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Sarah Palin's Crosshairs Map Still on Facebook

1/10/2011 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin still has not removed the controversial target list map from her Facebook page -- the one that was posted back in March and features crosshairs all over a map ... and the name of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, among others.

Sarah Palin Crosshairs

Palin has been getting flack for the map in the wake of the Giffords shooting over the weekend. A Palin staffer defended the graphic, saying, "We never ever, ever intended it to be gun sights ... It was simply crosshairs like you'd see on maps."

So we ask ...


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I am still shocked that someone, who at one time held office, could be so irresponcible. Who voted for her? Oh thats right, she is the "pretty" voice of todays red-necks. Personally I think she should be held crimminally negligent for this. If a non-white person had acted so irresponcible in posting crosshairs with "reload" instructions, ending in the death of a 9yr old little girl, I'm sure the Tea Party would be in an up roar. Why isnt Palin in someone's cross hairs right now?

1379 days ago


Palin's show was just cancelled.
I'm tellin ya, it's over for Palin and the TP.

1379 days ago

Mr M    

Please find DEMOCRATIC Map with "BULLSEYES" on

Amazing how people who “condemn” Palin’s map, keep on reposting it. Incredible.

1379 days ago


This shooter identified with communism and was an avowed atheist--not exactly the stock of a Palin-supporter.

But more than that, you start to see behavioral traits that very clearly point to his having a mental disorder.

This isn't right v. left. This wasn't politically driven. This was an individual whose ability to process the world around him became severely distorted over time. You note his behavior in his classes, and this becomes all too apparent.

Meanwhile the slumlords in the media are playing the right v. left game yet again.

Along with the police chief who failed at his job.

1379 days ago


Claaaaaaaassy Gal, that Sarah.

Hadn't she better cross Gabrielle Giffords off of her hit list?

1379 days ago


Ok - so as someone just said - a bunch of people flew planes into the world trade center in the name of Allah and Muslim religion but we are told that we should not hold the radical extremists actions against any Muslims - but there is a certifiable NUTJOB (who had numerous people state that he was wacky & frightening) who supposedly had LIBERAL beliefs who kills a federal judge who was there actually to challenge Giffords and a 9-year old girl - and all because Sarah Palin had a gun site on her web site we are supposed to believe that it's her fault? Ignorant people 'round here I guess. sickening actually how people just change things around to suit themselves. Beware. - it is more worrisome to have so many ignorant people who chose to breed and then pass their ignorance onto the children of the world. America is turning into idiocracy.

1379 days ago


It's over, Quinn, you've nothng to rail for, Palin and the TP are finished.
Her show was just cancelled today, she does not have the option to renew, that option was withdrawn.
She and the TP are out on their keisters.
Time they did a little soul searching.

1379 days ago

Peta Vale    

Piss the bloody guns off all together. This country will self destruct one day. Your government has created a monster.

1379 days ago

jeff stewart    

Look people. All you anti Palin Liberals Need look no farther than the actual facts. This guy was an alcoholic,drug abuser who was known to be mentally off. he had a shrine filled with oranges and a skull in his yard. Yet we Point the finger at Palin. When Regan was shot did we blame Jodi Foster whom Hinkley was trying to impress. NO! Because it would have been as idiotic as blaming Sara Palin now. In the end we have yet another wing nut who slipped through the cracks of the public school system with obvious mental problems. No one stopped to say this child needed help. Teachers and students say they were scared of him. So why didnt they get him help....But blame Sara Palin That works....No wonder our country is falling to pieces. We place the blame where it will most serve the political agenda!

1379 days ago


There are no crosshairs on maps, leave it to Sarah Palin to hire someone who is just as stupid as she is. Sarah's lil map didnt have anything to do with the shootings but her hate speech and the racist rants of the ******gers sure did.

1379 days ago


She doesn't wanna get sued-taking it down would be an admission of guilt..

1379 days ago


The daily kos put a bulls eye on Gabby Giffords last year and not a single media outlet is reporting it. This is yet another testament to a liberal media. Here is the proof of what the liberal daily kos did:

1379 days ago

The Doc Is In    

A lefty shoots a lefty and it's Palin's fault?
Might as well blame Al Gore for spam.

The shooter was a nut case.
It's really that simple.

1379 days ago


People wake up. first of all the people who say the person plotted this before she had it up don't realize that she had this same map up almost a year ago when Health Care was signed into law. This is not a new map its a year old already so that debunks that. 2nd is when you have a MORON like Sarah Palin who unfortunatley is a strong political leader in this country tell her brainless followers to "RELOAD" and to "TAKE THEM OUT" they will follow. Now Sarah Palin did not pull the trigger however for someone who is possibly running for President to have a map with crosshairs pointing out other Americans I feel she is a terrorist herself. We all know that if President Obama had something like this up Sarah Palin, The Tea Party and Republicans would be all over it, calling him a terrorist and Un American. She needs to start thinking with the little brain that she does have on her tactics and strategy of how whe would like to convey her message.

1379 days ago


Totally tasteless -

1379 days ago
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