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Lindsay Lohan's 'Special Friend' Grilled By Cops

1/7/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's a mystery man in Lindsay Lohan's life who is getting badgered by cops determined to throw Lindsay Lohan in jail.

We've learned hours before Lindsay allegedly battered a Betty Ford staffer ... she was hanging out in a hotel room with Adam Case, a fellow Betty Ford patient who spent a lot of time with LiLo over the last few months.  In fact, Case took Lindsay back to her place when she was confronted by B.F. staffer Dawn Holland and saw the whole altercation.

Our sources say Palm Desert cops are convinced ... Lindsay was drinking in the hotel room, and they think Case could be their star witness to prove it.  They also believe Case saw Lindsay attack Holland.

Cops got a statement from Case the night of the incident, and he sided squarely with Lindsay.  Dissatisfied, cops went back to Case the next day and grilled him again, to no avail.

But that wasn't the end.  Days later Palm Desert cops went to Case yet again and interrogated him over what Lindsay did in the hotel room -- specifically, whether she consumed alcohol.  Case said he never saw her take a drink.  Cops pressed Case to get a copy of his hotel bill, but he refused.

As for what happened in the hotel room, Case says Lindsay spent an hour-and-a-half dying her hair, then hung out with him and a few other friends.

Case closed.



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What an born entertainer, 3 years little Lindsey's been 'acting' the fool - natural born talent I tell ya. All of those keep saying its a waste of money should go back and bitch at the cops that arrested her that night she stole that car, kidnapped those guys and had coke in her pocket. If they would have done the right thing that night we wouldn't be here talking about her private hair dye session with hop along cassidy there.

1384 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

This Jerk off thinks he's friends with Lying Lindsay

LMFAO!! Its called your being USED idiot!

Glad to know Lying Lindsay will destory another persons life.
Dawn and this jerk off will regret they ever met her

1384 days ago


Riding Lindsay doesn't make you a cowboy, stupid maybe! A hat and a shirt doesn't make you a cowboy, maybe studly to Lindsay. What you have here is a genuine certified Goat Roper, a wannabe cowboy with a wannabe actress and real addicts...! No happy ending for this story, no riding off into the sunset. More likely riding down Sunset for s shoot up!

It is said she has a mouth like a golden retriever?

1384 days ago


What the good will the hotel bill show? Even IF there is alcohol on it, he could've ordered it for himself, right?

1384 days ago


I cant believe this police department is showing their true colors like this. If i was Lilo I would bide my time till Feb. until I'm released in Feb. and sue the pants out of these idiots for harassment. The only thing they can ATTEMPT to investigate is if she assaulted the gal who (I think due to a guilty conscience) doesn't wanna press charges. It was 2 little chickens running their mouths and now that they have calmed down they realize it was stupid. You cant 'investigate' a violation of probation. You can't charge someone with violation of probation. COPS INVESTIGATE CRIMES. THAT IS THE COPS END. She is 21 you cant charge her for drinking. IF she refused a breeathalyzer you cant charge her with that. It is utterly UNHEARD of for a police to take on the role of probation office. If you have a curfew for example with your probation? Probation & Parole officers do those checks. POLICE DONT DO THAT. ITS NOT IN THEIR JOB DETAIL TO DO IT. This is the only point I really need to make. $1,000.00 to the person WHO CAN FIND A CA. POLICE RADIO CODE FOR 'INVESTIGATING A VIOLATION OF PROBATION.' Save your time. It doesnt exist. Know why? Cause they investigate CRIMES which in turn become VOPs. Not the other way around. Shawn Holley needs to call this jerkoff Lt. and set his little azz in line. Talk to his Commanding Officer and get this guy to start finding all that dope moving through CA. I agree with #2 if this is how these guys act in the public God I can only imagine how they act behind closed doors. These are the kind of cops who plant guns and dope on ya, just cause they dont like ya. AS FAR AS THIS ADAM CASE FELLA. Listen buddy...oyu have spoke with these idiots 3 times, which is 3 times too many. Put a sign on your door that says "I have cooperated with you plenty. I refuse to speak to you anymore. If you knock on my door or attempt to contact me from this moment forward it will be harrassment." If they contact you in any fashion call your State Police (go over their head) and file charges. Thats how you straighten out a beanshooter cop.

1384 days ago


It all makes sense now. Dawn said that the girls that were with Lindsay said that they were out with 3 guys and LL was upstairs getting her hair done. Obviously the group was at the hotel bar and LL moved her party to a room. Stupid us, we assumed she was getting her hair done professionally. They don't ban hair dye in rehab, do they? Knowing her, we should have assumed the worst and suspected that she was getting laid and drinking/drugging in a hotel room. Actually,I guess most of us did! Everything with LL is always worse than normal people want to believe. We only see the tip of the iceberg. The police probably have to deal with escaped druggies from BF and the satellite buildings everyday and have little sympathy for them by now.

1384 days ago


We had a simliar Police Department here in Michigan. I was stopped on my bicycle for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. NO JOKE. In short there is no REAL crime in the town I grew up in. This is when a police department will go from assisting the community, to terrorizing a community. ANYHOW. Supposedly it was a random thing by a psychopath (I hardly buy this) in which he came across a subway parking lot and shot an off duty officer of the town in the head and killed him. There were CONSTANT calls to troopers about the conduct of our PD, but nothing was done until the officer had his funeral which obviously a billion cops from everywhere showed up. A local house maid at the motel was doing routine cleaning when she found 2 pistols underneath a matress. She called the cops. The cops in my city HAD THE FRIGGEN GALL TO ALERT THE LOCAL NEWSPAPER THAT THEY WERE RAIDING THE ROOM. This was their chance to shine and show all the other cops how they get things done: ) They yanked theses guys out of their room and the pic on the front of the paper (it went through press before the real story came out)was 2 of our PD with their knees on the back of these guys heads and cuffing em. DRUMROLL. They were Detroit PD in town for the funeral:) Karma couldnt be more classic! It was a thing of beauty! It was a shame that cops had to get a taste of what the community had been suffering for YEARS. State Patrol ran an investigation on the out PD. Of course this news could be found in D14 of the newspaper...along with that these guys were cops who didnt want to bring their guns to Quiznos Sanwich Shop. The moral of the story is when cops behave like this...they usually end up hanging themselves in one fashion or another. Time will tell and I hope TMZ gets the pictures. Cause THAT is news! Not little kids sneaking drinks in hotel rooms.

1384 days ago


Her "father" said she spent the afternoon getting her hair done and met up with the other girls later. Maybe she didn't like the color. Or, maybe she is stupid enough to believe thay hair dye will cover up a hair follicle test.

1384 days ago


People need to know their rights in this country. Police are there to SERVE AND PROTECT the community. Period. I find it hard pressed that a community feels any SAFER if a girl is caught sneaking drinks with a boy in a hotel room OR that they feel their tax dollars (which are sky high in these affluent communities) are SERVICING them properly here, when clearly they could AT LEAST be writing traffic tickets. If a cop knocked on my door asking to see my hotel room receipts? BWAHAHAHAHA! 1. Why? 2. Am I under arrest? 3. Obviously Im not...GO MIND YOUR OWN FECKING BUSINESS A GET OUT THEIR FIGHT SOME CRIME. There is no way in heck a judge is going to compromise his job by signing a warrant to kick down my door to ask me if a little girl blew in a tube or not or if she was sneaking drinks at a hotel room.

Just a final note to WILEY. I'm not sure if you are on dope but its not mentally healthy to believe worst case scenarios with everything in life. That says a little bit about your mindset and stability. Also, police do go looking for "rehab escapees." HAHAHAHA. Hey bonehead, rehab is a voluntary thing! Even if its court ordered. ITS STILL A VOLUNTARY THING! You still have the choice if you would rather go to jail and be done with your probation. Cops SERVE AND PROTECT....not babysit.

1384 days ago


Excuse me. They DONT go looking for "rehab escapees." Once again. BECAUSE IT NOT A CRIME. They would have to wait till the P.O. violates the probationer, issues a warrant, and THAN they go looking for you. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND LIKE THIS CRACKERJACK POLICE FORCE. You don't put the horse before the wagon. Still blows my mind this Lt. commanding officer hasn't reprimanded him. That goes to show that the idiocy goes all the way to the top.

1384 days ago


Biased much! I expect this kind of bias on political websites or Fox News. I expect much better from my gossip sites ;-) Really, since the beginning of this whole debacle it was transparent that TMZ didn't want their precious little Lindsey to take responsibility for her behavior. What will you say when she finally overdoses. Harvey, you're no better than Dina!

1384 days ago


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1384 days ago


Almost agree with #3: It sounds like this police lieutenant has a big nasty hairy bug stuck up his A** because he didn't get his 15 mins. of fame in front of the cameras.
But I thought it would be this Adam guy tring for his 15 minutes of fame. someone is.

1384 days ago


WTF is wrong with the Fuzz! Is the Police Chief practicing to be an Inquisitor? Everyone knows rich people do drugs and they are supposed to get away with it. That's what being rich and having access in America means. Getting away with things that put the poor in prison.
No one is going to snitch on her because it is obvious that the police are taking this thing a little too personal and she's a member of the club.
Good luck copper trying to get someone to make a false move.

Enjoy the life in Venice Lindsey. I visited Venice once and I could only wish that I was able to live there and get high as often as possible, however my choices of poisons would be alcohol,pills and lots of sex with the legal nubile young lasses and available MILF's in the area.I'd throw in a few grandmas here and there if the shape and spirit is right.

P.S If you happen to pass by that record spinning drug dealer's car please key it at least once out for me. She needs to be reminded that she's in your mess since she helped to create and nurture it.

1384 days ago


Realease the child molesters/rapist and killers but book LL on speculation. HAHAHAH, need to make room for those harmless celebs to keep their names in the news.

1384 days ago
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