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Sarah Palin's Crosshairs Map Still on Facebook

1/10/2011 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin still has not removed the controversial target list map from her Facebook page -- the one that was posted back in March and features crosshairs all over a map ... and the name of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, among others.

Sarah Palin Crosshairs

Palin has been getting flack for the map in the wake of the Giffords shooting over the weekend. A Palin staffer defended the graphic, saying, "We never ever, ever intended it to be gun sights ... It was simply crosshairs like you'd see on maps."

So we ask ...


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Sarah Palin intended them to be scope cross-hairs and her trying to church that up that they aren't is BS & she and her people know it. Her shtick is that she's the gun-toting, hunting, wilderness girl from Alaska (remember, all politics is a shtick and slick marketing, and she isn't the only one). Okay, fine, it's happened through out US history. She said the whole "don't retreat, reload" to get everyone's who's afraid of their 2nd amendment being taken away fired up. HOWEVER, all this "it's all Sarah's fault!!" is crap. She's one of MANY figure heads in the media - ON BOTH SIDES <--- THAT'S AN IMPORTANT POINT - that use this aggressive talk to get viewers, attention, ratings, which all translates into selling ads and books, booking speeches, etc. etc. This type of rhetoric is fuel for the money machine.

All of the media and every talking head and politician need to take a good, looong look at their behaviors and speech and question if it's actually full of rational thought or if they're just trying to make 'a splash'. I bet you can turn on any major cable news channel right now and within 5 minutes find an example of exactly what I'm talking about. Do a youtube search of any politician (Obama and Palin included) and you'll find the same thing....

I'm not a religious person, but a spiritual one, and I can say I've been praying for this country that we get our heads out of our arses and work together to fix how f'd we are, b/c we've been on a slippery slope for the past decade.....

Okay, let me go put this soap box away.....

1380 days ago

Don Alex    

Also, to any yokel who reads my last posting and wants to respond with the usual halfwitted cliche namecalling, Im not a "liberal", Im a moderate independent who has voted for both parties over the years, and in fact Im a gun owner too, in Nevada which is almost as gun friendly as Arizona. The people who think everything is either extreme right or left and have no concept of the rational middle are the real problem in this country, and they all need to take a large dose of STFU, on both sides.

1380 days ago


42....So she and her Republican buddies were going to remove alllllll of these people from office? strategically? Gimme a break!

1380 days ago


Once again, how is disagreeing with Barry and his policies hate? Please tell me.

1380 days ago

Missy Dissy    

Democrats published map with rifle bulls-eyes on it saying people in blue states were behind enemy lines.

Palin's map used mapping symbols.

1380 days ago


The Democrats are trying to say that Sara Palin put a target on the Congress woman who was shot because she had a map with targets on it. They are the states that she needed to zero in on and work harder to win. They are claiming it is her fault. But look what I found. A Democratic map with targets on the states they want to zero in on. Double Standards?

1380 days ago


A majority of Americans hunt to put meat on their tables. I don't like the taste so I go to the grocery store for the meat that is miraculously made without harm to animals (sarcasm).

1380 days ago


I don't think party affiliation has much to do with mental illness when you're delusional. (RE: the guy who shot all these people).I don't think its fair at this point to make politics out of this. How the heck did Sara Palin get brought into this? Have you seen his youtube videos? He hated left and right. Looks like people are trying to gain off this politically and I don't know what is worse.


The dead and wounded deserve better than to be used for political mudslinging. This thug just murdered 6 people including a 9 year old kid. Who cares if he's a Democrat or a Republican? Last time I checked neither party platform advocated shooting women and children.So enough political grandstanding. Republican & Democratic politics are not on trial here....Neither is Sarah Palin.

They have him alive so I'm sure he will tell us if Palin and Beck were involved.

1380 days ago


Palin and her “family, are just a bunch of morons. She quit her job as governor to serve her country in a bigger way. Remember that load of crap. What has she done since? Let’s see, make tons of cash off of bigger morons that want to pay her to show up to rattle for an hour with no true agenda but to incite the crowd and to make sound bites. Then she does a reality show.. Sure she left her job to serve her country in a bigger way.. LOL.. it was not because she was being investigated for misuse of her power. Of course not, that was nicely swept under the carpet, a decision made by GOP members.
I am so tired of seeing this name in the press, she is such a idiot, although she does make for a great punch line for Tina Fey and SNL. All I have to say about this idiot, is, it would finally prove to the whole world how stupid Americans are if she makes it on the GOP ticket for any office let alone the Presidency.
Years ago I would say no way, but after living through the Bush years, I just have to say, there sure are a lot of idiots in America, she just may make it on the GOP ticket.

Hey I have foreign policy experience, I have stood on the board of El Paso and saw Mexico and then I have been to Alaska and saw in the great distance Russia. So of course I have foreign policy experience. Since I saw two foreign countries and Palin only stated one, does that make me twice as gooder. .LOL (yes I know gooder is not a word, but Palin has used gooder).

1380 days ago


50, we did remove a lot of dems from office in the last election. The Dems lost big time, in case you don't read the real news.

1380 days ago


While I agree SP should take it down out of respect, Palin or nobody else should be blamed. People that knew the shooter all agree he was messed up. And it didn't just start recently. Fellow students from high school say he wasn't normal then either.

1380 days ago


Nobody is picking on Palin. She has done nothing but antagonize people and say horrible things about everyone she feels is her political enemy or anyone who says anything about her. She even insinuated that the author McGinnis is a sexual predator because he moved next door. Yet during her daughter's stint on dancing with the stars she asked her if she were going to do a lap dance thingy. What kind of thing was that for a mother to say to her daughter? Her Alaskan show had Willow's boyfriend sneaking up to her room...and we know it was staged for the cameras. WTH is that woman doing to her own kids? Like Piper said in the show last night...her mom is CRAZY. Disrespecful maybe, but correct.

1380 days ago


OMG! I think it is just crazy how everything that happens in this world is some how Sarah Palins fault! People need to get over themselves and let responsibility lie where it should, with the guy who did this senseless act!

1380 days ago


Oh and Barry had so much experience before the election. He was a less than 1 term senator, who had never held a full time job. And no he was not a law professor, only a part time lecturer. Can you say affirmative action baby?

1380 days ago


Please don't be this stupid folks. Palin has nothing to do with this whacko. Did she tell him to smoke pot too, set up a shrine to the devil in his backyard, or tell him to interrupt his college class every day. Stop be so stupid, seriously.

1380 days ago
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