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Michael Lohan -- The Paparazzi Will See You Now

1/7/2011 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan visited Dr. Randall Caldron's office in West Hills, CA yesterday -- with his own paparazzo in tow, of course -- where the 50-year-old estranged father of four had blood drawn ... show us agony!

It's nice to see someone sucking the life out of him for a change.


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@ 3

Did I say I stayed at Starbucks you dumb sh*t? I said I saw him with his crew of people while I was getting my drink.

Read correctly before attempting to give your smart ass answer.

1329 days ago


I coudnt end up my day if it didnt appeared this news.
Now I can go to bad and sleep.
Thank you so much TMZ for giving us all this very usefull info.

1329 days ago


@ 17 ... really? I for one could care less who walks into my Starbucks. If someone wants to hold a meeting with friends or business client so what? You think Lohan is garbage? Fine. But the guy can come and go as he pleases with or without your approval. You are entitled to your opinion. However, Lohan also has the right as well... and your Starbucks might be the place he also like to frequent... just like little old you.

1329 days ago


Talk about smart ass remarks. Just re-read what you posted Number 2 - Chris.... "This guys a loser. He comes in to my local Starbucks with his crew of people as if he's someone important. Take your garbage meetings elsewhere you dumb ****. No one wants to see your ugly face. Posted at 6:25 AM on Jan 7, 2011 by Chris"

He comes into "my" local Starbucks.... YOURS? Hmmmmmm. "As if he's someone important?" Guess what? He is important. I'd say a bit more than you, Chris. "Garbage Meetings?" What do you know what he was meeting about? Maybe it was something important ... not to you ... but to him and his meeting guests.
And ... "no one wants to see your ugly face?" My... my Chris. How do you know no one wants to? Maybe "you" don't want to. Keep it to your own remarks, Chris. I for one would not mind seeing him walk into "my" Starbucks.

You just like to throw up your snide remarks and run off somewhere to be judgemental to others at "your" Starbucks. Who else don't you like there?

1329 days ago


Lohan ,he is such a pendejo..

1329 days ago


@ 20 ernie

You must be Michael Lohan's gay lover...awwww
Coming on here defending him. you ***get.

Your just a waste of space mother f*cker just like Michael Lohan.

1329 days ago


@ 20 ernie

You must be Michael Lohan's gay lover...HAHA
your a loser just like himself coming on here defending him.

Hey Ernie, open your comes a load of CRAP.
you waste of space mother f*cker.

1329 days ago


lol @ ernie & chris!

Safety first!
- paper bags at hand for possible hyperventilation? Check.
- sippy cup (no spills at the computer) of GatorAid? Check.
- ice packs for wrists and fingers? Check.

OK... GO!!!
Interweb fight! Interweb fight!

1329 days ago

get real    

The Paps Pay him to do a shot of getting Lab work done???? Gees.. Give him credit. He knows how to Make Income without working !

1329 days ago


Yes Chris ... When all else fails attack one's character.

I suppose you do not like ***s, blacks, jews, catholics, indians coming into "your" Starbucks too?

Just who do you like coming into "your" Starbucks besides you?

1329 days ago


Ernie, isn't it time you give one of your rediculous Bible passages. For someone always quoting the Bible, shouldn't you start praying for Chris? You are an IDIOT Ernie. You, Nicole, and Delmar, should go jump in front of a train. Chris I'm with you, Lohan is a knothead.

1329 days ago


That whole entire family is a walking disfunction, separately and collectively. Pathetic.

1329 days ago


And I care what this frame hag does?

1329 days ago


@ Chris

more like michael lohan himself.

1329 days ago


@ Bearcat34 ... Thank you. I will look for the next train and throw myself in front of it. I reallly appreciate your expect and lovingly advice. Gosh. Why didn't I think of that?

I know your little fingers can not wait until you pound out another one of your hate filled posts. Hurry up now.... make sure you keep your bashing bullying ways. Cause ... we all just love how much you really do care about others.

1329 days ago
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