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Sarah Palin Gives Statement on Giffords Shooting

1/8/2011 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin just posted a statement to her Facebook page on the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona today.


UPDATE: Huffington Post did a story in March 2010 about certain Democrats Sarah Palin targeted for tough re-election battles ... using gun sights on a map to point them out. One of those politicians was Rep. Giffords.


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Hey "Shoot'em up Sarah" sh it!

1383 days ago


The politician waqs a proponent of gun rights, and there's so far absolutely no evidence that politics had anything to do with this.

But by all means, don't let the facts get in the way of using blindless irrational hate as a tool to further a political agenda.

What's that Rahm said again - never waste a crisis? You people are disgusting.

1383 days ago


Palin caused this.. there is blood on her hands

1383 days ago


With halfwits like Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh out there inciting the lunatic fringe day after day, I'm surprised this sort of thing doesn't happen more often. My condolences to the Congresswoman ..... and my worst wishes to Palin and the gullible ******gers who listen and believe her inane drivel.

1383 days ago


i'll say it again sarah palin is a devil walking amongst us on earth and we need to heed the warning of how evil she is

1383 days ago


You idiot libs using this tragic shooting to further your own political agenda just shows once again what sick losers you all really are. That includes you TMZ! Since when do you ever report on news like this? Oh yeah, when we can use it to bash someone like Palin of course! Typical sick libs.

1383 days ago



1383 days ago


"gullible tea.baggers"

1383 days ago

Rick Package    

Palin should be an accessory in this assassination.

F'n lunatic!

1383 days ago


Well, the right wing is certainly true to their promises. Sarah Palin told her supporters to put people who disagree with her in their gun sights, and this is the inevitable result. Palin and the right-wing establishment are completely responsible for creating this atmosphere of hate and violence.

1383 days ago


Hey TMZ, WTF are you guys thinking? Where is the President's response? Is he not a celebrity? F#*k celebrity, in a time of national tragedy we are all Americans and all of us should look to our President 1st for guidance. Would it have mattered on 9/11 what Sarah Palin tweeted or posted on her Facebook? As far as I am concerned the money for the bullets would have been better spent if deposited into Sarah Palin.

1383 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

With all the trouble Sarah caused with her terrible rhethoric, I hope she falls on the same fate. Karma always catches up with you.....

1383 days ago


She bitched and moaned that those sniper sites on the map would not incite violence and that they wasn't what it was about... please now that someone on her 'hit list' has been shot as well as 6 others dead including a 9mth old baby .. NOW.. NOW .. she takes the damn thing down. I hope this comes back to her, if anyone of us had a hit list or made public a map with rifle sites targeting her or other Republicans that the person who posted it would be investigated ... hell the damn woman can't even deal with her neighbor 'looking into her yard' so she put a freaking 14' fence .. in Alaska. The usual Republican hypocrisy at work again.

1383 days ago


sarah palin is a hypocrite she goes aroung preaching hate and now when a crazy person acts out shes sorry, a nine year old child died and im sure she wasnt political. its time all americans work to gether and stop the hate and name calling restore america to greatness not sadness and hate. this goes to all the news media and such no more name calling and hate.

1383 days ago


Palin, why are you sorry? You got your wish.
Only 19 more to go!
Why don't you and your Al-Qaeda like crackpot supporters get the hell out of this country. Does it please you that you are creating domestic terrorists? And you call yourself American - pathetic!
Republicans would do well to disassociate themselves from you.

1383 days ago
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