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Lindsay Lohan's 'Special Friend' Grilled By Cops

1/7/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's a mystery man in Lindsay Lohan's life who is getting badgered by cops determined to throw Lindsay Lohan in jail.

We've learned hours before Lindsay allegedly battered a Betty Ford staffer ... she was hanging out in a hotel room with Adam Case, a fellow Betty Ford patient who spent a lot of time with LiLo over the last few months.  In fact, Case took Lindsay back to her place when she was confronted by B.F. staffer Dawn Holland and saw the whole altercation.

Our sources say Palm Desert cops are convinced ... Lindsay was drinking in the hotel room, and they think Case could be their star witness to prove it.  They also believe Case saw Lindsay attack Holland.

Cops got a statement from Case the night of the incident, and he sided squarely with Lindsay.  Dissatisfied, cops went back to Case the next day and grilled him again, to no avail.

But that wasn't the end.  Days later Palm Desert cops went to Case yet again and interrogated him over what Lindsay did in the hotel room -- specifically, whether she consumed alcohol.  Case said he never saw her take a drink.  Cops pressed Case to get a copy of his hotel bill, but he refused.

As for what happened in the hotel room, Case says Lindsay spent an hour-and-a-half dying her hair, then hung out with him and a few other friends.

Case closed.



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Hope the dude covered his wick in kevlar prior to.

Also, Michael Lohan, you are the only one who posts on here with both fake first name and surname. At least Dina attempts to mix it up a little bit. Please Captain Obvious, make an effort. I know at this time of the day, you are probably typing with a hand over one eye so you don't see double, but spare us.

1296 days ago


WOW!I spend all that money in a salon getting my hair done, who knew i could spend less in a motel bathroom

1296 days ago

Scott Guiher you are wrong Lohan is a joke

1296 days ago


glad they are after her ass, not that this is a more important case than others, but she has been act above the law numerous times very publicly, that alone is a terrible example for every law abiding citizen as well as an huge embarrassment for the LE

1296 days ago


Will you TMZ idiots stop making it seem like LL is innocent and the police are "out to get her". Had they been out to get her, her *** would have been thrown in jail in 2007 for her 2 DUI's and cocaine possession, like any NORMAL person would have been. She gets away with murder and you act like she is some victim because the police are being oh so mean to her.

Oh and OF COURSE this horny guy who she is sleeping with is going to defend her. He wants to keep sleeping with this skank and remain on her good side. Had she ditched him, he would be spilling the truth.

1296 days ago


Why hang out in a hotel room late at night when he could have done her hair in the BFC?

There is more to the story.

Where is the bill and what is the name of the hotel?

1296 days ago


This is absurd. The Palm Desert cops are a joke.

1296 days ago


He is in exactly the same situation as Lindsay, yet curiously he was not attacked and forced to take a breath test? Someone at Betty Ford isn't doing their job very well. Clearly he should have been shouted at, humiliated, had his name spread around the world for possibly having had a drink while he was in rehab. Oh, I guess TMZ is taking care of the last part.

1296 days ago



Well her hair is completely blonde now and before the incident there was some red in it

1296 days ago


The PD already stated they will not release the 911 call

1296 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Hey Adam is kind of cute, but having Howdy Dooty as your wardrobe manager is sort of iffy.....

1296 days ago


Oh, so this was the "hair appointment." Sounds totally plausible.

Gee, then why not just produce your bill (not hard to get anyways) and take the breathelyser when security ask?

1296 days ago


All she was doing in that room was dyeing her little old hair ...why....know one will notice that her hair is a different color when she get back to Betty Ford ..after all for the beer will there may have been beer but she didn't drink it the smell just got on her clothes when she sat next to a open can....and she was late gettin back because she forgot to wind up her watch and it stopped working ,you know how unreliable those rolex's are.
Those mean old police men they are just out to get her that's all just because she made them look like jackasses a time or two that doesn't mean the have to get so mad at her...
See even that rude attendent who had he nerve to stop her and question her when she come in just a little bit late has changed her mined and retold the truth of what REALLY happened that night not what the police want you to believe...
Why her daddy has really had to go to work getting money coming in to pay the people they need to whitewash this one away....
Poor Lindsey ,...always innocent ,always pick-on,

1296 days ago


It's my insight that she is washed up as an actress so just let her be... she will soon enough hang herself and end up back in the poky. People are not only tired of her but we are tired of the Jersey Shore cast, that woman and guy with 8 kids and all those housewives being shoved up our bu**s. I say lets start a new year... IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE WITH ANY TALENT WHO CAN ACTUALLY WRITE A GREAT SCRIPT who can take TV back to what it was meant to be? If I want to see housewives fighting and acting better than me I would just open my front door. TV must change this year or I'm canceling my cable and turning it off.

1296 days ago


What part of 'anonymous' is hard to grasp - when you're in a treatment or recovery program, its up to the person getting treatment to come forward - not the press' right to dig them out - and while I am not a Lindsay fan - and could care less at this point as to what happens - everyone needs to let it go and let her do as she may with her life.

1296 days ago
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