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Arizona Shootings -- Take A Stand

1/10/2011 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Arizona shootings raises serious issues .... from Sarah Palin telling people to "reload," to banning automatic weapons. So we're taking your temperature.



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Tex Rubly    

The Tea Party is not responsible for this. Please. People who think the "hate" rhetoric only comes from the right and Sarah Palin are idiots. It comes from both sides. A book was written about killing George Bush. A play was performed on stage killing George Bush. There was a movie made about killing George Bush. What about the picture of George Bush with the caption "Snipers Wanted" that was on the Craig Kilborn show on CBS? As with many things, both sides are equally guilty.

1352 days ago


@ neuroticelite - You stated the following:
Putting crosshairs on a map is symbolic, but of what? What exactly does a crosshair mean? Its a method of obtaining a target. ..No reference was made to a gun.
Not only did Palin use crosshairs, she provided names. A logically intelligent person may get the metaphor but when you are dealing with people at Palin's lack of intelligence level a crosshair is just that - a crosshair that is seen through the scope of a gun. And it means to take out the 'targeted' person - literally...not figuratively. Also anyone who supports Palin knows that her favorite line is lock and reload - reload to a mentally challenged person, which is 90% of the people who support her means just that, shoot until you can't shoot anymore and then reload and shoot again.

Her type of rhetoric has no place in government. Further, she is neither a politician or any real person of value as she has NEVER completed anything she has started. It only took her 6 colleges to complete a journalism degree? Please her whole claim to fame is money and the least of us follow her because she speaks on their level of understanding which doesnt leave much to be desired.

The ONLY good thing that has come out of this shooting is that her days are numbered. She is NOW in the crosshairs of someones imagination. May the rest of her days be spent looking over her shoulder.

1352 days ago

Jamie Bertram    

um...a violent revolution isn't ok? um...we kinda already did that...i think it was called THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION!

1352 days ago


Wow, surprised to see the results of the violent revolution -- ever ok? vote. Anybody remember anything about the Revolutionary War? We are only a free country today because of a violent revolution, lets not ever forget that! A government can only govern people to the point that they want to be governed.

1352 days ago


This is by far the most ignorant thing I've seen on the internet (and that's saying A LOT). How the hell is Sarah Palin to blame for this guy's actions? He's a left winger! So are you going to blame Nancy Pelosi? Obama? That would be just as stupid as blaming anyone with no connection to this guy.

Never visiting this site again because of such inflammatory and ignorant hatred.

1352 days ago


Hey, TMZ. Stick to stories about Lindsey, Michael Jacksons doctor and Britney. Let the smart people report the news. Blaming Sarah Palin? Wouldn't a more responsible poll have been on what's being done to recognize and help people with mental illness? Keep on bringing people together by blaming everyone else for anything wrong in this world today. Class act.

1352 days ago


What a crock of **** this post is. TMZ, you've lost a long time reader over this. Here's an idea: rather than doing your part to incite more negativity, why don't you do what you do best, which is report on Lindsay Lohan and all the other Hollywood trash. Leave the grown-up stuff to those more apt to intelligently approach it.

1352 days ago


TMZ...How do you connect Sarah Palin to a shooting in Arizona??
The shooter is clearly some psycho. He would have shot up TMZ if he thought you were controlling his mind.

You guys are pathetic. You have no clue what you're talking about. Stick to covering celebrity farts and nose pickers.

1352 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

53: LOL!!!! Yeah right. You will be back in 5 minutes.

1352 days ago


"Sarah Palin is no more responsible than Jodie Foster was when Reagan was shot.

Obviously, Democrats incite more as this was a Democrat attacked."
Posted at 8:53 AM on Jan 9, 2011 by Marc

#11 Marc-
You are kidding, right? Those are two of the stupidest comments I have ever heard. Idiot.

1352 days ago


Palin should have never made that target map, it was stupid and irresponsible.

1352 days ago


Palin put crosshairs over her district with her name on in! She is not responsible, but she has acted incredibly irresponsibly for someone in a leadership position.

1352 days ago


Thank you 52!!!!!

1352 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

This guy is a known liberal who is an army vet.

The liberal media is totally corrupt, including TMZ.

1352 days ago


So the poll suggestes that Americans don't think that violent revolution is ok.....funny. Isn't that how you became a country in the first place?

1352 days ago
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