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No Season Two for Sarah Palin?

1/8/2011 9:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you have a thing for semi-attractive middle-aged female politicians who like to hunt -- Sunday could be your last chance to catch it on television.

Tomorrow's two-hour finale of "Sarah Palin's Alaska" could be the last one ever, says EW. Even though the show averages a respectable 3.2 million viewers a week, the mag says there are no plans for a second season.

The moose in Alaska just sighed in relief.


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Free at last from this idiot's self professing show about animal killing and fish beating. Watch her daughte roll her eyes. Even she BGet rid of her.

1391 days ago


People think she's hot? last time I saw a jaw like that was on a UFC fighter.

1391 days ago


I hate to burst your bubble but Democrats hunt and fish too! I bet not one of you negative posters has ever given any money to support wild animals or their habitats. Hunters and fishers do! They buy permits and they support the management programs that ensure the healthy animal populations that we have. They also support programs to return excess farm lands to their natural state so the animals have a place to live. They have a vested interest - they want to hunt and fish. Put up or shut up!

1391 days ago


I guess like semi attractive I guess in a way like you might have fired off some knuckle children to her if she was your friends mom back in the day.

1390 days ago


just took TMZ off of my bookmarks...the comments about Sarah Palin were dumb...written by an amateur...

1390 days ago


Thank the Lord. The further away from the media mouthpiece, the better. The woman incites violence, then says sorry, I'll pray for the victims. Woo hoo. Please just go away. Loopy nut job.

1390 days ago


sarah is a devil that walks amongst beware of her and her evil daughters the shooting of 20 people is a result of the hate they spread take your money and please drop off the face of the earth

1390 days ago


She needs to take the time off to help incite more violence and bigotry in people.

1390 days ago


I have to watch what I say mind you I`ve been reported for using the word clowns in same sentence as Obama admin.

Dogs In Heat

1390 days ago


Sarah Palin is beautiful but she needs to tone down her shrill voice.

1390 days ago


who cares about what she looks like?? I'm just glad her bull**** 15 minutes are over! it hurts me to hear her voice! BYE BYE PALIN!!

1389 days ago


never watched it i was taught stay away from the souless devil

1387 days ago

carolyn foreman    

pretty is as pretty does, and this gal is just too full of herself to understand the hatred and violence she promotes .. she must listen to rush limbough and glen beck, and researched their income .. this country has no use for any of them .. reminds me of germany coming out of their ww1 depression ...

1387 days ago


Ever see those photos "People who shop at Walmart"?
That right there explains why Sarah has gained popularity.

For what its worth, I think initially she comes across as "attractive" (no where near smokin hot) but once she starts speaking, its not just the tone, its the attitude, the words. What a turn off!!! Attractiveness encompasses the entirety. And this is a woman who clearly has no respect for the environment, no understanding of cause and effect, is arrogant, self serving, an excellent spin doctor of rationality. I respect her outdoorsiness, but that is where it ends. For someone who has such a supposed connection to the land, it has taught her nothing. I think being up in alaska where there is such expansiveness of wilderness, she is simply out of touch of the reality that exists in this country regarding the imbalance of development vs preservation and the outrageous control of money over rational well reasoned choices. With the new supreme court decision that judges corporations as "people", this evil control by money at all costs power structure will only advance. Those who support it are all those who benefit by it while the rest of us loose our rights and our voice. Sarah supports this.

If this country is to survive long term, there must be an awakening to a different kind of "benefit" than money at all costs, or fame for audaciousness. Sarah represents to me all the small mindedness in this country, all the rationale spin doctoring and all things that support a means to the end, without examining the damage done along the way. Charity has been lost in this society. Compassion, empathy have fallen by the wayside. There are millions of individuals who call themselves christians yet haven't a clue as to who Jesus really was or what he taught, other than sound bites taken out of context that serve their purpose for the moment. All of this is what Sarah Palin is about, what she advances. Her ilk, and the rise of her ilk demonstrate one thing and one thing only, the sad direction our country is going with the rise of mindless empty self-righteous hubris.

1381 days ago
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