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It's WAR at the Michael Jackson House

1/7/2011 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's estate is asking a judge to do what Katherine Jackson can't -- kick Alejandra Jackson and her kids out of the Hayvenhurst estate for good.


TMZ has obtained legal docs in which the estate is asking the judge to remove Alejandra, Jaafar, Jermajesty, Genevieve, Donte and Randy Jr. from the estate ... on grounds they're not beneficiaries of Michael Jackson's will and have no claim to the property.

As TMZ first reported in November, Katherine Jackson told Alejandra and the kids -- fathered by both Jermaine and Randy -- not to return to the residence. Alejandra is refusing to move herself, her kids, and her stuff out ... so the estate has gone to court.

As TMZ also previously reported, the house is scheduled to be renovated -- but sources tell us Alejandra is holding the remodel hostage by refusing to leave.


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check yourself    

Most ANY where else in the U.S., ANY other people and the STATE = CPS would have had KJ arrested and PP&B takin into state custody (more then likely placed them with Debbie Rowe, right behind removing them) for not complying to their ORDER to GET THOSE DAMN LEECHES outta there when she was told to it a YEAR ago, and in short order, buddy... usually within 24-72 hours! Oh, but HELL no with the JACKSONS right. WTH.

KJ sure as hell knew how to move like lightening when it came to signing with Mann to pimp out PPB...

JACKSON FAM = DISGUSTING ON TOO MANY LEVELS, PERIOD especially since their cash cow has died. NASTY NASTY.

1393 days ago


@ 42 Bart Blanket is a nickname, Prince is from his beloved grandfather who passed away. Nothing wrong with that.

1393 days ago


Makes me wonder just how smooth Jermaine is...I have one son but if he had a brother and his brother impregnated his brothers so called wife....She would have been out of my house that day, especially if I had a place for her to live..Katherine we love our children but when they start stabbing each other in the back its time to put a stop to it..That woman is the devils spawn.

1393 days ago


And you're just gonna believe what some one says out of their mouth. That's not even common sense.


JANAR, this is Michael Jackson we are talking about HERE! MJ is NOT a known liar! Unlike many OTHER artists, MJ was usually always HONEST when he spoke! It is NOT his fault that his two oldest kids turned out lighter than the youngest one!

1393 days ago


When he was alive, I used to cuss him out all the time through the t.v. And I didn't mind that just as long as he was still here on this earth. You don't even know, how it broke my heart when they said he had died.

Posted at 9:35 PM on Jan 6, 2011 by Janar

Well it is GREAT to hear you are a passionate fan of MJ's. But totally SUCKS, that you don't believe most of he says. MJ was one of the MOST honest people on this earth.

1393 days ago


correction :

most of what he says. MJ was one of the MOST honest people on this earth.

1393 days ago


Brothers and cousins.... SO VERY DISTURBING

1393 days ago

check yourself    

He was the most purest of heart, but he was NOT the most honest person on the Earth, even with himself.

Damn. Forget it Janar, wasting your time from here on out addressing the WILLINGLY gummed in denial HealTheWorld29's of this planet.

DONE with this thread, myself. Good Night, all!

1393 days ago


They are not his biological kids. Their mother and father are alive and probably not well if they were invalid with a child molester and gave him kids. He had a vagina and dr murry is a saint

1393 days ago


I Think that should put some responsibility back on to the kids fathers even if as Jermaine says hes broke.Like mostly everyone else I think shes a free loader. I raised 3 children all by self why cant she.

1393 days ago


They really need to emphasize that stun gun incident and any other problems. It can be REALLY hard to legally evict someone, but if they can show there is a danger to Michael's kids it will go much quicker.

1393 days ago


MJ was NOT a pedophile! Those families USED their children to extort $$$$$$$$$$$$ from MJ! YOU are the naive` one for believing everything you read and hear about Michael Jackson!!!

I've been obsessively studying this man since I was JUST a teenager and know for a FACT he would never harmed any children! NOT every man who loves children alot is a CHILD molester!

1393 days ago


MJ molested me... poor old jackson lady going through the Murray trial and having a freeloading mexican living off her MJ $$ :-(

1393 days ago


i can't believe this greedy old hag would kick her own grandchildren and their mother out. Poor girl. She's been literally screwed over by two of the brothers and now the mother? Geeez!
I guess she has to keep an eye on her little piggy banks and the other Grand kids are just in the way. They are worthless to her.

1393 days ago


That means all this time even before MJ passed away, Alejandra has been freeloading off Michael Jackson. If she won;t leave the house, have the gas, lights and water cut off! She'll leave then. She had never paid rent or worked a day in her life. It's time she started to act like a grown up and stop leeching. They are all pissed that MJ is dead.

1393 days ago
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