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Oy Vey! 'Jersey Shore' Duo Rips Joy Behar

1/9/2011 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Snooki Polizziwitz and Jwoww Farleyberg -- the Jewish alter egos of the "Jersey Shore" ladies -- have had enough of Joy Behar's constant insults, so they're mercilessly mocking the co-host of "The View."

Joy has poked fun on both of her shows about the fact Snooki has "written" a book. So in some form of revenge, Snooki and Jwoww conjured up a pair of Jewish accents and made fun of Joy -- calling her an "Italian wannabe" who hates the "Jersey Shore" kids because kids like them ruined her childhood ... back during the Great Depression.


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haha though they are cute they are also stupid
joy is a real italian and a former teacher with a masters degree. jwow while very hot looking is not italian and does not have a masters degree..
snooki for sure is not italian is may never have a degree of any kind if she keeps up with the drinking and idiotic behavior
the only wanna be italian are these two young idiots who would have come off better if they called joy a wannabe jew. once again their stupidity outshines anything they do..

1385 days ago

where's the love??    

first of all, who in thier right mind would want to be italian?? thats a spicy meatball, a girl i knew said italian dudes have small italian sausages. maybe that's why italian girls dig the brutha's. whats with this fascintion about slicked up hairdo's and stupid accents, if these dudes came around my neighbourhood, they be sure to get an ass kicking, snooki is a fame whore, who is a busted up fat pig, and j-woww looks like a 2 dollar prostitute. atleast joy behar has class

1385 days ago


the funny thing is, it actually sounds like the view

1385 days ago


Wow...I never thought I'd approve of anything Snooki did but I can't stand Joy!

1385 days ago


Change the name to "JERSEY WHORES"

1385 days ago


I love it lol
joyless Beyar has no other routine but to make fun of people...joyless needs to go away and people should stop giving her talkshows!

1385 days ago


Joy Behar is smart, funny and opinionated. Snooki and Jwoww are brainless skanks, and basically oxygen thieves. Just another example of so-called "reality stars," along with the Kardasians, Kate Gosselin (the list goes on forever) who have no talent and nothing to say.

1385 days ago


Is snooki and Jpuke the grenades of the show??
I seen much hotter at the retirement home.

1385 days ago


I love it. It's hilarious. It might be on Joy Behar this week or even the view.

1385 days ago

Hey dizzy Bitches! Joy Behar got more class & sense than ya'll put together plus she is an italian not Jewish! Both are low class using anti semitic rant, and if I was an Executive Producer on this crap show"Jersey Shore", I fired both of them send them packing toback New Jersey. All Italians in the US revolt against this crap show even though I am not an italian, but I am ashamed.

1385 days ago


they make paris hilton look intelegent

1385 days ago


These tw idiots have no idea that Joy is an Italian American? . especially ironic since Snooki is adopted from Chile and Jwow is Irish and Spanish.. They are too stupid for words.

1385 days ago


Wannabe Italian? Snooki's not even Italian, she's Chilian she's adopted by Italians

1385 days ago

The Travis    

Ask Snooki about Michael Truncali. Please stop giving these spoiled no-talent hacks this attention. TMZ, you are so much better than that!

1385 days ago


It is about time somebody puts Joy in her place. She thinks she is allit and that.
Her views are the only ones that are right and then she is snotty about what she says. She sneers when she talks just about everything. There are other people in the world that have opinions other than herself.

1385 days ago
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