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Sarah Palin Gives Statement on Giffords Shooting

1/8/2011 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin just posted a statement to her Facebook page on the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona today.


UPDATE: Huffington Post did a story in March 2010 about certain Democrats Sarah Palin targeted for tough re-election battles ... using gun sights on a map to point them out. One of those politicians was Rep. Giffords.


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Condolences? The woman is stil alive, you idiot!!! You're so quick to jump for media attention, you can't even wait to see if she's going to make it out of surgery.

Sarah Palin is a complete and total *******.

Posted at 12:20 PM on Jan 8, 2011 by myrna tyrna

My feelings exactly when I read that... what an idiot... TMZ had her as dead earlier, but apparently pulled it... IDIOTS!!!!

1348 days ago


How sad for America that we have allowed Sarah and her cohorts to spew their hatred so much that it has reached this point. It was only a matter of time. Sarah, you have always made me sick, but this is reprehensible! Any bets the shooter was a Tea Party member?? I thank God she was not elected as VP!!

1348 days ago


Who wants to take bets that the shooter was a member of the Tea Party?? Ever since Obama was elected, they have been hell bent on destroying the America they claim to love so much. Heaven forbid we should have health care, but keep those guns flowing freely. Wake up America!!

1348 days ago

Joanne Schucart    

You first "target" her and now your sorry and intend to pray for family and friends?? What did you expect from your friends in the Tea Party? You are responsible for pumping up the crazys in your slanted group and will surely pay for what you have done at one point in this life or the next.

1348 days ago


need your help, as a political leader, please help us turn to God and deal with this tragedy, as a nation of Christians

1348 days ago


Palins a douche bag she needs to stay in Alaska she will never be president.

1348 days ago


Democrats used targets on their maps too.

Stupid liberal drama queens.

1348 days ago


Arrest all hate mongers like Palin.
The evidence is widespread of who she hates and wants to reload for. She would be a good example of who the country should wholeheartly reject.

1348 days ago

A. L. Schoenfeld    

Congratulations to former governor Palin.
Her vitriolic diarrhea has contributed to a real tragedy
today. Words are very powerful and those in the limelight need
to consider how they will be heard by all, including irrational lunatics. Learn to speak rationally to the issues in a reasoned
and civil way or shut your cookie hole Ms. Palin.

1348 days ago


Evil, hypocritical bitch. I hope this ends her carreer, she's done more than enough damage.

1348 days ago

Hate stupidy    

TYpical liberal site, jump someone say the same tired thing time after time, paste and copy , need cross hairs for most on here, Remember everyone is responsible for their own safety.
stupid people blame weapons.

1348 days ago


FINALLY, SARAH PALIN HAS REVEALED THE TRASH SHE IS MADE OF! She has NO HEART, she has NO SOUL and she hopes to occupy our WHITE HOUSE??? The Republicans are salivating hoping Congresswoman Giffords will be one less Democrat to deal with. There is a saying of long ago, "God Don't Make No Junk," which is true, but, Sarah Palin somehow managed to squeeze herself through the DEVIL himself! She is America's #1 reprehensible, repulsive, two-faced, low-class, sub-human BITCH!!! Hopefully, she will never again enjoy a peaceful nights sleep, AGAIN!!!

1348 days ago

Decent person    

To all you sick f ks get some compassion people died today in a senseless way and all you can do is vent your political opinions.If there is a God you are all in trouble.

1348 days ago

Dick Mac    

Sarah Palin called for Giffords to be shot, and she has been.

Now we are supposed to believe that Sarah Palin is "sincere" in offering condolences.

1348 days ago


How PATHETIC that TMZ would point out that Huffington Post story saying that Sarah Palin "targeted certain Democrats"..."using gunsights to point them out". TMZ's liberal bias once again rears its ugly head and gives me even less confidence than before that TMZ can be fair in the way it reports news events by alluding to Sarah Palin as perhaps the one behind this tragic and horrific event. TMZ....SHAME ON YOU!

1348 days ago
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