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'Teen Mom' -- Riding in Style

1/9/2011 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Teen Mom" star Amber Portwood took a limo to the Indianapolis Colts/New York Jets playoff game yesterday from her home in Anderson, IN.

Too bad for Amber the Colts L-O-S-T ... LOST LOST LOST!!!


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She's so seXi!

1380 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

Check back with them in 2yrs lets see where they are and the money is.

1380 days ago


Oh so now I see. Beat your baby daddy, get tickets to a playoff game. Nice standard we set for our youth.

1380 days ago


ok why is a person called a star like just because she was on tv lmao!! why is this world so upside down please tell!!

1380 days ago


She looks so cute. Very pretty girl. Lost tons of baby weight HATERS! What? A mother has to stay shut in? No fun for mommies? She is/was young and lots of people make mistakes and learn from them. I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt. I think she loves her daughter and wants to give her a great life. She didn't know how to deal with her anger like a lot of us when we were young. You grow up and mature. She will too.

1380 days ago

The Truth    

Carol paid for the tickets with the money she made from selling her story about sharing a cell with Amber. She decided to take her to get more time in front of the camera and become a fake celeb. To bad she didn't try that hard with custody of her kids, maybe she wouldn't have had to be in that jail cell.

1380 days ago


What a bunch of losers and haters posting here. 90% of you can only dream about looking half as good as her. Take a clue losers, she looks way better than YOU!!!

Posted at 5:59 PM on Jan 9, 2011 by efnsteve

A efnloser is a man who wants to get it on with an uneducated, promiscuous, violent woman who can't even take care of her own kid. Try using your other head sometime.

1380 days ago


I don't think she is ugly nor do I think she is fat. I do think she is a worthless piece of **** though!

1379 days ago


You would think with all that money she made off of Teen Mom that she would be able to buy a jersey of a player that actually still plays for the Colts...

1379 days ago


come on people she isnt ugly. She actually looks really cute.

1379 days ago


First of all....who goes to a football game in a limo...2nd....why is she spending money on stuff like eyelash extensions, limos, and shopping sprees? I guess she thinks that mtv money will last forever. The girl doesn't even have an education. Her time and money should be placed there. Lastly....where is her daughter? I was a teen mother myself and from the minute she was brn and still now (her being 7 years old) is attached to my hip. Amber seems to have ALOT of extra time on her hands to party instead of taking care of Leah....Hey Amber.....Leah could have gone to the football game to you know. Stop pawning her off on other people and forget about being a "teen mom" a REAL MOM!!!

1379 days ago


To let everone know...yes....mothers can go out at times....yes we all need a break for ourselves....but Amber seems to one day go shopping, the next day to get her nails and hair and eyebrows done, and the next day to fake bake tan, then the next day to a football game. Whew!!! Im exhausted just typing it. SHe sent out photos of her and Leah at a family Christmas get together, but I never see her out with Leah doing mommy and me things. Where is Leah? Her grandma's....Gary's....a babysitter? Never with Amber....It seems like she is only with Amber when Amber has time for her. Guess what Amber....When your a mom it is totally have time for yourself every now and then. Not have time for leah evey now and then.

1379 days ago


WHY is she still getting attention? So I can go beat up my baby daddy (BTW is MY HUSBAND)in front of my kids and have it aired on TV for everyone to see and I can make of 200k a year? Please Amber and Gary too go to a finanical planner and save this money, if you do it right you can live nicely for a very long time and baby Leah will have a good life also. And please get therapy and parent training

1379 days ago

shawn portwood    

you all are so narrow minded. get a damn life and back off. if the only thing you have time to do during the day is look **** up on tmz and comment on it then you have no life. btw she has a college fund for leah.

1379 days ago

Carla W    

Firt off people...she ain't fat.
She is not a tooth pick like most women in the entertainment industry but she is by no means fat.

btw TMZ...Lay off the Colts!!

1379 days ago
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