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Grown Man Gets Branded by Justin Bieber

1/8/2011 7:00 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

There are a lot of crazy Justin Bieber fans ... and then there's this guy.

An adult California man -- who shall remain nameless for his own safety -- got a tattoo of the Bieb's 16-year-old face on his left thigh.

There isn't enough alcohol in the world to explain this.


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HAHA. People are always going to be hating, Josh, but I bet if a girl got a tattoo of selena gomez everyone would be like "omg that's so hott" cos people are stupid and for some reason its always worse for guys and automatically are called "gay" or pedos! DANG PEOPLE let this guy like the beebz! I love Kelly Clarkson and I don't give a care. I'm sure half of you sing to the beebz in the shower on a daily basis! Props to Josh and his real tattoo.

1320 days ago

WentToo Far    

PFFFFTT! Who are YOU foolin JOSH???? Its not about haters DUMBASSS! You're the one who has to live with the "BUZZ" YOU created! You're in the biz Josh! Go on wit your bad self and your Bieber adoration. Lets see now wayyyyy down the line when you have to explain yourself in BAND interviews, or in your personal life over and over and over and over....negative attention better than no attention, right JOSH???

1320 days ago


Check out his band! He has an amazing voice!

And to all you negative people, you guys are just too funny. Josh can care less what you think he's probably laughing his ass off reading all the hate comments =)

1320 days ago


He is one cool dude. Love Bieber! And you don't have to be a gay man to get a Bieber tattoo.

1320 days ago


just respect it =] i think its pretty badass!

1320 days ago

Get back to work!    

Let's hope he never gets sent to prison.

1319 days ago


I know Josh, and he isn't gay, or a pedophile either. A lot of musicians get band logo tattoos of the bands that they respect, and I'm sure if Bieber had a logo, he would have gotten it instead. Justin Bieber has a formula that works in the music industry, that many people don't understand. Doing covers of popular songs can many times bring more attention than doing originals, even though the I Am Cassettes album "Lovers & Liars" is a great CD. Good luck to Josh and IAC on their CD release. Hopefully Harvey Levin will listen to it and like it too...

1319 days ago


Noooo, just, nooooo

1319 days ago


This gives me the creeps! Hide ya kids, hide ya husbands lol!! Sorry but this goes over that top as a "fan", more like perv, pedophile status!

1319 days ago

Joshua Paschke    

Love it! So many people are gettin fired up over MY DECISION to tattoo MY BODY. What's funny about all of you who think you know me based off this article is the fact that you simply don't and I'm insanely stoked that you don't. People can be vile and this proves it. It's all okay though cause I don't lose any sleep over it. Justin Bieber is a favorite of mine and I love to get tattooed. I put both of them together, sue me! Whaaaaaaatever!

Check out my band I Am Cassettes at

Follow me on Twitter @IAmCassettes

I'm the guy with the Justin Bieber tattoo. Deal with it haters. Love you all.

1319 days ago


All I can think of is WHY??????

1319 days ago


And this has the right to vote?

1319 days ago

Kris Kidd    

Oh haha i know this dude. his name is josh cassettes

1319 days ago

Hector Palma    

@#11: He cant get a Michael Jack Tattoo,....To many faces :/

1319 days ago


the beib is soooo f-ing lame!! hate him with a passion!! who on earth would get that ***s face on there thigh...and a grown man at that....child molester...i think so!!

1319 days ago
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