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Sarah Palin's Crosshairs Map Still on Facebook

1/10/2011 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin still has not removed the controversial target list map from her Facebook page -- the one that was posted back in March and features crosshairs all over a map ... and the name of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, among others.

Sarah Palin Crosshairs

Palin has been getting flack for the map in the wake of the Giffords shooting over the weekend. A Palin staffer defended the graphic, saying, "We never ever, ever intended it to be gun sights ... It was simply crosshairs like you'd see on maps."

So we ask ...


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Sarah Palin is not the only one to have a "Target Map" on their website. Daily Kos also had at Target Map up in October and listed Gabrielle Gifford because she is a Blue Dog Conservative Demoract. But, they took it down along with an article titled "Gifford's Dead to Me" They also took that article down too. But it can be found on Michelle Malkin's site. So no, dont take it down Sarah.

1347 days ago


Even an idiot knows sarah palin has a finger in all radical rhetorics,she helps the unhinged feel like what they are doing is main steram! So yes she is responsible for this blood shed by being so careless and a media whore!Thou doth protest too much Sarah fanatics!!

1347 days ago


TMZ's trying to stir up a little political trouble here?

1347 days ago

J F K    

The fact that Sarah Palin's daughters dont even know how to control themselves on facebook when their mom is a national figure by cursing and calling people homos tells me enough about that family........i mean come on thats just common sense...

1347 days ago



Lets not forget that the left in this country made millions and spawned PMSNBC types in the last decade.

There was even a movie made and screened at filmed festivals dreaming about the killing of George W. Bush. There were bumper sticker stickers of GWB in a target crosshair. People burned our president in effigy at the drop of a hat while they were burning the flag and denouncing the United States.

Just in your town of LA, you had people marching in the streets denouncing the United States calling for the death of politicians. NOT YOUR TYPICAL RIGHT WING TYPES HUH! So again, its ok to disparage politicians and the United States when it is the left doing it because that fits their template. But if the *@&!^ right do it, WEEELLL WELLL we gots our selves a problem over here and they must be stopped.

I know I am not alone here. I have listened carefully to the comments of some of those in the newsroom on your show.

1347 days ago


Willow Palin is a nasty little snot. I wonder where she got that from?

1347 days ago


You really will be happy when you get some-one riled up enough that Sara Palin or one of her children is the one struck down. Have you people no regard for human life? The very idea that you've gone here in the wake of this tragedy is telling that life means so little to you in achieving your ideological end result.

1347 days ago


Keep it up and posted, Sexy Sarah.
It's shines and glistens with your stupidity, ignorance and violent tendancies.

1347 days ago


When you list your political opponent's name with crosshairs and scream RELOAD, you can't be surprised when one of your followers shoots them.

This map is the set up for that act. There were two Dems that won over her Tea Party operatives. The other is still healthy. If I were him, I'd request federal security.

Sarah Palin has attracted a group of insane but violent followers who are gun toting and love to kill just like she does. They are an offshoot of the Republican Party and a collection of the worst Republicans EVER.

No mainstream Republican would ever scream "RELOAD" or rejoice in clubbing a fish to death.

This woman is extremely detrimental to all Republicans. Let's see if they are brave enough to take her out of this game. As a DEM, I'd certainly support and respect that effort.

1347 days ago


When I use Google Maps, Mapquest or Yahoo Maps, I get pins indicating what I am looking for. NEVER crosshairs.

1347 days ago


It isn't TMZ stirring up trouble here. It follows this woman around. She revels in it.

You can't tell me she didn't know this map was incredibly bad taste and unwise. She is this arrogant and this stupid.

The good news is she's done here. There is nothing to do but unload and make her money off of television etc. She's a quitter and a killer. She's simply DONE.

1347 days ago


Bye bye, Sarah and the TP, you folks are all finished now.

1347 days ago


Who cares, gee everyone nick picks the littlest things.... Lets start picking the big things that matter and start with ourselves individually!!!!!

1347 days ago


That doesnt look like crosshairs on a map at all. Maybe if her language wasnt so gun heavy it would help her case

1347 days ago


And there are many other websites that follow this woman around and if you people dont like it go to another website and quit complaining

1347 days ago
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