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Lindsay Lohan Power Meeting -- Let's Get Working

1/7/2011 6:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just walked out of a BIGTIME meeting with a major celebrity jewelry designer  -- as well as key members of her team -- in an effort to kick-start her post-rehab career.

Lindsay's business date was with Pascal Mouawad -- a jeweler who's worked with stars like Heidi Klum and Nicole Richie.

We're told the two sides discussed the possibility of creating an upcoming line together -- the second time they've talked about teaming up. Back in 2009, they kicked around the idea ... but  nothing ever came to fruition.

However, this meeting was all business -- because after the jewelry talk, we're told Lindsay's top people (lawyers, managers, etc) strategized about upcoming film projects and other career moves.

According to our sources, Lindsay has "multiple scripts" to consider.

Not among them ... a biopic of a 1970s porn star.


UPDATE: We're told Pascal gave Lindsay a heart-shaped 10.10 carat diamond Rosette necklace selected by Pascal Mouawad himself. It has an estimated worth of $25,000.


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Who would want her name on ANYTHING at this point?

OMG what a stupid business blunder!

1392 days ago


@sitting bull

I googled the following:

Lindsay Lohan is an idiot: 24,900,000
Lindsay Lohan is a loser: 2,740,000
Lindsay Lohan is a fool: 12,700,000
Lindsay Lohan is a jerk: 9,450,000

and the best of all:

Lindsay Lohan is done: 124,000,000

I'd say I just proved your theory WRONG!!!

1392 days ago


Drug and alcohol addictions are horrible things to go through. I am sad that so many people want to see Lindsay fail and end up behind bars. If more people in this world were supportive to those who are struggling like Lindsay I think we would see more addicts recovering. It's easy for armchair experts to say they would never do what she did, but really... Picture yourself 16 yrs old with more money than you know what to do with and little supervision.. I think more of us would end up like her than not in that kind of situation. Some people just can't handle the fame and fortune and end up turning to drugs and alcohol to cope. Instead of judging her, picture her as one of yours. A friend, daughter, wife etc. How would you react to someone you love losing themselves to drugs? Would you be so quick to condemn them as you are with Lindsay? Or would you be supportive and hope that the person makes their way through it? No one says you have to agree with her actions, but you can try to understand. And don't forget.. This could be someone you love, or it could even be you. Peace.

1392 days ago


LOL at the update...I really hope he's not expecting the necklace back...usually when Lindsay the klepto is around it's HIDE THE JEWELRY!!

1392 days ago


Amazing..those duck lips never close!

1392 days ago


@ 53
I understand how you feel and yes if it was my OWN daughter I would agree with you but we are talking about Lindsay. Her and her mother have been denying a problem had ever existed until recently. My daughter would NEVER wear **** YOU nails to court!!

1392 days ago


I would never buy jewelry from a drug addict...maybe at Hollywood & Highland. Kind of early in the career to pull a "Joan Rivers"...

1392 days ago


Multiple scripts = Vicodin, Zanax, Oxycotin, Ritalin

1392 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Sitting Bull, what do you think of Radaronline's latest Lindsay headline? Just wondering....

1392 days ago


@ sitting bull

Hmmmm... it must be 50,000,000 really poor people who love Lindsay because her last starring role film brought in a grand total of $7,233,485. Her supporters sure have a funny way of supporting her!

1392 days ago


Simple common sense: If you hate, you IGNORE. You don't search. She's nowhere near done. Put the fork away and let it get rusty.

Posted at 4:49 PM on Jan 7, 2011 by Sitting Bull

I agree! Most people have no interest in her or hate her so much that they don't even search on her anymore. They are not represented in your numbers above so your numbers are irrelevant. So, are you saying LL lied when she told the court her clothing business was floundering just a couple of months ago? Did she also lie about being destitute and not having the money to pay for rehab? What ever happened to that $500K credit card debt that she couldn't pay a few months ago?

More importantly, are all these uneducated little boys defending her on here going to pay to see her in a movie? I think not. I doubt they can even afford the price of a movie.

1392 days ago



In the USA, is a huge $ gift like that income and reportable?

Posted at 4:01 PM on Jan 7, 2011 by burner


Of course. It was given as payment for the publicity photos featuring Lindsay and Mouawad.

1392 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Slow news day eh?

1392 days ago


She looks better than she has in many, many years !!!!!!!!

1392 days ago


Sitting Bull, you are hilarious!!! Keep up with those numbers dude! hahaha

1392 days ago
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