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Michael Lohan -- The Paparazzi Will See You Now

1/7/2011 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan visited Dr. Randall Caldron's office in West Hills, CA yesterday -- with his own paparazzo in tow, of course -- where the 50-year-old estranged father of four had blood drawn ... show us agony!

It's nice to see someone sucking the life out of him for a change.


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Stupid People Hater    

That's really weird that he would bring a photographer in to the doctors office.

1394 days ago


I think all of you people are forgetting that what you are seeing and reading here on TMZ is HOLLYWOOD. It is not the CBS News, CNN, nor ABC Nightline.

TMZ loves to throw stories at you for fun ... and of course have some very serious breaking news items as well. But they are in the business of gossip and rumors ... and poke fun at celebrities who make fools of themselves such as Michael's recent photo here at the doctor's office.

What is amazing .. is how hateful people are on TMZ. How easy it is for your fingers to type of what is in deeply instilled your hearts without the least bit of concern of care for your fellow human beings.

TMZ is helping you by allowing you to judge others .. all the while you are being judged yourselfs.... Ernie included!

How about Starbucks? Anyone for a meeting at Chris... maybe we can call Lohan and you can kill him if he shows up.

Pray? You betcha!!!

1394 days ago


people if you didnt know the poster here ernie is Michael Lohan himself

1394 days ago


Dana .... wrong .... Too funny. Just because one sides with someone you right away think the person is odd or is the actual person.

Get a life!!! Not everybody is going to agree with your hateful comments and opinions.

1394 days ago


Why TMZ? Why do you continue trying to make this jerk and fame-whore a star on your site? Why do you continue giving him the attention he DOESN'T deserve? Please TMZ, IGNORE HIM and perhaps he'll go away...once and for all.

1394 days ago


GeneL - TMZ does it because of just what you posted. A reaction. No reaction. No more posts. Simple logic here.

Lohan is entertaining to some. Sure most people think he is a jerk. However, Lohan is a Hollywood family... whether we like it or not. The Lohan family is newsworthy. Bad or good. They get in the news. Like it or not. That is the nature of the Hollywood beast.

TMZ allows for reactions from the public.

Did you ever notice how nice the TMZ camera people are when they meet up with a celebrity? Then.. once the tape gets back to the home office they tear the celebrity apart ... making all sorts of snide negative remarks. But not when the cameraman is taking the video footage. It is "Oh hi Michael or hi Lindsay.. my how nice you look today. Here let me open the door for you."

TMZ is very hypocritical... However, so what? Who cares?

1394 days ago


He is such an *******, plain and simple. What the hell did Dina see inhim to marry him.

1394 days ago

george fudge!    

That photo can now be used as exhibit #1 ,for why LL is such an awful actress, its in her family genes. Her father is a loser too, LL the rotten apple never fell far from the tree.

1394 days ago


Dina is a prize?

1394 days ago


Ernie, Jesus was talking to me and my little fingers, and said that he put you on this planet to mock me for mocking you. Isn't that called hypocricy? Oh, well. Keep filling your hate filled comments to Chris. Oh wait, you're praising the Lord and all his followers. Get a life Bible Banger. You want a following, go to a church. I'm capable of doing my praying on my own time, not flaunting it on TMZ.

1394 days ago


That picture was a waste of your cameraman's time and ours! Don't want to see or hear about this loser ever again. Why does TMZ continue to feed his ego? How about filming some positive news, or is that not your venue? These pictures make TMZ a tabloid!

1394 days ago

LA Native    

If that was me in that photo I would go crawl under a rock and hide but I guess "any press is good press" after all is said and done.

1394 days ago


Thank you Bearcat34 --- but I thought you wanted me to throw myself in front of a train? Should I be carrying my bible? Do you think it might help? Should I praise God before, during or after the train hits me?

Do you think Chris and you would like to be there too? Maybe for moral support? I know how much you love others. Hey... maybe instead of me jumping you could push me?

I know ... let's call Michael and Lindsay and you can throw us all in front of that train. Wow! Do you think Jesus would let us in heaven if we have our Bibles with us?

Guess what? Jesus is not about church. He is about life. He is everywhere. Even right where you are ... now. God is a spirit so He had his fill of buildings back in 70AD and destroyed that one so good not one stone was left by the Romans.

But hey ... we don't want to start talking religion now do we? I know I would be outclassed by your knowledge and besides... the train is coming and that does not give us much time.. now does it?

When would you like to meet? And where?

1394 days ago


I'll bet that's his "O" face too!

1394 days ago


Am I the one who is missing something or is it Chris? He is the one who got all bent out of shape when Lohan had a meeting in Chris' Starbucks. God forbid someone other than Chris can use a Starbucks.

I really do not have a problem with Michael Lohan. He is a man who seems to love his family and wants what is best for it. So the guy is a bit flambouyant? So what?

If TMZ did not want to use his photo or jerky side-stories other than ones about his troubled daughter ... so what?

If the man wants to have a meeting in a Starbucks .. I mean ... is it going to kill Chris to have to buy his coffee there as well?

1394 days ago
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