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Lindsay Lohan -- Targeted in Parking Crackdown

1/6/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's already in trouble for breaking the law in Beverly Hills -- cops decorated the actresses Mercedes with a big, fat parking ticket yesterday while LiLo visited a friend.


Lindsay seemed a little shocked by the citation -- which we're told will run her a cool $65.



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Poor dear probably can't afford the ticket. She just pleaded poverty to try to avoid rehab, after all.

1388 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Not to worry....Dina will get it dismissed..... :-)

1388 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

BTW, if she is operating on a probationary license, this could be an issue for her.

1388 days ago


Geez - enough of this about Lindsey. Next thing you know TMZ will have "BREAKING NEWS - LINDSAY LOHAN HAS GAS - TRIPS ON WAY TO TOILET -BUTT EXPLODES". Why not report on important good stuff like what is OJ up to or how is Phil Spector holding up. Maybe throw in some news like Tiger taken off the cover of his own video game - you know - stuff we LIVE FOR.

1388 days ago


At least she's helping to reduce the state deficit.

1388 days ago


Still the same and she won't change. I hope she OD's so we can watch her mother flip out. They deserve it after all they have done.

Learn to live by the same rules regular joes do and maybe you'll get some sympathy.

1388 days ago

Miss Mary    


1388 days ago


I dunno...sounds like a probation violation to me. But then again, I am just out to get her like everyone else.

1388 days ago


Also, can this stupid dumbass self-entitled beyotch for once in her stinkin horrible effed up life just try to obey the law?

1388 days ago

moe l.    

Who follows this slut around all day? And who writes about everything she does? And why do I read it?

1388 days ago


This GREAT story got 10 comments......You can probably stop writing about her TMZ......I don't think anyone cares.

1388 days ago


First of all, the worker lied about what went down at the clinic, then retracted it. Nothing was done about the paparazzo who rear-ended her Mercedes, but she gets a parking violation. The police dept is gunning for her, when they have no authority and should never have released info to the public. The worker is telling them to back off because she knows she took a cheap shot at Lindsay for the fame, and she will have big problems herself if this continues.
It sounds like there is a blood lust going down and everyone wants to the one to bring Lindsay down. People on her probably do a lot more wrong that she does, but we don't have paparazzo reporting it or police not doing their jobs fairly.
If I were her, you wouldn't see me for dust in that town. She needs to run away, from all her 'good friends and most especially her parents.

1388 days ago


Are you sure that wasn't a coke delivery? Looks like a large coke packet to me...

1388 days ago


The meter maids are obviously out to get her.......

1388 days ago


You know, I don't think photogs follow her around all day. I think Dina or Lindsay herself calls them to let them know where she'll be. Can't tell me she doesn't love the attention. And by the way, she 'special' - why can't she park anywhere she chooses? Hope someone watches to see if she pays these things. I bet she doesn't.

1388 days ago
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