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John Edwards Denies Engagement Rumors

1/7/2011 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A spokesperson for John Edwards is denying a report that claims the former senator recently proposed to baby mama Rielle Hunter.

John Edwards Engaged
According to the National Enquirer, Edwards proposed to Hunter over the Christmas holiday. But a family spokeswoman told The Daily Beast, “I can tell you that it’s not true.”

Before you completely dismiss the rumor, it's worth noting ... the Enquirer broke the whole Edwards/Hunter/love child mess in the first place.


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Inouno Nyx    

I don't think she ever stated publicly that he was planning to marry her when Elizabeth died. One of his former aides said that she had told him that. But I believe he was also trying to sell a book at the time.

1387 days ago


@ Connie you really think thats the first affair he's had...come on she's just the first one that had his baby during an affair.

1387 days ago


Anything this jerk denies is almost certain to be true! He denied the affair. He denied the money. He denied the baby. Now he's denying the proposal......what a liar. You, of course, know how to tell John Edwards is lying, right?

1387 days ago


Lying bastard.

1387 days ago


If the guy has one teeny ounce of decency left in him, he'll choose fatherhood over his other proclivities. That's how he makes things as right as he can.

1387 days ago


that rotten slime ball

1387 days ago


He spends an awful lot of time denying stuff......which inevitably turn out to be true. This is what makes him a good politician.

1387 days ago


This guy just doesn't quit. You don't get engaged to a whore! The Jay Leno chin should be enough to run as far away as he can. What kind of woman poses half nude when she ****ed someone elses husband and allowed her whole to get knocked up. What a NASTY BITCH> UGLY UGLY UGLY Also.

1387 days ago

Joann this the same spokesperson who said John never had an affair or has any outside children.

These celebs, political figures, ballers, other sports figures and hip hop artists don't do nothing but lie...only to have their lies come back to bite them in the ass and they wind up looking more foolish than ever. That's why I have no sympathy for the majority of them.

1387 days ago


Yeah because everything this sh*thead and his hooker says is truthful! F off John Edwards. I hope Elizabeth haunts you and makes your pathetic life a living he11!!

1387 days ago


Who cares about this tool.

On another note, why does TMZ always post pics of people with weird faces or mouths open? Remind me to never get famous so I can avoid humiliation when it could potentially be due. Much like this weiner.

1387 days ago



1387 days ago


This is unbelievable. Where is the oldest daughter? Can she put some sense into her Dad? If this woman even gets close to Elizabeth's two young children, this would be like stepping on her grave.

I hope and pray that this is not true. If it is, John and that woman have the worst karma coming their way. John, please keep this woman away from Elizabeth's children.

1387 days ago


I think he just needs to go away quietly now and forget about having a permanent relationship with Hunter except as his "baby mama". I feel for all of the children, but asking his kids by Elizabeth to accept Hunter as a stepmom would just be too tawdry and insulting for words on top of everything else he's done.

It's one thing to fall out of love with your wife and have an affair. Even Elizabeth's cancer was an unfortunately timed happenstance. But what could these two have been thinking to have a child, like they couldn't WAIT for her to hurry up and die so they could get on with their lives? What would they have done if he had gotten the nomination/been elected to the Presidency?

1387 days ago


Uh, if this is true, perhaps he would marry her to keep her from having to testify against him. Afterall, he is in the midst of an investigation of whether campaign funds were being used to support his lover, right?

To tell you the truth, I always felt that John Edwards was gay. He certainly wouldn't be the 1st gay man to conform to life as a heterosexual.

1387 days ago
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