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Lindsay Lohan Case Referred to District Attorney

1/6/2011 7:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ...  Lindsay Lohan's fate is now in the hands of the Riverside County District Attorney, who will decide whether to charge her in the Betty Ford brouhaha with the former staffer.


The Palm Desert Police Department has turned its investigation over to the D.A., who will decide whether to charge Lohan with battery.

The case would be an uphill battle, because alleged victim Dawn Holland says she will not cooperate and does not want Lindsay prosecuted.

No word on when the D.A. will make a decision.



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You're forgetting about the 2 people at the sober house who called the night tech to come test the patient's when they were caught for curfew. That is how this all started. The night tech got there later. So there are 2 other witnesses besides the roomates and Dawn.

1386 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

This mother of a troubled star is totally destroying her child’s chance of recovery. Mommy’s idea of celebrating her daughter’s release from rehab is to do shots with her darling daughter. She is also fully aware that her daughter was moving next door to another enabler and put up the money for the deposit. And now she’s paid off a worker whose accusations could have landed Mommy’s meal ticket behind bars. Well done, Mommy! You really should be given an award for outstanding parenting. Oh, wait.

This is from

1386 days ago


There is no skirting the long arm of the law. If there was a crime committed rest assured justice will be served.

Everyone is jumping to conclusions way too fast. Take a deep breath and allow the wheels of justice to have their way.

We all reap what we sow. No on is immune. Therefore, be careful who you judge because the judgement can come right back on ya.

I still think Lohan got the royal screwing going to the Betty Ford Ripoff Center. She should have taken the one year faith-based program back in 2007 when it was offered. This whole mess would have been long over and she and her family would have saved a fortune over those 3+ years in attorney fees, rehab costs, loss of work, court costs, bail bond fees, etc.

Wake up Lindsay Lohan. If nothing changes in your life ... nothing changes. However, it will not get any better for you if you continue to kick your problems down the road and not take full responsibilty for your actions.

No one else caused any of this to you. Only you did. You can not blame your parents, friends, lovers, police, probation, judges or attorneys. IT IS Y .... O ..... U.

1386 days ago


TMZ: Please obtain the 9-1-1 tapes for us!!

1386 days ago


@ #16 ... if this is legit from Lindsay then who can not forgive her when she is here saying she is sorry to her fans?


If you love me, I love you. If you hate me, I still love you, but wish you would try not to hate me. I know that I've done some very foolish things in moments of passion that have angered many of my fans and am deeply sorry for having disappointed you. I am clean and sober now and wish to move forward with my life and try very hard to make up for my past mistakes. I love life. I think I love life too much. I love euphoria, I love fun, I love joy, I love my freedom, I love my family, I love my friends, I love my work. I wish to live a happy life and entertain as many people as possible with my movies and music. Please do not be too hard on me. Please do not look upon me as a major threat to the civility of our society. Afterall, I'm an entertainer first and foremost. Please forgive me.

Peace, Love, and Forever Yours,


Posted at 2:52 PM on Jan 6, 2011 by Lindsay Dee Lohan

No one hates you Lindsay ... just terribly disappointed in your out of control behavior and not accepting responsibilities for your actions.

However, dear one ... action do speak louder than words ... you've been down this road before .... Therefore ... womanup and get real. PROVE you serious by staying out of the limelight, do your work without all the hoopla ... and walk the walk ... Stay on the recovery road and no one will talk badly about you ... BUT keep it up and you'll be lucky to have one fan. Everyone is sick and tired of you.

1386 days ago


The same thing is going to happen as always happens. The DA will go to court saying she violated her probation. The court will agree. The court will give her wrist another tiny little tap and tell her to "Start being a good girl and we mean it this time. Really."

1386 days ago


Let me get this straight. The BFC is willing to take the chance of dropping all of this so that they won't piss Lindsay off or what? I still think that Lindsay is not a real person but a sociological experiment to get public reaction. If this was a real person there would be no way that she could manipulate so many educated officials. How do you paps get her to look so real? In photos you would think it is an actual human. But I guess somebody had us all fooled.This looks like it has been cloning at its finest. Jokes on us but why would the clone team make the mother so unapealing? Can't believe Matt Lauer goes along with this fakery and alows the rag doll image to be on his show.

1386 days ago


Its to late for Dawn to back out now. TMZ has a video of her saying Lindsay came home late, she refused a breath test and she thinks she was drinking. And has broke rules all along. If the DA doesnt do something then they are not doing their job. If Dawn is a lier then workmens comp. should go after her for a false report and fraud and make her pay back all money she has recieved from this case.Im not out to hurt Lindsays recovery, I wish her healing and a new life, but something is wrong with this whole story.

1386 days ago


Eventually, Lindsey will screw up when she has no money...and no one that'll bail her out.

1386 days ago


Lindsay there will be always be haters in the world. Just surround yourself with the people that love and care about your recovery. We have all done things in life we are not proud of. The important thing is your doing something to better your life and change the path you were on. The only thing that concerns me is, I was surprised you moved were you did. You will be hounded everyday by the paparazzi and that would crack anyone after awhile. If you do the same life as you did before you will get the same results. Why not move in a gated secure place. This disease is powerful and patient and deadly. You need to make recovery #1 or you will relapse in the old life.I think your Fans or proud of you but I think time will tell if your serious.I pray you surround your self with people in recovery and continue counseling 1 a week for aleast a year. I am telling you this because that is what I did and have been sober 10 years. Living clean is hard and it will sneak back in before you no it. God Bless You Lindsay I wish you the best and the promises do come true.

1386 days ago


Lock her up for five or ten years. That might save her life.

1386 days ago

Old School Woman    

Dawn needs to hang her head in shame. After the rant she gave about Lindsay she now sounds almost like her PR person. GOT PAID B-TCH!! Now she wants everyone to leave Lindsay alone. Obviously she's afraid if Lindsay is taken to task her CHECK will be CANCELLED!! Disgraceful! Dawn needs to be kept away from any rehab facility for LIFE if she is willing to let $$$ judge her responsibility as a member of the staff at Betty Ford. At first I was upset they fired her, but now she deserves everything she gets. Hope you enjoy the $$$ Dawn, because by your actions it won't last long. Better hope that you don't get an "INSUFFICIENT FUNDS" notice when you try to cash that S-HIT! That would be KARMA! Then you will be without a job and ANY CREDIBILITY!!! DUMMY!!!

1386 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Wow, this is scintillating infZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

1386 days ago


I love lindsay lohan i think her look is amazin!i like her red hair... i dont know her so i cant say if she has an eating disorder!

1386 days ago


Now is the time for Lindsay to play her trump card, sue both Betty Ford and Dawn for breech of confidentiality.

Ask for 100 million from each, and do not back down. The DA can get her to drop the suit by dismissing the alleged battery and for no other reason.

Lets see if Riverside and the past and present patients of Betty Ford want the place dragged through the mud of a trial and all their practices exposed to public view.

If they can not get a conviction before 25 February and she is on unsupervised probation then Judge Fox is not likely to do anything especially with the civil action pending. Any sentence imposed with the civil trial pending would surely have to be suspended until after the civil trial to avoid being accused of reprisal especially if her lawyer accused Riverside of also breeching confidentiality.

1386 days ago
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