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Lindsay Lohan's 'Special Friend' Grilled By Cops

1/7/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's a mystery man in Lindsay Lohan's life who is getting badgered by cops determined to throw Lindsay Lohan in jail.

We've learned hours before Lindsay allegedly battered a Betty Ford staffer ... she was hanging out in a hotel room with Adam Case, a fellow Betty Ford patient who spent a lot of time with LiLo over the last few months.  In fact, Case took Lindsay back to her place when she was confronted by B.F. staffer Dawn Holland and saw the whole altercation.

Our sources say Palm Desert cops are convinced ... Lindsay was drinking in the hotel room, and they think Case could be their star witness to prove it.  They also believe Case saw Lindsay attack Holland.

Cops got a statement from Case the night of the incident, and he sided squarely with Lindsay.  Dissatisfied, cops went back to Case the next day and grilled him again, to no avail.

But that wasn't the end.  Days later Palm Desert cops went to Case yet again and interrogated him over what Lindsay did in the hotel room -- specifically, whether she consumed alcohol.  Case said he never saw her take a drink.  Cops pressed Case to get a copy of his hotel bill, but he refused.

As for what happened in the hotel room, Case says Lindsay spent an hour-and-a-half dying her hair, then hung out with him and a few other friends.

Case closed.



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If his story has never changed why would they keep questioning him unless they are going over board. I say they are just out to get her no matter what it takes and that is wrong. They should be looked at for all of this cause I think it is harassment...........

1393 days ago


This "guy" Adam Case looks like he could have given her a better hairstyle.

1393 days ago


This cowboy’s brain must fried.
Lindsay’s hair is streaked!
That’s a VERY timely process and requires a professional hair stylist.

1393 days ago


He won't release his hotel bill because there's booze on it. It's so obvious.

1393 days ago


@David Jones
"Adam Case is a cool dude to protect Lindsay"

We can add you and Adam Case to Lindsay's list of stupid enablers

1393 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

well maybe dawn holland was just extremely jealli!! of the romance between lindsay and the cowboy!!! and that is why she tried to get her busted!!

1393 days ago


F the Police. Quit working so hard to bring Lindsay down, and go fight some real crime! How ridiculous! Once again, our tax dollars at work. So many out to get Lindsay. I've worked with addicts at a methadone clinic, and have also had my share of seedy acquaintances in the past. They have all gotten away with so many illegal activities while on probation, and then let off the hook so easily when they were actually caught breaking the law. Our jails are too full as it is... Let her live her life. When she harms someone (besides herself) due to her behaviors, then lock her up and throw away the key. That goes for everyone in society: If you aren't hurting anyone else, YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO WHAT THE F YOU WANT.

1393 days ago


2 interesting things are...WHO THE HELL KEEPS A HOTEL BILL ANYHOW? What a stupid inquiry. Thats like holding onto a receipt from a restraunt. WTF? The farthest it would make it, even if you left it in your pocket is when ya do laundry. Even if he put it on his Visa its not like it would show on his bill (for the person who was wondering about that: also it takes a warrant to get any records like that.) Also the ONLY person saying she refused a breathalyzer was the woman who got in her azz about being 5 minutes late. I think the BF gal woke up the next day and realized how pety they were both being...obviously she feels guilty about something cause she wants people to leave her alone and she dropped the charges. This 'payoff' crap is stupid. You make it sound like its the magic bullet that killed JFK or something. Not everything is a friggen conspiracy for Gods sake.

1393 days ago


AMEN 108 Ivslezak! When I was in my hey day of drinking I went through similiar crap. Glad to be sober but everyone gets there at their own pace. It was never rehab and it surely wasnt jail that made me quit. Quite jail only makes people worse and desensitives you. Hardly an asset when attempting to give up an vice. For the sake of those talking the 'special treatment' crap. On my 3rd Dui it was reduced to being my 2nd (laws were different then.) my 4th DUI which was a felony that was going to stick I did 3 days in jail. My 5th DUI also a felony while on probation for my 4th (8 months later) I did 7 months. Granted I had a great attorney but he isnt half of what Shawn Holley is. Considering my experience and knowing full well the status of jails, prisons, and how substance abuse is really at the bottom of the totem pole with courts. 80% of the people coming in were drunk or high when they did what they did or it is for drugs. Probation Violations are like speeding tickets these days. THEY DONT MEAN SHET TO THE COURTS! Bank on it.

1393 days ago


Harvey - Could the cops legally get a copy of his hotel bill from the hotel? Would they need a warrant?

1393 days ago


It's so stupid the way the police and prosecutors are so
fixated on a famous recovering addict with all the serious crimes being committed every day. They are truly being overzealous. It just is starting
to look ridiculous. At the end of the day, her biggest crime
was driving under the influence 4 YEARS AGO. Which many Americans have been guilty of with much less fan fare. Now people are just looking for press. This is all too excessive for what is essentially a fight at a rehab center. Which I know happens ALL THE TIME. Too many people are eating off of this girl'sname. It's sad.

1393 days ago


Man! Back off her on this one. She's bound to get in trouble again I'm sure. I don't like that she and all celebs keep getting off either, but that's how it works in La La land (which should really be it's own country as the rules are so different there than anywhere else in the U.S.) This is just ridiculous, especially since Dawn Holland doesn't even want it pursued. Go arrest some murders and pedophiles and give LiLo a chance...yet again.

1393 days ago


She said she was getting her extensions done. Now the story is she was getting her hair dyed. Wht stylists uses random hotel rooms that belong to others.

1393 days ago



You can also ask who could possible get their hair colored (then washed & dried), followed by the tedious process of foiling to add streaks, then wash/dry and styled in 1 ½ hours?? The color processing time for color development for EACH color is 30-45 min.

What about all the necessary additional equipment needed for such a messy job?
I’d like to meet the magician who is able to do this painfully long process in only 1 ½ hours

Even though there is no logic to this fairytale, Lindsay thinks they're picking on her.

1393 days ago


Lindsay's "mystery guy" had a hotel room at the Viceory on the night of the alleged incident. Cops should take a look at his mini bar bill as well as video tape from the hotel on this evening.

A close friend of mine was staying at the Viceory this particular weekend and saw Lindsay and group of BF rehab-ers in a private vip area of the hotels lounge. I'm sure they were discussing sobriety and drinking tap water on the rocks.

The most important detail of this whole thing is that LINDSAY REFUSED A BREATH AND DRUG TEST. She's not in the position to do that!! Aside from her long rap sheet and disregard for the law, SHE WAS STILL IN REHAB!!

What kind of treatment center makes breath and drug tests "optional?"

Shame on Betty Ford and everyone else for encouraging this type of behavior

1391 days ago
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