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Camille Grammer to Bravo: I'm Now Ready to Walk

1/6/2011 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Camille Grammer has negotiated a settlement with Bravo, which gives her the ability to leave "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" immediately, TMZ has learned.


Sources connected with the show tell TMZ, Camille hired the famous Larry Stein, Esq., who has repped Rob LoweEva Longoria, Timbaland and many other celebs, to sit at the bargaining table with Bravo.

As we reported ... Camille wanted off the show because she feels she was portrayed as a hateable woman ... not representative of who she really is.

According to Camille's deal, Bravo had the right to either pick up her option for season 2 or cut her, but the contract didn't give Camille the right to walk.  Stein went to Bravo and argued the network misrepresented to Camille the way she would be portrayed and therefore she was fraudulently induced into signing on.

TMZ has learned ... a few days ago Stein got Bravo to give Camille an out in her deal, allowing her to walk right now.

We're told Camille's intention is to leave the show, but she won't formally exercise her option until the reunion show airs later this month. The subtext -- if Bravo has any hope of keeping Camille they better be nice in the editing bay.

Stein could not be reached for comment.



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Pays for her "friends", pays people to manage her house, her schedule, birth her babies, parent her babies, manage EVERYTHING. She DOES nothing. What a useless woman and human being. BYE Camille- you are U-S-E-L-E-S-S

1352 days ago

Susan Cunningham    

Let Her Walk!!!! Yahoo! Now I can enjoy the show.

1352 days ago


I've read a few comments about former reality stars and most of them have said, the film crews use what you give them, so they can't make this stuff up, so when you say you're being "portrayed badly", it's crap. So if poor Camille is being portrayed as a shallow, spoiled, self involved, self important, bitch, it's because she is!

I feel bad for her kids.

1352 days ago


Good riddance to bad rubbish.

1352 days ago


PLEASE GOOOO ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!Good riddence. How in the hell her husband put up with her whiny ass for 13 years....I'll never know. He must not of stayed home very much. She wins as the most self-centered person EVER!!!! JUST GO ALREADY. Can you say Narcissistic?? GAG!

1352 days ago


Thank Goodness! The witch is gone!

1352 days ago

Mike D    

Camille is confused. People tolerate(d) her because of who her husband is. She has a bunch of "yes men" around her. It does not matter if editing used her words repeatedly,they are still her words from her mouth. She has a false sense of entitlement.

1352 days ago


anyone that knows her knows the following, when drunk she will tell you how she used to be a "dancer" (read: stripper), how when times were "tight" she used to do "private parties" and earn "extra cash" be being "extra friendly" (read: give hand jobs and blow jobs)...allegedly
The only reason she seems like a horrible person, is because she is.

1352 days ago


Dump her, pay her off, GET RID OF HER. WHAT A FAKE! The woman that Kelsey was with at the Lincoln Center award show looked classier and 'smarter'.

1352 days ago


These are just my feelings: Camile didn't want to be on the show from the start. It was her husband that pushed her to do it.
Then when the show was progressing, that's when she found out. How embarrassing was that? Did she show anger? No. She kept it in and took it out on Kyle and everyone else....and also drank a lot too, which I believe she didn't when she was married to help Kelsey stay sober.

I don't blame her for wanting to leave the show ASAP.
To Camile: Money makes one's life easier but not happier.
I hope your Mom is doing better and also your children.

1352 days ago


Camille lost me when she took her kids to Hawaii rather than spend time with her mother who was battling breast cancer. Then when she went to New York she said she did want to see her mother but she also wanted to get her nails done, and it was so hard to pick between the two that she decided to have her mother come to the nail salon so she could do both. And then her visit consisted of her whining to her mother. How supportive! Did the producers make all that up? Because what's real is, editing or not, even if the things we hear come out of Camille's mouth are only 5% of who she is, they're bad enough to make her a total witch!

1352 days ago


Thank Goodness she is going - Her face is not only fake and plastic so is her soul. She is a trouble maker. Her problem is she is so embarassed that she was Dumped and all along she was talking about Kyle's relationship.....What goes around comes around....

1352 days ago


Her mouth, her words. And someone else is to blame for her being a fool? Really? As Kelsey said to her "grow up."
If Bravo keeps this train wreck many of us will not be watching a parade of mental illness. Danielle was enough we do not want Camille back!

1352 days ago


Ok...i had to sign in to let these women know how i feel. Watching these no talent women parade around makes me happy im smart enough not to marry. This show just set me back farther. There husbands need to growsome bal*s, ur pathetic, the way u let ur women treat u.
Camille, if your reading this , stfu with your nonsense
and that ugly one camille or whoever got dog for birthday, ur husband seems cool, but u seem like an ugly hasbeen. Bravo please go off the air with ur trash

1352 days ago


That is one "ugly" woman. No wonder Kelsey gave her some walking shoes.

1352 days ago
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