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Arizona Shootings -- Take A Stand

1/10/2011 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Arizona shootings raises serious issues .... from Sarah Palin telling people to "reload," to banning automatic weapons. So we're taking your temperature.



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How many psychological unstable individuals they have access to guns in this country? This crazy 20 something guy bought a gun in November without ANY problem. I'm sure that he could have more problems buying a pack of cigarettes.

The Tea PArty is a disgrace for our democracy. Do you want free speech without limits? Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and so on they have the answer of what happened in Arizona.

1361 days ago


It is absolutely irresponsible and egregious that TMZ is talking about anyone, let alone innocent Sarah Palin. We live in a country, last I checked, where freedom of speech & the Constitutionally approved right to bear arms, is the basis of the founding of this country. There were legitimate reasons our founding fathers made sure we had these protections. Since I work for law enforcement, I can testify that the "criminals" will always find easy ways to obtain weapons. There will always be psychotic killers and derangued people, so we will never ever stop these types of killings. The odds are against us.

Noone should even be talking about these things, and it is the Media using Mrs. Gifford's situation to selfishly better their own agendas. Shame on TMZ, etc.

1361 days ago

Kim Farrell    

TMZ shame on you for trying to pin this horrible act of violence on Sarah Palin. The only person to blame for this horrible tragedy is the man who pulled the trigger. I cannot believe the way people are speaking to each other here when there are people lying in a hospital bed in Arizona fighting for their lives. Again shame on you TMZ for not showing respect for these poor people and their families!

1361 days ago


What a disgusting piece of trash this post is. The shooter was a 22 year old mentally ill man. Where is your proof that he watched FOX or that he even knew who Palin was? The reaction of the liberal media to this murderous rampage is abhorrent. But I guess using a terrible tragedy to further your political agenda is always ok if it is pushing the liberal agenda. PATHETIC.

1361 days ago

Craig Swinson    

Automatic weapons had nothing to do with this.
It was a semi-automatic Glock handgun. It was not a machine gun.
Fully automatic firearms are not outlawed, under certain conditions people can own them but again the shooter DID NOT use a machine gun.

The problem arises when people use the term and don't know what they are talking about, like TMZ and most news agencies.
The pistol was "automatic" in that it was not a revolver and loaded ammo "automatically" from a magazine. It was not a machine gun and most appropriately should be called a "semi-automatic pistol".

1361 days ago


Who's next Palin??

1361 days ago


This is why this is my first and probably last time ever posting on TMZ. People need to know what they're talking about, which obviously isn't the case here. Pistols are semi-automatic weapons yet people think otherwise here for some reason. If guns are outlawed then only outlaws will have guns. If anyone really wanted an illegal gun they could get one.

Putting crosshairs on a map is symbolic, but of what? What exactly does a crosshair mean? Its a method of obtaining a target. As a result their most prominent association is with guns and probably rightfully so. At its core though crosshairs are used to identify a target and nothing more. For this image in question, the target were those to VOTE OUT, not shoot. No reference was made to a gun. Those who chose not to fully evalutate the picture will see a crosshair and immediately assume its mounted to the top of a gun, because they chose to remain in their ignorance. Where on the image does it lead you to believe that a gun is involved? You assume a gun is involved because our first association with crosshairs are guns, but that doesn't mean every single crosshair is from a gun. Its just a method of acquiring a target.

1361 days ago



1361 days ago

jealous of kate    

Reading different blogs and then YOU, TMZ, even putting these questions on your site, I can not believe how much HATE and IGNORANCE is in this country. FIRST OF ALL, Sarah Palin has NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. Harvey Levin cannot stand her, so she is here on the poll. She did one map, almost A YEAR A GO, using a TARGET TYPE THING to show people WHERE THEY HAD WORK ON GETTING THE DEMOCRATS OUT OF OFFICE. We did not think it was 'go out and shot them' NO!, the PRESS CAME UP WITH THIS. Palin's comment, 'don't retreat, reload..' WAS A PHRASE, A FIGHTING PHRASE, not one to go get yourself a gun, but the PRESS TURNS IT AROUND AND A BUNCH OF PEOPLE WHO HATE HER are going 'yes, she is saying get a gun!' I am not a republican, I am registered Democrat, but consider myself NOW AN INDEPENDENT. I do belong to my local Tea Party. We protest, AND ONLY PROTEST, rising taxes, and GOVERNMENT SPENDING, Government takeovers. No guns... NO VIOLENCE.... THAT PEOPLE THINK THAT Republicans, tea party members are inciting this, is mindblowing. If you all are even reading papers and watching the news, you need to get off the network channels and liberal papers.( stop watching Joy Behar and Keith Oberman). Watch and read a variety of things, get a crossview. Open your mind. Oh, this shooter IS INSANE. He was rejected by the military. Got upset when a religious group tried to hand him a bible, because he is an athiest. So, definitely not tea party or republican. Infact, if they started to point fingers, they would say he was a LIBERAL. But, STOP THE FINGER POINTING. Everyone is responsible for their own actions. This shooter should have been in a mental hospital, under care. and if anyone is 'influenced' by what SOMEONE SAYS ON TV to do HARM TO OTHERS, they too, should be locked up under Drs care, and not allowed to walk the streets. and TMZ, Palin, and others, THEY HAVE NEVER SAID TO INFLICT HARM ON ANYONE ELSE. Maybe the people responsible for the above polls need 'help'

1361 days ago


how would anyone feel if a family member was listed with crosshairs next to their name? simply suggestive, and a WRONG message, especially to someone mentally ill.

1361 days ago


The person doing the shooting is to blame. He was demented! Sarah Palin is no more responsible than Barack Obama is when he tells people to "punish our enemies". The Tea Party has not displayed any violence and yet they are brought into this? How about asking if Unions are to blame? At least there is evidence of "Union Thugs" beating up street vendors in St Louis.

1361 days ago


@ Laura

I don't know if you are aware of statistics. USA is the ONLY country (besides Mexico and the drug cartel) who has this kind of problem. Think of John Lennon and many others who they were killed by unstable individuals who had easy access to guns.

USA could NOT live in a "cowboy" state of mind, specially with people in the politics field who ignites violence and rage. This is a SHAME for a DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY.


1361 days ago


This is an example of a DRUGGED UP freak that is mentally ill. Blaming Palin or any political party is STUPID. All the liberals that want to legalize pot should now see the result. This guy was know for being a wasted pot head.
Hey TMZ how about putting that on your questions!!!!!

1361 days ago


If I was one of the remaining politicians targeted by Palin I'd be buying body armor and hiring a bodyguard.

Palin should be ashamed of herself. Just think, this is a woman who runs ads with pictures of citizens in the crosshairs, which is just begging for some nut to do her bidding. I hope she never runs for another office again.

There will be no federal investigation; the DOJ is far more interested in finding people sharing music/videos and doing the bidding of the entertainment industry. They don't have time or interest in protecting the lives of american citizens.

the U.S. is far more in danger from domestic politicians than from any terrorist.

1361 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

TMZ towing the Lambaggers media line.

I'm blaming Kathy Griffin, Keith Olberman and Fat Ed Shultz.

1361 days ago
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