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Sarah Palin Gives Statement on Giffords Shooting

1/8/2011 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin just posted a statement to her Facebook page on the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona today.


UPDATE: Huffington Post did a story in March 2010 about certain Democrats Sarah Palin targeted for tough re-election battles ... using gun sights on a map to point them out. One of those politicians was Rep. Giffords.


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Disgusted with the hate among Liberals    

It is sickening to see the profanity and hatred spewing from all of you that are clearly in a "liberal" camp. This behavior is exactly why there was a referendum on your agenda this past November. It is appalling to think that children are growing up in a world where there are people (like most of you putting up posts) making an example out of disgracing others personal tragedies. You should be ashamed and remorseful.

1321 days ago


I am still trying to find out the status of Cong.Giffords. Can't Sarah Palin have the dignity to keep her mouth shut until we know more about the situation? Anyway Giffords was "targeted" by her, so maybe she should just keep a low profile for the moment?

1321 days ago

Peter Boykin    

Do you really think Palin would be against this Congresswoman? #1. She was a fellow woman #2 she was a Blue Democrat who is PRO LIFE and Securing the Borders, I think Palin and this Congresswoman had a lot in common, so to say Palin wants a...nyone dead is stupid.. to make assumptions like that is just stupid... I am a Regan Democrat a Moderate who is happy with the Republican take over and who will vote Palin if she runs. I don't pull political crap out of thin air and make stupid assumptions. All this will show is that people out there are so ignorant and hate Palin that much that they will throw sanity out the window and blame people for something no one had anything to do with. Blame the shooter! Blame the Bullet! Pray for the ones that lost their lives and for the safety of this Congresswoman. And fear that people out there are going on the local level to take out our political system at the lower levels, no one is safe.. we worry about Presidential assassinations but all political representatives are proven today not to be safe. I don't like Pelosi but I don't wish her dead are we going to say every time someone on TV from one part opposes someone from the other party and that person then ends up dead are we going to blame their political rival? Wake up people! Pray!

1321 days ago

Rico G    

Those targets Palin has on her facebook are despicable. More so after what happened today. Is she going to color Giffords red now as well. Crawl back under your rock.

1321 days ago


Much more likely to be a left winger or just a nut than a Palinite or a Tea Partier.

1321 days ago

Steve P.     

Sarah Palin and her gang of nativistic brown shirts are (at least) indirectly culpable for this assassination attempt. Trust me, if this group of illiterate xenophobes wants a battle royale--democrats, liberals, and progressives may not sport the gun belts or wanton displays of bravado--but we will fire the last shots.

1321 days ago


Sarah Palin.
Irrefutable proof that there is still no known cure for stupid.

1321 days ago


real Sarah Palin quote, "I'm so sorry I called for the assassination of Rep. Giffords. I had no idea *wink wink* that any of my crazy, racist, gun toting followers would actually follow through with my hit list *wink wink*. Please send more money to SarahPAC as I am going to need even more support now that I'll be involved in a federal assassination investigation."

1321 days ago

Inouno Nyx    

I honestly hope the person who did it flat out aknowledges that he was merely following Palin's orders. Thank God she has probably lost her future in politics. I wonder what she'll do now with no political career and no second season of her "reality" show!

1321 days ago


Uh oh Sarah - Jesus isn't going to like this at all. Have fun in hell.

1321 days ago


Sarah Palin should be questioned for her inflamatory rhetoric against Democrats. Ask the shooter what his inspiration was and he will say reload. Sarah Palin is a hater. Thank Palin for the memories.

1321 days ago


tmz readers are liberals that don't like Sarah Palin *shocker*

1321 days ago


Sarah needs to stfu.....she is the type of person who incites this kind of incident.

1321 days ago


Rep Giffords father, Spencer Giffords, was asked if his daughter had an enemies that he knew of.
His reply?
"Yes, the entire Tea Party."
Sarah Palin has blood on her hands. She included Rep Giffords in her famous "crosshairs" map of congressional seats to be won by the tea party. I hope she can sleep tonight.

1321 days ago


You're just NOW starting to pray for peace and justice???!!?!?! Barf.

1321 days ago
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