...

1393 days ago


Ok People, I agree with one of the comments. In order to send text messages and receive pictures you have to give the person your phone number. So how do you know these women didn't do that and how do you know that they are telling the truth. If you were not lying why wait 3 years to make a complaint and file a suit??? I smell a bunch of money hungry women here!!!!! Wanting there 15 minutes of fame.. Think about it?????

1393 days ago


Sooo the light is finally shining on these women, probably the real reason they are sueing... There Lawyer is stupid! Is he saying that ever since they/she lost their part time job back in 2008 they have not been able to get a job for 2-3 years??????????? Oh please! Nice try Lawyer, if your smart you'll drop this suit before you embarass yourself and your clients anymore!

1393 days ago


This topic just proves that most s*** bags will come out of the woodwork to defend another s***bag. Have you heard any bad news about Al Gore and how he treated his wife who recently died of cancer. No! How about Bill Clinton. The chief of all s***bags who disrespected at least a dozen women (that we know about)- he is riding high these days. Should I mention "Tiger"?
The NFL is full of personnel who has been or is pending assaults and at the minimum misconduct charges. You AHs always come down on the weakest party. Well, that tells a lot about you, doesn't it?

1392 days ago
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