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Camille Grammer to Bravo: I'm Now Ready to Walk

1/6/2011 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Camille Grammer has negotiated a settlement with Bravo, which gives her the ability to leave "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" immediately, TMZ has learned.


Sources connected with the show tell TMZ, Camille hired the famous Larry Stein, Esq., who has repped Rob LoweEva Longoria, Timbaland and many other celebs, to sit at the bargaining table with Bravo.

As we reported ... Camille wanted off the show because she feels she was portrayed as a hateable woman ... not representative of who she really is.

According to Camille's deal, Bravo had the right to either pick up her option for season 2 or cut her, but the contract didn't give Camille the right to walk.  Stein went to Bravo and argued the network misrepresented to Camille the way she would be portrayed and therefore she was fraudulently induced into signing on.

TMZ has learned ... a few days ago Stein got Bravo to give Camille an out in her deal, allowing her to walk right now.

We're told Camille's intention is to leave the show, but she won't formally exercise her option until the reunion show airs later this month. The subtext -- if Bravo has any hope of keeping Camille they better be nice in the editing bay.

Stein could not be reached for comment.



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I'm surprised that Kelsey made it so long with this pretenious, rich bitch snob....and the other bitch is Kyle, she creates trouble wherever she goes and so buzy in everyones business. When are these bitches with their kids?????

1384 days ago


How horrible do you have to be when your husband can cheat on you, get another woman pregnant, then leave you, and people are on HIS side??? Ouch.

1384 days ago


If I had to describe her in one word, it would be "typical". I can't say I hate her like that crazy from DC, but she is what the rest of us would think of as a typical Hollywood wife. A woman who married a man because of who he was. He married her because she was a blonde bimbo that made good arm candy. Was there more to the marriage than this,sure but this is what I am watching. What bothers me is the huge amount of insecurity in most of these women. Taylor wants this fairy tail marriage to this nerd when obviously that is not going to happen and she has plasticed herself into part horse/man. Even Kyle who I consider a stronger woman pussifies herself because her husband can't tell Cammile to piss off because he doesn't want to lose the money. Stay, go. It really doesn't matter to me

1384 days ago


Who the hell is going to believe Camille? She has no credibility. You don't see any other housewife from the show complaining about their "portrayal" That woman is completely delusional just as Kyle called her. She needs to get a grip on the reality she has made for herself, not Bravo.

1384 days ago


Luv this show...thought Camille was just acting for the show...but I found out she really was a cold heart she has when she took a call from Adrienne who called to apologize for having to miss the trip to N.Y. because her uncle had died. Camille knew about Adrienne's loss but had not even called to offer condolences. The camera does not lie...girl. Instead of working on her looks she should work on her personality.

1383 days ago


lol This woman is soooooooo hated within the Internet blogs! Camille showed her true colors by always portraying the "victim role" which did her no favors whatsoever. Now that her Por_n tape is out (or soon to be out) she's running away like a scared dog with it's tail tucked....... The Medium (lol, gag) did Camille NO FAVORS by appearing in the show.. That alone was a nightmare & no amount of editing can undo that horrible atrocious behavior from both The Medium & Camille! All I will say is, Camille, good riddance and everyone is still laughing at you! What a way to goooooooooooooo!

1382 days ago


Well, I have now seen her on several talk shows. She is still the woman I think she is. I can not believe she needs over $30 million and spousal support. Child support I can understand but also feel it is only if she gets full custody which I don't feel any one deserves with 4 nannys. She needs to get real with life and raise her children herself. She said she doesn't love him anymore so let go of his pocket book and live life.

1381 days ago


I don't hate anyone but do dislike Camille because of her selfish nature. My only concern in this whole thing is the Children. Their mother really needs to have more actual contact in caring for them let the the nannys go. Slowly because the chilrens nurturing have come from them. I don't object to nannys when both parents have to work. These children are going to grow up thinking the nannys are their moms

1381 days ago

n0w what    

"she feels she was portrayed as a hateable woman." see how she blaming someone else for her true nature, seems she does not want to believe that she made herself that way.

1380 days ago


camille i think u r a beautiful woman, i wish u the best of luck

1376 days ago


Camille could care less - she's got better things to do I am sure. The other "wives" on this show are not in her league so she cannot relate to them. They are al so self absorbed - who could she be friends with? None of them. So, why try to be their friends. Just keeping p------ them off - it makes good drama.

1376 days ago


Shes a textbook case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder with her inflated sense of self work, entitled attitude, and her paranoia that everyones out to get her. "This whole season was set up to make me look bad" According to Camille Kyle got Camille on the show and then was bothered by bravo filming her. Nothing Camille says makes any logical sense.

1365 days ago

Suzanne Icardi    

I admire you being a very strong. Kelsey who? Don't settle for any thing less, you deserve the best. You are a amazing person, smart and very outgoing. I am in a similar position and I know how devestaing it is. I lived in Redondo Beach, with a cheating husband and 16 year old who left bruises on me. I ran away to get away from the violence. My ex cut me off off everything. I am now living pennies to pennies. I went from living off of 7,000 a month to nothing. He broke my laptop, phone, tried to turn my son away from me and deficated me. Made me loose my job that I had for 21 years. I now live with no job and fighting just to pay my rent. It's so hard to live one certain way to basically being homeless. If you know anyone who needs a nanny or a house assistant let me know. At this point I will do anything to keep my head above water. I am a graduating student of Business administration. I need to find something, my bills keep going into collections every month, just so I can put food on the table. Don't listen to all of these rude people on this site. You have so much going for you! I think you and Nick make a perfect couple. Keep in touch and I hope the best for you!

1362 days ago


Camille is self centered, show off and vicious, she does something for someone and then compares herself to "Jesus". I'm sure Kelsey is leaving her for a good reason, even though I do not understand how he can get engaged before being divorced..strange..
Secondly, taylor is a worm.. she did say Camille feels insignafant.. not invisible. she started the fight with Kim that night, and she started the whole thing in NY with Kyle and Camille. She acts like the victim all the time and has no backbone except for telling kim she put some OK on her.. Kyle is great and not a phony and I absolutely love Lisa and Andrianne is a peacemaker and funny.
Kim has problems and taylor should mind her business, whatever goes on is between the sisters. taylor just wants to keep up with the Beverly Hills people... she's a out Kyle.. love you kyle...lisa, and cederic is a piece of crap, wipe him off your shoes...

1358 days ago

Suzanne Icardi    

Don't quit the show. You and Adrian are the only reason I watch. My heart goes out to you. The show didn't portray you as the nice , beaytiful person you are. If any one was portrayed bad it was Kim and Kyle. Kim was evil and I think everything she did was almost premeditated. How fake was she to bring you a present to your house when you had that dinner party. I loved that your friend put her in her place. Don't worry about those petty b...... You are beautiful and a beautiful mom, keep it up . There's someone out there for everyone, but for now just concentrate on your children and dont go looking for love it will find you.


1358 days ago
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