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Kardashians Sued for Ginormous Debit Card Loss

1/8/2011 7:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Kardashian women -- Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Kris -- are accused of causing more than $75 million in debit card damage ... and they never pulled a single card out of their wallets.


The Revenue Resource Group, LLC filed a lawsuit in Fresno, CA claiming the Kardashians breached their contract when they pulled out of a deal to be the faces of a controversial MasterCard-approved prepaid debit card.

As we previously reported, the K-ladies claimed they quit the deal because they had no idea the card was loaded with hidden, possibly illegal fees ... fees that caused the Attorney General of Connecticut to open an investigation into the card.

Revenue Resource Group claims the sisters signed a two-year deal that they should have honored -- and since the fam backed out, RRG has been crushed by a wave of bad publicity.

RRG wants the women to fork over more than $75 mil to make things right.

So far, no comment from the Kardashians.


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Chun LI    

Good.Bankrupt these beyotches.

1324 days ago

Trooper Tom    

When the card was first released these bitches knew it cost $95 a year just to get the card then the other fees piled on, the yearly fee was one of the highest ever for a debit card, so no one can say these "I'll do any thing for a dollar" skanks didn't know that

1324 days ago


That's the truth for sure. I bet they're on the way to learning a tough lesson!

1324 days ago

Khate sucks    

Easy come, easy talent, no money! LMAO! Kim was probably 'healing' from one of their numerous surgeries...she's looking pretty weird and pulled these days!

1323 days ago

Throwback kid    

I agree with #76 Scotty, The Kardashian's act like nothing is off limits and they all have very big mouths, yet when it comes to their father's involvement in the OJ Simpson murder trial they all seen to stay very quiet?

If Robert Kardashian really belived OJ was innocent of murdering two people, why did their friendship end after the trial? Wouldn't you be happy for your good friend OJ who you sat next to during the trial? If he truly believed his good friend was not guilty why not continue the friendship?

I wonder what was really in the bag OJ handed to Kardashian when he arrived back in LA?

1323 days ago


Oh, please, please, please let them lose the lawsuit and have to more to the poor house. Then maybe TMZ will quit writing about them and they'll fade away never to be seen again!!!!!

1323 days ago


They're a disgusting novelty act stemming from a gruesome murder and a cheap sex tape. Maybe this is the beginning of the end for them. I can only hope.

1323 days ago


Just for the sake of argument, for all you Kardashian haters. Would you have rather seen them back out of this debit card deal, realizing the fees were unjust (assuming they were) OR continue promoting this debit card with its preditory fees for 2 years doing untold financial damage to young people? While I think it's ultimately the responsibility of everyone to read the "fine" print of these do***ents, seriously, it's take out your magnifying glass and spend two hours trying to figure out what they don't want you to know anyway. Good luck!

Posted at 4:56 PM on Jan 7, 2011 by Mary
Dear Mary, your arguement would make sense if THEY were the ones who found out about the predatory fees & backed out. That's not the case here; they knew about the unbelievabley high fees & signed the contract; they were perfectly happy to inflict this damage on their fans (typically young girls ages 10-16) for money. It was only the negative publicity that made them make noise about "how they have to protect their fans" & back out of a signed contract; such BS. If this blatant fatassian money grab hadn't have been dragged out into the light by a new service, they would have happily continued to damage their fanbase for as long as they were paid. They're nothing but a bunch of greedy moneygrubbing wh*res; nothing more.

1323 days ago


Finally, the three K's have it coming! All the publicity they throw out in the media on EVERY FREAKING PAGE ON THE WWW. now they can go hide in some dark corner where no one will miss them but their makeup bag. I doubt VERY HIGHLY that the three K's can afford to pay Revenue Resources Group,LLC $75 mil--
Goodbye and good riddance!

1323 days ago

Throwback kid    

Could this be Karma coming back? I would laugh my a-s-s off if the Kardashian's lose the case and have to file for bankruptcy. That means they would have to live in a regular size house, sell their Bentley's and Kim's Rolls Royce and there would be no more money for plastic surgery. They may even actually have to get real 9 to 5 jobs and go to work every day like the rest of America.

1323 days ago


Book 'Em Danno

1323 days ago


If they had learned how to read instead of just being camera whores they'd not be in this mess. No sympathy for any of these girls. No hating, just saying the truth. Can you imagine all the screwing thats gone on between these filthy animals? Anyone who gets near any of them have a death wish.

1323 days ago


Well, we all know they're lying when they say they "didn't know" about all the fees. Of course, they knew. The terms for the card would be spelled out in any brochure they saw about it, just as it is for anybody considering getting such a card. I'm sure they had their lawyers go over the contract first and somebody must have investigated the company first also.

They just didn't like the bad publicity when the attorney general targeted that card as an example of outrageous fees. They were fine with it until then.

They just need to be honest - they want to pull out of their contract because they decided it wasn't a good business move for them because of the bad publicity. A contract like that, which requires a lot of advance work and materials, certainly has some kind of provision for early withdrawal from the contract with an appropriate fee paid. Honestly, you can't get a cell phone contract without such a thing, even though the phone company doesn't have to do much work. The only thing to be decided is how much they need to pay for pulling out of the contract early.

The only thing wrong about all this is their lying about it. But this is hardly the first time that they've lied repeatedly. Truth doesn't seem to be high on their list of priorities. But this is something that is so obviously a lie, makes me wonder what planet they're visiting. Do they really think we're going to believe them?

1323 days ago

World Record    

Bigfoot(kloe) knew what was going on, Mama finally screwed these ho,s good,Bigfoot finnly got her own show amd MAMA is the producer, THIS SHOULD BE GOOD, BIGFOOT AND THE BLACK MAN SHOULD BE THE NAME,

1323 days ago


I must confess that although you all ganging up on these young women was shocking a first, I'm beginning to get a unform picture these bitches knew exactly the terms of the usurious card, had every intent of getting richer off the backs of those who could least afford it, and have it coming to them. Tell me that I'm wrong, or confirm that I'm right.

1323 days ago
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