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'Teen Mom' Farrah -- Baby, She Looks Good

1/7/2011 3:25 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

With an orange glow and a bikini in Orlando on Friday, Farrah Abraham looked more like a cast member of the "Jersey Shore" than "Teen Mom."

For this 19-year-old, GTL means gyno, tan, labor.


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Khate sucks    

Great body but the mug is broke down...........LOVE $15!!! LOL What's a refund gap?

1348 days ago


I think she's cute but only cute if she works on her f'd up attitude....Love for your baby...

1348 days ago


She is not a NEW mom. Her daughter is to old to breastfeed. She is a pretty girl. She just looks different because her hair isnt done. How many of you would kill to look like her. How many of you have a body like this. I cannot believe the hateful bashing. Girl cant even walk on the beach without hate spewed at her. And we wonder why kids kill themselves. Its because everyone has lost any kindness and sensitivity to other human beings. NO one is perfect and to judge others so harshly is just mean and immature. Since when does walking on the beach deem you a bad mother?!!?. I dont carry my baby on my hip all day long so that I can look like a "good mom". Seriously stop.

1348 days ago

My New Name    

TexasKnight, you are incredibly uneducated, illiterate, ignorant, boorish and nescient to be on this board or any other board passing judgment or anyone, or telling other people how to live their lives.

Even if we could overlook your ridiculous ramblings and barely readable sentences, you are making biting judgments of a person about whom you know nothing, like chastising her for not having her child, when you have no idea where her child was at the moment this picture was snapped.

With every sentence you attempt to write you simply reveal more of your own ignorance, stupidity and lack of understanding of not only what this young lady should be doing with her life, but of life in general.

I think it is important to mention here that I did watch the seasons this girl was on MTV and have determined that I really cannot stand her. I think that is important so that you won't think I am saying these things to you simply in defense of her. I assure you, I am not.

I encourage you to get an education, learn how to properly express yourself and go about the business of running your own life instead of standing in judgment of how other people ought to live their lives.

If you will do that, you will learn what most of us learn who have reached "a certain age," and that is that the more you learn about life and the wiser you get, the more you realize just how little you really know about the way things ought to be.

1348 days ago

My New Name    

Sorry, obviously I meant to type "passing judgment ON anyone..."

Sorry for the typo. If there are others, I apologize for those, too.

1348 days ago


Yikes. She looks 40, not 16. Poor thing.

1348 days ago


Oh my god, she's ****ing hot.

1348 days ago


Hot body (which is normal for the very young)... butt ugly face.

1348 days ago



is a judges others because he is not happy about anything in life, so much so he must degrade a teen Mom struggling to raise a child alone.

what a kook!!And he hates Texas, but uses it as a user name, what a f*dgepacker

1348 days ago


See what happens when ya get a fun bag job that wasn't needed?

1348 days ago


Lose the horrid bangs! And what is with all of the Teen Mom's from that season (except Catylynn) and their Orange Glo tanning cream?

1348 days ago


@ Angel I think your Caps Lock is turned on.

1348 days ago

Get back to work!    

Why did she slit her wrist? MTV cut her off?

1348 days ago


Wow she goes to Metro community college in omaha ne NORTH omaha at that lolz not too special trust me...we see her all the time.

1348 days ago


seen better looking meat with a hook in its mouth!

1348 days ago
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