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No Season Two for Sarah Palin?

1/8/2011 9:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you have a thing for semi-attractive middle-aged female politicians who like to hunt -- Sunday could be your last chance to catch it on television.

Tomorrow's two-hour finale of "Sarah Palin's Alaska" could be the last one ever, says EW. Even though the show averages a respectable 3.2 million viewers a week, the mag says there are no plans for a second season.

The moose in Alaska just sighed in relief.


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Thank god, now go back to alaska andshut the f#&k up.........

1382 days ago


Good riddance to garbage.
Did you see her club that fish? Wow, she liked doing that and that's just sick. She's soulless. And she has those crazy eyes, like Charlie Manson eyes.
BTW, no, I didn't watch the show to see that clip with the fish, I saw the clip on another show and they were discussing it.

1381 days ago


The fact that stupid bitch was able to avg. 3 million people to her show is proof that people are getting dumber all the time. If this broad somehow becomes the leading candidate for the republicans than barack may as well just light up a blunt, blast some marley and hotbox the white house cause he'll be guarunteed another 4 years.

1381 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Now she can go back to having affairs, pretending her pig daughter's 2nd kid is hers, talking more nonsense on things she doesn't know about, and giving it to Todd with a strap-on.

1381 days ago


I have to say she's better looking than Bristol

1381 days ago


Only idoits will vote for her & America is full of idoits. She is attractive though but not the brightiest bulb in the pack. She will never be President Republicans and Democrats will never allow it.
TLC has done the right thing!!
Finally her fifteen minutes is dwindling down.

1381 days ago


Semi-attractive? She's a total MILF.

1381 days ago


It was a Caribou that she shot not an Elk. You should watch the show you might learn something.

1381 days ago


she's semi attractive. Been aware of her since 1996 up here and everything you think you know about her is fake. That 'hunting' ep should have alerted the stoopider among us that this is so. Some poor caribou was murdered so she could continue to pretend to be a hunter. Watch it. You will see. She's a fake dumbass and always has been. "we gotta support our friends the N. Koreans." uh, they are the enemy, s. Korea? "We gotta support them too." Yes, she is as stoopid as a stump.

1381 days ago

Sugar Kitty    

I didn't realize how many TMZ commenters were vegetarians.

1381 days ago


The moronic young idiot know nothing who wrote the page about Sarah Palin is number one...moronic...and number two ill informed. Sarah has asked for more compensation per episode for a season two and the cable channel has balked. At least know something about what you write...Punk.

1381 days ago


Thank goodness!! I hope there won't be anymore shows. I can't stand the dip****...bad enough having her in the political world, now she's supposed to be entertainment? The less of her, the better!!

1381 days ago


For all thsoe who suffer from SARAH DERANGEMENT SYNDROME , she said from day #1 it for one season. Again , if someone's politics differ from Harvey's there is a real slant to the reporting. Harvey has a real cob up his a$$ for Sarah and his lace drawers are showing.

The more the sickos hate her the more regular America loves her so keep it up.

1381 days ago


She isn't even attractive at all. Perhaps it's the lack of IQ that removes the visual aspects. Intelligence is sexy.

I wish this woman and her family would go away for good. You can't extract one good thing from any of them.

1381 days ago


I have no use for her as a political "leader" whatsoever. She's a huge--albiet successful, media wh*re. All about the ca$h.

BUT--I do have eyes, & she's a lot more than semi-attractive. Hence, much of her success. Yes--that's one of the main reasons.

1381 days ago
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