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Oy Vey! 'Jersey Shore' Duo Rips Joy Behar

1/9/2011 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Snooki Polizziwitz and Jwoww Farleyberg -- the Jewish alter egos of the "Jersey Shore" ladies -- have had enough of Joy Behar's constant insults, so they're mercilessly mocking the co-host of "The View."

Joy has poked fun on both of her shows about the fact Snooki has "written" a book. So in some form of revenge, Snooki and Jwoww conjured up a pair of Jewish accents and made fun of Joy -- calling her an "Italian wannabe" who hates the "Jersey Shore" kids because kids like them ruined her childhood ... back during the Great Depression.


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these chicks are amazing joy is a moron.

1346 days ago


Joy is Italian, these two girls pretend to be Italian. I can't wait until the Jersey Shore's cast 15 minutes are up. I'm so sick and tired of people with absolutely no talent getting famous for nothing.

1346 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

they need to get a writer STAT

1346 days ago

deborah mcdermott    

i cannot stand joy behar to begin with and i thought this video with snooki and j-wow was actually quite funny. joy pulls everyone down and who the heck is she. she is always so negative on her show, good for you both snooki and j-wow. joy always has bad things to say about people that she does not like or agree with.

1346 days ago


Just goes to show you with a name like joy, you can wish in one hand and in the other still get a pile of crap.

1346 days ago


no common sense, it's as if they are their own satires!!!

1346 days ago



joy can suk it

1346 days ago


These 2 are idiots. I don't like Joy much but she is right about Snooki and the whole cast of jersey shore.

And Joy is actually Italian. Snooki is technically not even Italian. She's Chilean.

1346 days ago


Wow, TROLL-PIG and Butterface, those two are so inferior mentally it's insane. I can't freaking stand Joy Behar, but these two make her look intelligent. Man, I can't believe a LIVING, LIFE-SIZE TROLL-PIG & A BUTTERFACE SHE-MAN actually make more in a month than most of us do in a year. *&SHAKING MY EFFING HEAD*

1346 days ago


those girls are just garbage shame on tv for putting such crap on tv, they sure dont represent the italian community, our daughters have respect for elders and dont use such trash language they are crude pull the plug and put better tv on. this is an insult to all family people.wheres there parents shame on them.

1346 days ago

i keeps it real Was it asking too much for these too morons to go to Joy's wiki page and see her parents come from southern Italy? Wannabe? Serious..This Irish broad and orphan fron Chile really must crack open a book. I cant wait to see them blasted on the view....15 mins..tick tock....

THEY are the italian wannabes. ugh

1346 days ago


jwoww and snookie are morons. i dont even watch that show. joy is italian and they arent. how can they even do this "skit" and say that when they arent italian. find something better if you want to mock someone. i cant believe that they make the money that they make. once there show is done they have no type of education other then highschool. they will be nobody. im from jersey and they make the rest of us look bad. i use to love going to seaside heights in the summer but ever since their show started they have attracted nothing but trash there. i wont step foot in that town now. they made Atlantic City look good. Screw that whole cast. They are ALL losers.

1346 days ago


Pathetic! Joy Behar is from a middle class Italian family, that stressed EDUCATION! You both are an embarrassment, because you perpetuate the worst stereotypes of Italians. That is really why Joy picks on you. You both should have paid more attention when you were in school, your brains are mush, you incoherent fools!

1346 days ago


The Jersey Shore cast is getting famous for acting like idiots and making Jersey look like bad. There is nothing authentic about anyone in that cast except their willingness to become famous for any reason, just as long as they are famous. At least Joy works for a living, is really Italian and can actually put a sentence together that makes sense. Joy is just calling it as she and a lot of other people see it.

1346 days ago


When will the 15 minutes of fame be over for all of the losers on this dumb ass show?!

1346 days ago
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